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Secure 2-Step-Authentication Login on Paytm’s Website

Now, Paytm offers you an even more advanced account protection – log-in with an additional layer of security on the Paytm website. We designed the 2-step-authentication login on your website to keep your account safe and secure.

#How will this help you?

We’re adding this feature to to make sure your account is safe always.

Because all of us are vulnerable to password thefts. Such thefts can happen in a lot of ways –

– Some phishing websites pretend to be and ask you to login. At the backend, they store
your credentials and use it without your consent
– For our convenience, we tend to use same password on all platforms and websites. This makes it
easier for your accounts to get hacked.
– Unknowingly we might visit certain websites that download malware on our devices and so hackers
get access to our account’s sensitive information.

All these could have led to stolen account credentials. Not anymore.

#How it works?

Whenever you login, Paytm will send you a code [OTP] on your registered mobile number to verify it. With this 2-step-verification, only you will be able to provide login details which are a combination of your password and the code [OTP]. You only can access your Paytm account on our website if you complete this verification process.

Your security is our priority. Happy Shopping !

At Paytm, we care 24 x 7 x 365

For us at Paytm, customer service means action and people. For us, our customers trust matters most. We know providing great service is never-ending and, at times, frustrating. We simply try to be better than we were the day before, service excellence is a dynamic, challenging, and rewarding journey for us. Paytm is a customer service company that provides a mCommerce platform. Customers are our priority!

Watch our video to get to know what team Paytm has to share with you about customer service:


How Paytm Fights Fraud

Online shopping continues to gain momentum, but one thing remains constant: wherever money flows, fraud is likely to follow. Most of our customers come to us in good faith to make genuine purchases of our products and services, but unfortunately there are fraudsters who attempt to harm and misuse our service. Ultimately we’re responsible for making sure this does not happen and such malpractice won’t leave us liable for any fraudulent business dealings. We think you should have an understanding on how we do that.

# The problem

Some fraudsters – be it customers or merchants – are misusing system by creating multiple wallets through which they transfer higher amounts of money, show irregular purchase patterns including larger than usual orders or earn multiple cash backs that are transferred to bank accounts.

# What is Paytm doing?

Paytm takes the protection of the financial information of its users and their transactions very seriously. Through our security system we developed trust in the growing number of purchases and transactions on Paytm. All wallet information is safely stored and all transactions are monitored 24/7 for fraudulent or unauthorized activities.

We’re monitoring all activities on different levels and have preventive measures in place to detect fraudulent or unauthorized activities. Several automatic features have been incorporated to block out immediately users with suspiciously marked transactions/activities. Hence, any high irregular practice leads to an automatically account blocking by our system.

As India’s leading mCommerce platform we’re committed to protect the integrity of the e-commerce and mobile payment industry and help our customers to have the safest experience possible.

We take fraud very seriously. It’s a crime to perform any fraudulent or unauthorized activities. As a perpetrator of fraud, be assured that we’ll pursue offenders to the fullest extent of the law. Further we’ll work together with official authorities to pursue offenders and submit all fraudulent orders and other data in case required.

E-Commerce: A seller’s paradise? Think again

Ever so often one hears the passionate refrain ‘I’ve been cheated on an E-Commerce site & will complain everywhere about this bad buying experience.”

No one likes to get shortchanged. Period.

And we know that customers express themselves widely on social platforms. And in doing so, may end up painting the company, the seller, the experience, the logistics arm, the local courier guy – all of it with the same “I got a terrible deal” paintbrush.

But, What about the seller, we ask?

Have we ever spared a moment for him/her?

Let’s do exactly that right now.

Because without them, there would really be no online marketplace, no endless variety of products, no good deals.

We must remember that sellers are human, too. They are just like you & me. They try very hard to ensure our exacting demands are met with a timely, high-on-quality delivery 24x7x365 days (weekends, included). They have to be, if they have to succeed in the sea of millions of other sellers amidst such fierce competition.

They do their job with dignity.

And inspite of this, they get shortchanged too.

There are numerous instances across e-commerce companies where the seller has to bear the brunt of a customer’s ire, where a seller dutifully couriers the right ‘brand new product’ to the customer & gets an ‘old used’ one back under the pretext of a return.  Or sometimes, even empty boxes!  In cases where there is a dispute, the benefit of doubt almost always goes to the customer, where the seller gets penalized financially as well as on social media.

And yet, he brushes this aside & gets back to doing what he/she knows best – to serve with quality & deliver on time.

Paytm would like to raise a toast this very vital cog in the wheel: Cheers to the seller!

And we would hope that we give them the respect that they deserve, for the integrity & professionalism that they show all year round, round the clock, for you & for me.

Campaign that’s stealing hearts #PaytmKaro

The phrase that is catching up nowadays “Paytm karo” is stroke of inspired genius. In a closed meeting room discussion, our focused approach was to communicate real life use cases that our customers witnessed in their day-to-day life.

We have so many anecdotal use cases shared by our users that even we get surprised. In one of our official WhatsApp groups, our office team mate told us that an auto rickshaw driver in Noida had asked him to pay in Paytm Wallet instead of cash (as he didn’t have exact change and wasn’t able to get it from people around). We were very surprised that an auto rickshaw driver also knows about Paytm wallet and uses it. Then we searched our social networks and identified in people’s online conversations, all scenarios that were shown in our ad from real life and we knew we had our script!

This campaign had to go live in 3 weeks with IPL starting on 8th April. The deadlines could not have been tighter-it almost seemed impossible. Finding a production house, closing the negotiations, selecting the cast, re-visiting the scripts and lot more was in our to do list. We spent our evenings at our creative team office discussing the approach.

Flying Saucer came aboard as our production house. Pushpi and his team were all excited. Pre-production meeting time was rescheduled thrice and we finally met at 9pm. We were happily selecting and rejecting the cast. Let me take the fame. I had a personal hand in selecting the three lovely actresses who we now see on screen

Shoot started in Mumbai. Sets were ready. Team was in action. The real celebs (me & Shankar) reached the venue. See the first pic that I clicked while entering the bungalow.

Some glimpses of the preparation that were being done.

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Paytm’s marketplace is here to lead!

Economic Times and Financial Express are reporting on Paytm’s latest business results.

Increase the transaction limit on your Paytm Wallet free of cost

Did you know that your Paytm Wallet has monthly transaction limit of Rs.10,000. If you knew that already, have you ever wished that your Paytm Wallet allowed you to spend more than Rs. 10,000 in a month?

Well, we have a solution. Just ask us to do a KYC (know your customer) verification of your wallet & you can enjoy an increased spend limit of Rs. 100,000 per month.

So why do we need to do a KYC verification of your wallet? According to RBI guidelines, non-KYC verified wallets can add only upto Rs. 10,000 per month. After you cross that limit, you will not be able to add any more money that month and you might face the following inconvenience.

  • Cashback amount that increases the amount in your wallet beyond Rs. 10,000 will not get credited to your wallet.
  • You will not be able to buy your favorite products online if you have already spent Rs. 10,000 that month.
  • You will not able to use your favorite services like UberBookmyshow, FoodPanda etc.

But why even worry about when you can upgrade your Paytm Wallet to a KYC verified wallet absolutely free of cost and enjoy benefits such asL

  • Add upto Rs. 1,00,000 per month in your wallet
  • Faster processing of Paytm cashbacks
  • Uninterrupted payments at your favorite merchant including UberTaxiForSure, FoodPandaBookmyshow & more.

So follow these 5 simple steps & you can enjoy the freedom of your enhanced Paytm wallet.

  1. Click here 
  2. Download the KYC form as mentioned
  3. Follow the instructions to fill the formPlease note:
    – Your name on form should match with your identify and address proofs
    – Please mentioned your wallet-linked mobile number only
    – Please duly sign the KYC form and copies of documents
  4. Take copies of proof of address and proof of identify (see below the list of RBI approved documents)
  5. Either visit our offices for document verification or select time slot so that our representative can meet you for document pick up and verification

Here’s the list of RBI approved proof of identity and proof of address:

Exclusive ET feature: Alibaba’s Jack Ma & Paytm’s Vijay Shekhar Sharma

Two successful companies founded and lead by two strong leaders with a productive relationship and clear vision. Read the full story on Economic Times on how Paytm with its marketplace model, is disrupting the industry and how Team Paytm will leverage the partnership with Jack Ma and The Alibaba team to move mountains.

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#PaytmKaro & Dineout with us

This post is dedicated to all the foodies among you. Dineout app has now integrated Paytm wallet! You can enjoy now enjoy the advantages of having a table reserved, discounts and additional savings in the form of cashback and loyalty points credited into your Paytm wallets.

Loyalty points can be earned once the user books a table using the Dineout service. By completing simple tasks such as writing reviews, inviting friends and checking-in while at the restaurant through the Dineout app, users earn loyalty points. All these points are redeemable to cash directly into your Paytm wallet. 

Get the maximum benefits out of your Paytm wallet & happy feasting on Dineout! Read the news about it in Business Standard.