Pay for UBER Rides Through Paytm Wallet Within Seconds!

How to pay for uber rides through Paytm wallet

Ride & Pay digitally through Paytm wallet! Now, simply enjoy your UBER ride and get the payment done within seconds by using Paytm wallet.

Paytm in a press release stated, “This partnership will allow Uber to leverage the strength of Paytm’s card acquiring capabilities, in addition to the existing wallet integration to provide Riders with the best user experience”.

The partnership between Paytm & Uber has made the riding and driving experience of both the passengers and drivers easy, convenient and hassle-free. Users after completing their trip to their destined location can make payment through Paytm wallet.

Below is How to Pay Uber through Paytm Wallet in a few easy steps

  • Login to the Uber application
  • Choose the desired vehicle from the available options (UberAuto, UberGo, Moto) to complete the trip
  • Confirm the ride
  • After the completion of the trip, make payment through Paytm wallet

How to activate Paytm wallet to make Uber payments?

In case you haven’t linked your Paytm wallet with Uber, get it done by following the given options-

  • Login to the Uber application
  • Click on ‘Menu’ available at the top right corner in the application
  • Next, click on ‘Wallet’
  • Choose ‘Ride Profiles’ and click on ‘Default Payments’
  • Click on ‘Add Payment Method’
  • Choose ‘Paytm’ and click on ‘Next’
  • Upon clicking, you will receive an OTP
  • Add the suggested funds into the Paytm balance and again click on ‘Next’
  • Choose the payment method to add funds to the Paytm balance
  • Click on ‘Pay’ to add the amount to the Paytm balance

Why Should You Choose Paytm Wallet or Paytm Digital Wallet over others?

Given below are the reasons to choose Paytm wallet or Paytm digital wallet over others for making payments for Uber rides-

  • Add the desired amount to the Paytm wallet via any pay mode like Netbanking, UPI, etc (Rs. 100, 200, 500 or more)
  • Adding Paytm as a default payment mode is easy and does not require a lot of steps to take
  • Paytm is one of the well-known and trusted payment application
  • The app works faster and completes transactions within seconds
  • Get instant notifications after the completion of the transaction

What else can be done from a Paytm Digital Wallet or Paytm Payments Wallet?

Different forms of transactions can be done effortlessly from a Paytm digital wallet –

Final words

Make payment for Uber rides within seconds from Paytm wallet. Now, there is no need to carry cash or cards with you anymore. Paytm wallet gets the transaction done in a click, just add the desired amount and complete the transaction hassle-free.

Can I make payment for Uber rides through Paytm wallet?
Yes, make payment for Uber rides through Paytm wallet by clicking on the mode of payment.
Why should I choose Paytm wallet for Uber rides?
Paytm wallet completes the transactions within seconds and offers exclusive deals & discounts, coupons ( t&c apply) after the transaction.
How can I set Paytm wallet as my default mode of payment for Uber rides?
You can set Paytm wallet as the default mode of payment for Uber rides by going to the menu available on the top right corner of the application. Next, choose the option wallet and click on default to set Paytm wallet as the default mode of payment.
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