Digital with a Vengeance !

On the same day that Facebook gave us more ways to “Like” something, the Union Cabinet gave us something to “Like”.  To celebrate this happy coincidence we thought we could use our newly acquired emotions to figure out how we feel about this new developments in card and digital payments.


A recent report stated that in India 98% of consumer transactions by volume happen in cash. Compare this to 14% in the United States. It is  also estimated that the banking system in India spends a total of 21,000 Cr INR in currency operations costs annually.  That is more than Bhutan’s GDP.


Just yesterday, the Union Cabinet approved a host of steps that will help reduce the volume of cash transactions in the economy. And it’s no surprise that this push has come at a time when the Prime Minister is gunning for a Digital India.

p03To promote payments through cards and digital means various steps have been proposed, prominently –

  • Withdrawal of surcharge, service charge and convenience fee on card and digital payments.
  • Migration of government payments and collections to a cashless mode
  • Mandating payments beyond a prescribed threshold only by card or digital mode

Other measures like MDR rationalization, redressal mechanism for fraudulent transactions etc. will also go a long way in creating a truly digital ecosystem. But most importantly, we now have the intent in place and it’s a clear signal to the market and the international community.

The major focus of this initiative will be to bring complete transparency in the way we all spend our money and to enable effective tax compliance. At an individual level, the greatest benefit of digital transactions is not having to carry cash at all times, while at the national level, the benefit will come in the form of transaction history [for tax compliance] and a much lower cost of managing cash in the economy.

After enabling practically every citizen to have access to bank accounts (think payment banks, small finance banks) the government now wants to concentrate on electronic transfer of subsidies and other forms of grants, however the consumer must reciprocate this by also shifting majorly to digital transactions for their day to day expenses.

We have moved from rank 134 to 130 on ease of ease of doing business globally. We need to hit the double digits if we are to meet our own expectations. Since some of the biggest roadblocks to this will now be done away with, we could be looking at the Digital Revolution 2.0.

Post Written By:- Aditi Sholapurkar ( Paytm Payments Bank | Marketplace)

Us & The #MakeInIndia Movement

Being a ‘made-in-India’ brand ourself, the #MakeInIndia movement is close to our heart.

To contribute to the movement our special way, we have created an exclusive #MakeInIndia Store where we have listed all Indian-origin products. We are in the process of identifying quality Indian sellers & products with the help of our multi-stage verification & quality control processes.

This is an effort to help Indian manufacturers/creators to sell their products to every corner of our country. The effort doesn’t end here, we’re targeting to bring onboard at least 5,000 more such merchants by the end of this year. Through this initiative, we also hope to achieve the indirect creation of more jobs and lifting the original manufacturer’s earnings.

Check out the Make In India store!

We’re also excited to feature some really unique #MakeInIndia products on our social media channels (Facebook/Twitter) all of this week, so stay tuned in to some made-in-India awesomeness! :)



Paytm Karo is the new way to refuel!

We’re breaking the mould here by not just offering mobile recharge services, but by offering vehicle ‘recharge’ as well. :)

Paytm has taken a new stride into the mobile payments space in India, and has tied up with the esteemed Indian Oil Corporation limited to enable mobile payments via Paytm App on Indian Oil outlets.

For now, the service will be available in Delhi NCR region only, and we will be soon covering the remaining locations.

How you can pay – The whole process is super easy. All you have to do is just scan the QR code through your Paytm App, enter the amount and voila, it’s done!

Please Note – There is NO convenience charge involved when you pay using your Paytm Wallet.

Today, Team Paytm inaugurated the first Paytm-enabled Indian Oil outlet, in the esteemed presence of Mr. DK Sharma (ED Retail, IOCL), location: Baba Kharag Singh Marg, Connaught Place, New Delhi

The inauguration being done:


First customer, using Paytm App in his smartphone to pay for the fuel :)


The Paytm-IOCL team behind the tie up! :)


Through this association we want to convey to the world that India’s time to go cashfree has arrived. And, this is just the beginning!

Dear Sellers – “Paytm Force” is always with you!

Being the country’s largest marketplace, it is very important for us to keep our sellers well informed & updated on all the process flows & day to day activities which they need in order to do business via Paytm.


To assist our sellers, we’ve kick started an assistance programme called “Paytm Force”, where 3000 trained & certified e-commerce specialists will provide end-to-end services like catalogue creation, order fulfillment, complete account management & query resolution. Paytm Force executives will be available at the seller’s doorstep on a date & time convenient to them, at subsidized rates.

We recently ran a pilot for “Paytm Force” in metro cities and it proved immensely fruitful to the seller community. More power to the sellers!

Read more on this here!

All your Travel Plans in ONE Place!

Planning holidays can be cumbersome when you’re using different platforms to book different services. Imagine a service where you can make all the required arrangements in a jiffy; cab rides, bus tickets, train and air tickets; hotel bookings; visa facilitation; foreign exchange and international mobile phone cards.


Yes, you read that right! We’re going to launch our very own Travel marketplace which will make holiday planning as easy as pie. Our travel marketplace will be incorporated into our present web platform and mobile application.

This vertical’s team will be based out of Bengaluru, and we expect to start our full fledged operations soon.  We are also working on tie-ups with IndiGo for air tickets and global distribution system major Amadeus, which enables automated transactions between third parties and travel agencies to provide travel-related services. Yeah, we’re as excited as you! :)

Read more about this new development here!

We’re Launching ‘Sound Pay’! Sounds good?

We’ve come a long long way since money changed hands physically. Paytm Wallet has revolutionized the way India does financial transactions today.

We’re now bringing to you the new way to pay! Tapping on the very cool ‘Sound Pay’ icon in the Paytm App will enable emission of ultrasonic sound waves, which will carry your payment & details to the merchant/user.


Beta testing is on, and we’d love you to experience this super smooth way of paying very soon!

Read here for more detail.


Know All About #ProjectPokhran

The financial market is going to be taken by storm soon. Internally codenamed ‘Project Pokhran’, Paytm Payments Bank launches soon.

Hiring is full steam ahead for the Payments Bank team which currently comprises 20-25 people. Consulting majors like EY, McKinsey & Co are assisting us in the roll out.

With Paytm Payments Bank, we are well on our way to becoming a unique Indian brand, this will be a massive leap in the direction of becoming India’s largest internet conglomerate.

That day is not far, when our users can sort out their mutual funds & insurance related problem with Paytm.

Read about Project Pokhran in more detail here!

Paytm – #Throwback 2015

The end of the year usually calls for some reminiscing, reflecting & introspection. Everyone echoes in how fast the year went by. To say that we’ve had an eventful one, is an understatement. We take this opportunity to thank each and every one of our users and fans for the unending love and support they’ve shown us.

This throwback of sorts, is dedicated to all of you. Your love outgrew us, and we love you right back. Here’s taking a bow:

  • Alibaba backs us – Our 2015 started with a bang, Alibaba & Alipay invested in One97 for supporting the growth of mobile payment & mcommerce platform in India.
  • Our first ever TVC: A new wave. The new way of life. Paytm. Our first ever TVC went live! ‘Paytm Karo’ became the new hummable song. Addictive to the last note, showcasing every which way that Paytm was being used in real life situations. 
  • Introducing the trendy, new verb online, #PaytmKaro: There was no doubt in our mind that this would be the new verb on everyone’s tongue. Any and every exchange or transaction of online money would be referred to as – Paytm kiya! A friend lending money to another would say – Paytm kar raha hu. It caught on virally! And the #PaytmKaro chronicles continue… :)
  • 100 M Paytm Wallets: Milestone of the highest order! This kind of unprecedented growth gave wings to our ambitions and our reach to do and achieve more. Can’t thank our users enough for believing in us and adopting this brand new, easy way of transacting! Paying for food delivery, recharging your mobiles and DTH, paying your bills, didn’t just become easy but became fun too!
  • Cashfree Nation: With the reach of more than a 100 M Paytm wallets, we ushered in the era of a cash-free nation. We continue to work towards a nation free of cash, where just one app is used for all financial transactions and every rupee is accounted for.
  • Offline Payments Launched: Pizza Hut was the first ever to start accepting Paytm wallet payments at their physical store! And then there was no looking back. From small shop owners to Cafe Coffee Day, Vango and Costa Coffee, everyone opened their doors to adopting Paytm as THE way to accept payments from consumers.
  • #RechargeLove: Our V-day campaign for all the love birds out there was a big hit. Some of the poignant moments came from users who shared pics of their Dads and siblings as their Valentine’s partners-in-crime. We loved it! We gave you back the coolest V-day gifts in the form of sketches of the pics you’d shared with us.
  • Payments Bank License – This milestone will go a long way in bolstering Paytm’s vision of financial inclusion in India. The license equips us to give interest to our users for keeping money in their wallets and will boost our business model even further by successfully integrating “Buy and Pay”.
  • 50k Twitter followers: And so many more to go. But this was one milestone that we celebrated. Waiting for 100k now!
  • CSR Efforts: Nepal & Chennai – Team Paytm rose to the occasion to do their bit when the earthquake tore apart Nepal and floods hit Chennai. Nepal received aid in the form of donations on our platform from our users which were met rupee to rupee by us. Chennai was aided in the form of free mobile recharges to & fro Chennai numbers for Rs. 30 each.
  • 4 year association with India Cricket (BCCI): Everyone in India loves cricket and so do we! We became the official title sponsors for all the national/international matches to be held in India till 2019. Chalo #PaytmSeStadium is how we kickstarted this awesome sponsorship – one lucky shopper got to receive their item from an Indian cricketer, in every match!
  • Mumbai Metro Tie Up: For the Mumbaikars, who travel by Mumbai Metro daily, we made metro card recharges easy. We got them to say goodbye to queues, now they can recharge their metro cards straight from their Paytm Wallets. 
  • 2 hour express delivery of smartphones – We collaborated with The Mobile Store to deliver your brand new smartphones to you within two hours of placing your order with us, proving that we’re all about the speed! :)
  • Tie up with IRCTC for e-catering Payments – We just made your train journey more enjoyable. Now, you can book your train meal via Paytm. Read in detail here
  • Official partner for Mumbai Indians in the IPL: Privilege and honour for us, and so much fun we had with this one! The contests, the tickets and cashback giveaways, the excitement of the matches, receiving pics from all the winners of themselves enjoying the matches live at Wankhede Stadium! The icing on the cake – when Mumbai Indians won the cup!
  • NDTV channel partnership: We recently entered into a first of it’s kind channel partnership with NDTV, one of the most reputed News channels in India. 

  • Dilwale offer – For our love of Bollywood. We introduced the promo code DILWALE for our users, where they can recharge Mobile/DTH for Rs 500 & get Rs 100 cashback!

Standing at the brink of bidding adieu to a fantastic 2015, we take a page out of Robert Frost’s book:

“But we have promises to keep, and miles to go before we sleep”

Cheers to a brighter, more awesome 2016! Happy New Year all of you!

Meet the Geek Gods who keep Paytm fault proof

We know everyone’s been wondering who Team Paytm – Canada is and what Paytm Labs is all about. We bring to you, insight into what these geniuses are upto!

To prevent faults, you have to be one step ahead of the fault scenario. Especially, in systems like ours which generates millions of transactions every day leading to terabytes of data. This very job is very critical for our success and protection of our customer’s interests.

Many of you might not be aware that we have a team of data scientists in Toronto (Canada), sitting thousands of miles away from our Indian HQ, which is responsible for keeping our systems crack proof in addition to playing a key role in identifying revenue opportunities.

This team is known by the name – Paytm Labs (You can check them out here or follow them on twitter). It comprises of big data experts from all over the globe.

Our biggest priority is to stay ahead of crisis scenarios. One of our team members, Armando Benitez (previously with CERN) dives daily into the data streams and keeps a check on the fraudsters. He is a nuclear scientist and has done extensive studies on exotic particles.

One of our data engineers, Hansa Konzel, works alongside Armando, works on optimizing the ad targeting on the app. Hansa holds a masters in geophysics and belongs to Czech republic.

Do visit Paytmlabs website to know more about the team. You can also read about them in detail here!

Time to go all out & save the net

If you’re on Facebook, then you must have recently come across the below mentioned notification on your Facebook account. If you’re wondering what “Free Basics” is about, its a hindrance to the concept of Net Neutrality in India.


To those who are not aware what is Net Neutrality all about, we have a very simple and easy to understand definition of it;

“The principle that Internet service providers should enable access to all content and applications regardless of the source, and without favouring or blocking particular products or websites.”

What does that mean? How important is Net Neutrality for all of us?

Net Neutrality protects our right to an open internet which is vital for communicating freely online. Net Neutrality is crucial for small business owners, startups & entrepreneurs. If we allow any single entity to enforce their own guidelines on how we should communicate online, then it will mean an end to the budding startup ecosystem in India.

For example, currently you have a standard data package and use it to access all the content at the same speed, irrespective of whether it’s a video streaming website or a news portal. Open internet is just like using electricity, where you don’t get charged differently similar to how the unit price of electricity for a kitchen appliance from two different brands will be same.

Had Net Neutrality not been there? Google and Twitter as we see them today, wouldn’t have seen daylight. For internet/tech startups, preserving net neutrality is of utmost importance.


Being an emerging Indian startup, we at Paytm have decided to go a step further and inform our users about this danger staring at us. So from today, the moment you complete a transaction on Paytm, you will be automatically directed to a page asking to support Net Neutrality.  #PaytmKaro & save the net!