Now book your Renault KWID on Paytm

We have partnered with Renault India to enable online & offline bookings of their latest hatchback Renault KWID.

Renault KWID is one of the biggest launches in the Indian automobile industry given its design, efficiency and pricing. All variants of the fast-selling car will be available for booking on Paytm in the Delhi-NCR area at the onset. Going forward, Paytm and Renault will extend this partnership at a pan-India level with other models of the brand also available for booking on the platform.

Book the car now. Renault trusted dealer, as per your location will contact you for on-road documentation and complete payment, post which the car will be delivered.

Paytm’s response to TRAI Consultation Paper on “Free Data” for Internet usage

Incentives to promote usage of internet are welcome. However, they should not directly or indirectly violate one of the core principles of net neutrality – “The cost of access must be the same for all sites: there must be No Discriminatory Pricing for data services.”

If award is provided in the form of free data then Telecom Service Providers (TSPs) have an undue advantage compared to others. Award in the form of free data can be used to replicate the effect of zero cost of access for selected sites, an outcome which is against the principle of Net Neutrality.

Following illustrates two cases –

A. Free Data as an incentive:

1. User visits a TSP-specified site. User’s data pack gets utilized. Immediately, user gets free data equivalent to the data spent by her for accessing that site.

2. As a result, consumer does not consume her data pack for accessing TSP specified website.

B. Zero cost access to selected sites:

1. User vists a TSP-specified site. No data is consumed from the user’s data pack since access to that website is not ‘metered’

2. As a result, consumer does not consume her data pack for accessing TSP specified website.

It is evident that the net effect in both forms is exactly the same & not desirable.

The counter-argument is that all sites have the option to provide free data. This argument misses the point that a vast majority of sites are not producers of data and they need to purchase data from the user’s TSP.

Take an example of two companies offering similar service– Company A is TSP and Company B is a standalone site. Both wants to promote use of internet and incentivise users for accessing their sites. The user has a data connection from Company A.

Company A (TSP) provides free data of 1 MB to the user for accessing its site. Company B (not a TSP) also decides to provide 1 MB of data to the user. To provide such an award, company B will have to purchase data of 1 MB from company A. There are three main problems in such an award mechanism –

1. Cost implications are hugely different for company A and company B for providing same award –

a. Company A is a producer of data and hence incurs a very low incremental cost in providing an award of 1 MB of data.

b. On the other hand, company B needs to purchase 1 MB of data from company A which will definitely cost much more than the incremental cost incurred by company A in producing 1 MB of data.

2. Company B is completely dependent on company A for providing such an incentive. Company A can very well price data in a way that it is prohibitely expensive for company B to compete in giving such an award.

3. When Company B pays company A for the data, the transaction attracts a number of taxes. However, when company A as a data producer provides free data to its consumer, the tax levy does not occur – making the arrangement unequal.

Another argument is that there are multiple TSPs and a non TSP company can buy data from any TSP. Market dynamics will ensure level playing field. This argument is flawed because it misses the point that a non TSP company needs to necessarily purchase data from TSP of its user only. A user of TSP X cannot be provided free data of TSP Y.

Having a neutral awards platform can not solve this problem as it can not bridge the difference in the total cost of data for a TSP and a non TSP company.

The only solution can be restricting award mechanism to a neutral currency. We wish to propose cash as an incentive mechanism because it is the most neutral currency.

Everything You Wanted To Know About The All New Paytm Ad!



Given the overwhelming response we’ve received for our new Paytm ad, we thought of sharing with you some interesting information to read – why we chose to do it, some inside stories on what went into making the ad & how we took it to the market.

Read on to find out the details on what made our new ad one of the most loved ones.

We decided on developing a campaign at a time when our company is making rapid strides towards simplifying the lives of millions of Indians – from helping them pay their electricity bills to transferring money to their loved ones in a jiffy. From easy, fast, hassle-free payments at Kirana shops to payment in Autos/Taxis.

No headaches. No long lines, no red-tape.  Nothing.

Just pure unadulterated convenience.

Pure power in your hands.

With Paytm at your side.

In short, help India become more self reliant & Cash-Free.

This was the starting point of the making of our TV ad. To do justice to this vision.

We believe that our product truly enriches people’s lives & so we strongly felt that the communication that is delivered in the ad should be similar – one that appeals to the heart, not just the head. And so all the situations in the ad are ones that people can easily “connect to”. The ad is high on emotions and the delivery is warm.


You can see this in the smile of the boy who receives money from his bua or the joy the old couple get when they instantly book the next show movie tickets.

Kudos to Pushpendra Misra (Film Director@Flying Saucer) and Kapil Batra (Creative lead @ Mccann) as both drew upon their vast experience and skill to make an ad that has proved to be endearing, meaningful and impactful.

However, the making of film wasn’t so easy. For instance, there is a scene in the Electricity Bill sequence where we wanted  the Mother (character)  to shake her head (after receiving Cashback from Paytm) the way her  teenage son does while   listening to music. She gave a number of  takes, but all in vain – as she couldn’t really head bang:)  Eventually the script had to be modified on the spot.

Another interesting situation occurred during  the Auto sequence  where the production house forgot to shoot the fare meter of the auto (a critical part of the situation for viewers to easily interpret the scene)! And we realised it only a day later. Production house had to create a new  set next day just to take that missing shot.

Another technicality that was managed well was for the Petrol Pump situation. As per PESO norms, you cannot show the use of a mobile phone next to the pump. So during the time of shoot, we took due care that there was more than the prescribed distance between the bike & the petrol nozzle. If you look carefully, you will see that we have  not shown any mobile phone when petrol is being filled in the bike fuel tank. And in the subsequent scene, where you see the guy holding the phone, there is considerable distance between him & the pump. A smart shot!

Also integral to the advertisement is the beautiful jingle that runs behind. You hear it once and you become a fan of it forever. It’s delicate, soothing and addictive.

The credit goes to Jasleen Royal, our young 24 year old  celebrity singer/songwriter who interpreted the requirement of music really well and delivered a tune that everyone today is a fan of.


The campaign was designed by the New Delhi team of McCann Erickson. Their approach was simple – which was to look for a simple expression that encapsulated the convenience aspects of Paytm app. All of us  brain stormed for a solution to making everyday payments easier in our busy lives and zeroed down on the “Paytm Karo”. The expression is in sync with today’s way of life. It’s about eliminating the hassles of payments.

The ad also tackles a new concept  that has not been addressed before – the Paytm QR code. This is a revolutionary new idea. The Paytm QR code makes payments incredibly easy – in just a matter of 4-5 seconds. If a platform gives the convenience of recharging one’s  phones to booking movie tickets and paying electricity bills, then who wouldn’t want to #PaytmKaro?

A communication that was designed to be simple and engaging has eventually become part of popular culture. We’ve achieved in creating a relatable advertisement – one that’s more life-like and brings smiles to the viewer every time she sees it.

Maybe this is why the ad has been viewed more than 10 Million times on social media & drawn a hugely positive response.

We thank you for your support.

You make us who we are.

A New Ground for Course Registrations


Paytm gives you the ease to register for a course in a short & simple process.

You can now pay your registration fee in a few swipes via Paytm for educational institutions across India. These include formal education programs like the BBA, MBA, PGDM, certification courses like Digital Marketing, Big Data Hadoop, Oracle and even entrance coaching courses like GMAT, GRE, TOEFL etc.


  • Pay per your convenience
  • Exhaustive list of education institutes
  • Save time and energy
  • Hassle-free process

Let’s walk you through these steps:








Please note that post registration, the formalities of starting your selected course depend on the course provider’s or the institute’s requirements.

Have questions? Feel free to write us at, we love to hear from you.

School & College Fee Payment Made Easy

Tensed about late charges over your school or college fee submission? Well, now you have an o1st-Screen_Fee-Paymentption to pay your college fee, your child’s school fee or any other education related fee in India, with the touch of a button.


  • Pay the fee anywhere, anytime
  • Get notifications prior to payment due date
  • Avoid late fee charges
  • And above all, you save time

Paytm gives you the convenience to pay your fee without any hassles, in a few clicks. Here’s how:







Have questions? Feel free to write us at, we love to hear from you.

No More Dhakke – Pay your electricity bill in a few swipes

No more long queues to pay your electricity bill when you have the super cool Paytm App at your fingertips.1st-Screen

We’re here to make electricity bill payment a sweat-free experience for you. Paytm Karo & clear your electricity dues while sitting on the couch and enjoying your favorite show on TV.

It’s a smart choice to pay via Paytm, because:

  • It takes less than a minute to pay your bill via Paytm
  • It’s quick, easy & simple
  • Get monthly reminders of your next electricity bill payment due date

So, what are you waiting for? Pick up your phone, follow these easy steps & pay your bill:






Pay-Now-Button (1)

Have questions? Feel free to write us at, we love to hear from you.


Skip the Queue – Recharge Your Metro Card Online at Paytm

Paytm introduces a convenient way to make your everyday Metro commuteCard-details less cumbersome!

Now you can recharge your Metro Card in just a few quick and easy steps with the Paytm App.

Why Paytm?

  • Avoid standing in long queues
  • Escape the rush hour chaos with a few clicks online
  • Metro recharge becomes easy, your commute gets simpler


Make your Metro Card recharge experience hassle-free with these simple steps to recharge your Metro Card:

  Slide-1 (1)





Key Tip: This is where your Metro Card number is-


Have questions? Feel free to write us at, we love to hear from you.

India Unites – Paytm’s Holi Anthem


#IndiaUnites, is our Holi Anthem. It is our sincere effort to celebrate the diversity of India.

7 leading singers- Sukhwinder Singh, Shaan, Kunal Ganjawala, Suraj Jagan, Javed Ali, Jonita Gandhi & Ash King have come together for the first time to express the need of bringing down the imaginary walls that divide us.

In these times of turbulence, with issues of tolerance versus intolerance, the video serves as a reminder to the power of unity through a festival that goes beyond barriers of caste, religion or creed.

In the video, colours that represent innocence, humility, love, joy, kindness, courage and hope have been symbolically imprisoned and the singers make an appeal to all of us to unite and free these colours.

Watch the video & celebrate Holi in its true spirit. Happy Holi!

What a day it was – Paytm Tech Bloggers Meetup!

What a day it was! Well, what else to expect when you have top notch tech bloggers interacting with our core team. Apart from the food, participants gorged on ideas & strategies we’re going to adopt in the years to come.

The discussion covered our vision from all the possible perspectives i.e. Design, Product innovations, seller acquisition, O2O payments, marketing strategy, marketplace.


Our founder, Mr Vijay Shekhar Sharma, shared crucial insights on how we’re identifying opportunities in the O2O market, how we plan to scale up.

Sudhanshu Gupta, Vice President – Business, discussed how we are speeding towards our target of bringing 5,00,000 sellers onboard by the end of next financial year(2016-2017). He also discussed about recent launch of Hindi interface on Paytm seller app in order to increase Paytm’s seller base in tier II and tier III cities.

Nitin Misra, VP for Products, explained how we’re planning to move beyond hardware centered digital payments solution. He also talked about how we’re advancing towards making payments a seamless process where a user can just scan a QR code or share an OTP and just complete the transaction successfully.

Our VP Design, Rahul Saini, showcased stellar design concepts for the upcoming Paytm SUPER APP, where everything will be wrapped up into one single app, which will give users more power and convenience to transact online wherever & whenever they want to.

Shankar Nath, Senior VP Marketing, explained about Paytm’s offline & online marketing initiatives for increasing the brand recall & how we are using cricket as a foundation for reaching out to the Indian masses.

Saurabh Vashishtha & Amit Bagaria, VP Business, talked about various sale initiatives & how we are approaching to make post sales services a hassle free process.

Catch a glimpse of how the discussion transpired on twitter;

Have questions? Feel free to write us at, we love to hear from you!

Women Of Will – International Women’s Day!

No dictionary in the world has words sufficient to describe the contribution of women in our lives. Be it business, politics, home, education, science & almost every sphere of life, women are leaving their mark & proving their mettle.

Women are unstoppable now. What makes them so special – Their WILL! 🙂

Today, we are celebrating women everywhere & we invite you to share the success stories of #WomenOfWill who have inspired you in your life. She can be your mother, sister, wife, daughter or a famous personality.

Tell us what makes them so special & feel proud once again for the impact they have made on your life.

P.S. Along with pride, if we like your story, you can also win Rs 2500 Paytm cash!

How to participate?

Head to our Facebook/Twitter channel & tag the #WomenOfWill & share your story.

Get inspired this Women’s Day!

To acknowledge the contribution of women in our business, we have featured 8 stories of our #WomenOfWill. Read their stories here & also check out the exclusive offers specially curated for the woman in you!