Empowering Local Transactions and Driving Global Aspirations – We are Leading in Mobile Payments

byPreeti VermaLast Updated: May 20, 2024

Paytm’s cutting-edge solutions are not just innovative but transformative. Our journey from a startup to a leader in mobile payments is proof of our strategic foresight and innovative approach. In a world where mobile payments are fast becoming the backbone of commerce, we, with our iconic products and services, stand out as a pioneer, bringing India to the forefront of this revolution.

We continue to refine and expand our services, ensuring accessibility and convenience for users worldwide. From helping our users to make payment through UPI globally or paying for groceries at the local Indian market, we are delivering a seamless and successful transaction experience. We are ensuring that our users can enjoy the ease of payments, even in areas with limited network connectivity.

Sandeep Mall, a user on X, posted how Paytm came to his rescue in Bhutan when Indian credit cards were not working in the country. Creating a financial ecosystem that empowers every user, Paytm QR, with its adaptability and reliability, has become a companion on the path to financial empowerment.

A LinkedIn user, also highlighted the transformative impact of UPI, with India at its heart. “UPI is revolutionising digital payments the world over,” the user mentioned, pointing out the potential it holds in a country where credit card use is just beginning to expand. He also appreciated the fact that he was easily able to buy Eiffel Tower tickets via Paytm without any exorbitant markups or payment gateway glitches. 

“The fact I was able to buy Eiffel Tower tickets in real time digitally via Paytm from an Indian bank account without any exorbitant markups or payment gateway glitches showcases unlimited possibilities for payments and financial transactions across the globe. After resounding success at home turf, truly a global inclusive financial instrument in the making. Open source makes it all the more accessible for further innovation and disruption,” his post read.


This achievement not only showcases the ease and efficiency of Paytm but also positions us as a truly global, inclusive financial tool apt for further innovation. 

Meanwhile, a user of X (formerly Twitter) shared a post showcasing the extent of Paytm’s integration into daily life. The person shared the experience of buying spinach for Rs 15 using a QR code with the Paytm app. While he mentioned this to a friend in Sweden, the person was impressed and remarked at the level of technological advancement in India. 


This interchange highlights our role in placing India on the global map of advanced digital finance. We are not just participating in the mobile payments revolution, but are leading it.

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