Introducing the new Paytm Wallet for Android

Get your Android mobiles ready for a major Paytm Wallet App boost! With a bold redesign on top of great functionality we did go beyond common gestures to give you the best experience.

Armed with new features, the Paytm Wallet App for Android lets you do lightening-fast money transfer, request money, securely store your money online and do your shopping & payments on the go. Arriving today, it’s one of the biggest updates ever! We’re super excited to share what we’ve got in it for you.

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#PaytmKaro with Emami

Now buy Emami products & get cash back in your Paytm Wallet! Read the news from Business Standard:

Together we will donate 1 Crore to Nepal’s relief efforts

Here is a big heartfelt thank you to all the Paytm-ers. You guys are Awesome and we love you!

Every time in past when we’ve run such initiatives, we’ve received great support from you.Thanks for continuing the tradition and taking it to the next level

With your generosity we have been able to collect  INR 52,01,900 and as promised Paytm is matching the amount Rupee for Rupee. We’ve decided to give our combined contribution of INR 1,04,03,800 to the Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund and support them for their outstanding efforts in helping Nepal during these excruciating times.


We will be depositing this amount soon and will share details.

Once again, thanks everyone for your contributions. Every Rupee helped!

Paytm in the news orbit

We’re moving fast! Here’s Business Standard reporting on our new initiatives including Vijay Shekhar Sharma‘s announcements from our latest press conference.


And read inc42 story on the launch of our brand new Paytm Wallet App for iOS.




In the news: Paytm Wallet now on IRCTC website

With the arrival of our Paytm Wallet on the IRCTC website, Techstory and Times of India covered the details for you:

Paytm launches new Wallet & Seller Apps

Watch Vijay Shekhar Sharma, founder & CEO of Paytm, talk about the launch details in interview with CNBC and ZEE:

Did you know our Paytm Wallet is trusted by 60 million users for their mobile payments? And now we’re upping that further with the launch of our new Paytm Wallet App for iOS and Android. It’s free and enables users to transfer money from one person to another fast in a few clicks, request money, securely store money online and let’s users do their shopping & payments on the go. With the KYC (Know-Your-Customer) process users can transact upto Rs. 1,00,000 in a month online, otherwise the spending limit is upto Rs. 10,000.

Additionally we want to bring as many sellers on our platform as possible. With its large user base, Paytm gives SMEs an opportunity to sell their products online and expand their business reach. We’re adding a mobile marketplace app extra for our sellers which has an integrated chat feature, so that buyers can bargain directly with sellers and negotiate in real time. This is an attempt by Paytm to emulate real life conversations on its m-commerce platform.

Both app launches demonstrate Paytm’s commitment to mobile solutions and our capabilities in developing cutting-edge mobile applications that help users in their everyday lives as well as sellers to evolve their businesses.

Paytm is India’s largest mobile commerce platform and we’re aiming to bring one million sellers on our marketplace by the end of 2015. With our mobile first strategy, we do more than 60 million orders of various digital and physical goods every month. Launched in 2014, Paytm Wallet is India’s dominant mobile payment service platform. As a mobile commerce platform the future we’re chasing is one of digital money and our vision is to enable 100 million users in India transact using Paytm Wallet not just online, but offline too.

If you haven’t downloaded the best wallet app yet, then try it now & get started today. It’s a fun & convenient way to do your online payments! And sellers, where are you?! Sign up today to go big and grow our business with India’s largest m-commerce platform. 

The new Paytm Wallet for iOS

The Paytm Wallet is here for iOS and it’s filled with awesomeness! Wait, let us say that again, Paytm Wallet is awesome! Try it!

You know our mobile wallet is trusted by over 50 million users for their mobile payments? And now we’re upping that even further with the brand new Paytm Wallet App that lets you do fast money transfer, request money, securely store your money online and do your shopping & payments on the go. Arriving today, it’s one of the biggest updates ever — with a complete redesign and development done by our in-house team! We did go beyond common gestures to give you the best experience and a brand new bold design on top of great functionality.

Slide To Pay & Request Money from Anybody are here!  Together, this new features, provide you an easy and seamless way to do mobile transactions. Isn’t it exciting to have a wallet on-the-go?! Whether it’s while having breakfast or in the bus, as you move through your day, you simply send and request money or load your wallet from anywhere, anytime. Let’s introduce you the details now.

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Vijay Shekhar Sharma on Net Neutrality

The article was published in Brandwagon – a supplement of The Financial Express.

Paytm Wallet now on IRCTC

This week marked the arrival of our Paytm Wallet on the IRCTC website. Test it out.

Once you’ve logged in on the IRCTC website, you can now pay there by using your Paytm Wallet. The Paytm Wallet option is visible under cash card/wallet option once you buy your train ticket.  It’s a faster and silky smooth way to do your transactions on the IRCTC site!

Note: As of now IRCTC disables all cash card/wallet options including IRCTC prepaid cards from 8 am to 12 noon. So you can book your tickets on the site with your Paytm Wallet after 12pm. In case of insufficient balance you would need to add money first on your Paytm account (the app on your mobile or on the web) and then do your transaction on IRCTC.
We’re working around the clock to continually bring you more partners on board where you can pay with your Paytm Wallet!

A new feature – Multiple Recharges for Paytm on iOS, Android & web

We’re making Paytm more powerful for you! Just like all our updates, this one is designed to help you get recharges done faster and easier. Your recharges will be a breeze.

With the new multiple recharges feature, Paytm supports now multiple recharges in a single order. For example you can do a recharge and add a data plan in one go in a single order for the same number. The new feature is now live on the web,  as well as our Paytm App on Android and iOS.

Recharge and add your preferred plans in one single order in your Paytm App for Android and iOS:


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