RC Renewal: Guide on the Process & Documents for RC Renewal

byDilip PrasadLast Updated: January 30, 2024
RC Renewal

RC or registration certificate is mandatory for every vehicle in India. As per the Motor Vehicle Act of India, drivers who drive unregistered vehicles or vehicles with expired registration certificates are to be penalised. Therefore, it is quite important to know the RC renewal process for your vehicle. 

What is RC Renewal?

An RC is a legal statement reflecting the ownership of a vehicle. In this certificate, the registration number, chassis number, engine number and other details of the vehicle and owner are mentioned. RC is issued for a specific period, that’s why you need to renew your RC to extend the validity of your vehicle. For example, private vehicles have 15 years of validity. 

What are the Documents Required for RC Renewal?

Vehicle owners must submit the following documents for renewing their vehicle’s registration certificate:

  • Form 25
  • Registration certificate
  • RC Handbook
  • Fitness certificate
  • PUC
  • Proof of updated road tax payment
  • Owner’s signature identification
  • Engine and chassis pencil print
  • Vehicle insurance certificate
  • Form 60 or 61
  • PAN card copy
  • Address proof

What are the Guidelines for Vehicle Registration Renewal Online?

The primary guideline for RC book renewal includes initiating the renewal process for the registration certificate, filling out Form 25 and submitting it to the relevant Registering Authority, i.e., RTO offices.

Having said that, you have to ensure that renewal is done within 60 days of the expiry date. You should also clear any due vehicle taxes and fines as per the guidelines of Central Motor Vehicle Rules 1989, Rule 81.

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How to Apply for an Online RC Renewal?

The application process for old vehicle registration renewal online is as follows:

Step 1: Visit the Parivahan Sewa official portal

#1 Apply for an Online RC Renewal

Step 2: Scroll down and click on “Vehicle Registration”

#2 Apply for an Online RC Renewal

Depending on which state you choose, you’ll land on a different page. You will be required to login with your email address and give information related to your vehicle. After verifying information given by you, you’ll be required to pay any pending road tax. 

Now you will be able to book your date for RC renewal to get your vehicle inspected. Then you’ll proceed to pay digitally and download the receipt. Within 2 weeks after vehicle inspection, you will receive your RC at your registered home address. 

How to Apply for RC Renewal Offline?

To apply for RC renewal offline, follow these steps:

Step 1: Collect all your necessary documents

Step 2: Visit your nearest RTO. An RTO handles all necessary processes for RC renewal and other vehicle-related services.

Step 3: Get an application form for RC renewal, which is Form 25. 

Step 4: After carefully evaluating, submit your application

Step 5: Pay the fees

Step 6: Go for the vehicle inspection process and other verifications

Step 7: Get your new RC at your registered home address. 

What are the RC Renewal Charges?

The RC renewal fees after 15 years are:

What are the Things to Consider Before Applying for RC Renewal?

Before beginning this process, the following important factors need to be kept in mind:

  • Compile all required paperwork, making sure it is current and in order.
  • To prevent fines or legal repercussions, submit your application for renewal within the allotted time.
  • Recognise the fees that must be paid following the implementation of the Central Motor Vehicle Rules. Prepare to pay the renewal fees and, if needed, any related penalties.
  • Prepare the vehicle for any necessary inspections for this renewal process. Make sure that the vehicle conforms with the pollution and safety standards set by the law.


Will there be any vehicle inspection for RC renewal?

Yes, there you have to go for a vehicle inspection before RC renewal.

How quickly can I get a renewed RC?

You can get a renewed RC within a few working days. However, it won’t go beyond 2 weeks in most cases.

What is the penalty fee for using expired RC?

There is a charge of ₹300 per month as a penalty for using an expired RC. Moreover, there will be an extra ₹1000 charge every year for the same.

Is traffic fine clearance mandatory for getting an RC renewal?

Vehicle owners must pay all traffic fines beforehand to get an RC renewal.

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