How to Add Money to the Paytm Wallet Using a Credit Card?

How to Add Money to the Paytm Wallet Through Credit Card
How to Add Money to the Paytm Wallet Through Credit Card

Paytm wallet is one of India’s most popular wallets, with millions of active users completing transactions every day. It is well-known for its fast transaction processing and clear and simple user interface. For example, one can use a wallet to pay bills, recharge their phone, transfer money to the recipient’s bank account, conduct online and offline transactions, and so on. In addition, a Paytm wallet allows users to easily add money to it using a variety of instruments such as credit cards, debit cards, net banking, UPI, Paytm Payments Bank savings account, and more.

This blog will walk you through the steps of adding money to your Paytm wallet using a credit card.

How to Add Money to the Paytm Wallet Through a Credit Card?

There are two ways to add money to the Paytm wallet, one through the Paytm website and another through the Paytm application. The steps to easily add money to your Paytm wallet using a credit card are as follows:

On Paytm application:

  • Sign in to the Paytm application
  • Select Paytm wallet and then ‘Add money’
  • Either choose the amount displayed on the screen or manually enter money
  • After that, choose credit card as the method of adding money to the wallet
  • Enter your information and the required password, then click ‘proceed’
  • You have finished adding money to your Paytm wallet

On Paytm website:

  • Sign in to the Paytm website
  • Navigate to your profile and click on Your wallet, enter the amount and click on ‘Add Money’
  • You will be given different payment options to add money from
  • Choose credit card and proceed to add money to your Paytm wallet
  • You are done adding money to your wallet
Are there credit card charges for adding money to paytm wallet?
Yes, there would be nominal charges of 1.5%-3% (depending on the bank) whilst adding money via Credit Cards.
How will a person with no Paytm account receive the money which I have sent through the Paytm application?
If the recipient does not have a Paytm account, the person will receive an SMS with a link to create one. Keep in mind that if the person does not create the account within three days of receiving the funds, you will receive a refund.
How will I know if the transaction I made through Paytm is successful?
You can be certain that the transaction was successful if you receive an SMS from Paytm informing you of the deduction in your account balance. Look for any post-payment confirmation screens in the app. You can also check the Paytm app’s passbook section to keep track of your transactions.
How much will I be charged to send money from the Paytm application?
Transferring money via the Paytm app is free, and the entire amount entered will be transferred to the beneficiary with no charges deducted.
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