Driving Innovation with Paytm Music Soundbox: A sneak peek into how our merchants are uniquely using the device

byPreeti VermaLast Updated: October 18, 2023

Being the pioneer of mobile payments, we have been bringing innovative solutions for merchants enabling them to leverage the power of digitisation. Our technology-led products have empowered merchants to grow their business. Since its launch, our pioneering Soundbox has transformed in-store payments, driving ease and convenience for merchants. Taking our leadership in in-store payments a step ahead, we launched the Paytm Music Soundbox. A stationery shop owner in the national capital has found a unique way to bring in more customers through our newly launched Music Soundbox. 

We being India’s first Soundbox with Bluetooth have helped a bookstore in Delhi to increase its book sales by playing the Harry Potter audiobook on our device and offering a magical listening experience to the customers. With the help of this genius use case of our soundbox, merchants are able to attract customers. In the video shared on microblogging site X, formerly Twitter, the owner of the shop shared his experience with Paytm Music Soundbox. 

He said, “Bachche is Bluetooth speaker se attract hote hai, main ye audiobook chala deta hu isme to bache puchte hai kya chal raha hai… humari books ka bhi sale badh raha hai ye audiobook chalane se..” (Kids get attracted by this bluetooth speaker. As I play the Harry Potter audiobook, they ask me what is playing. The sale of books has also increased because of playing the audiobook on the Paytm Music Soundbox.)

Link- https://twitter.com/Paytm/status/1701891823751565748

Meanwhile, another stationery shop owner, who has been using Paytm for three years, said that our Soundbox has helped her grow business even from home. “Pehle to log aate hi nahi the ghar se shopping karne… ab ye hai ki photos wagera bhej dete h Paytm kar dete hai, aise ghar baithe baithe bhi business ho jata h..” she said in Hindi. (Earlier, people did not use to come for shopping, now they share photos and make payments via Paytm, enabling me to run the business even from home.)

The shop owner further added that earlier due to lack of change she also had to let go of some money but now with the help of the Soundbox, complete payment is being made. 

Merchants can also get cricket updates including scores, which team won the match, etc., on our 4 G-enabled Soundbox devices. 

Our pioneering Music Soundbox serves as a payment notification device and doubles as a Bluetooth speaker enabling merchants to receive payments and also enjoy listening to music by connecting it to their phone. It comes with a 7-day battery life, 4G connectivity, and a 4W speaker. There’s also a unique voice overlay feature that enables the merchant to hear payment notifications over the music being played.

Notably, more than three lakh Soundbox devices broadcast payment confirmation every minute. Our Soundbox’s total broadcasted time of payment alerts is equivalent to 225 years, while the most transacted value on Paytm Soundbox is ₹20. 

Link: https://twitter.com/vijayshekhar/status/1705123201079202032

In FY23, 13.72 billion transactions were processed through our Soundbox. Also, 87 Lakh Soundboxes have been deployed by the end of August 2023.

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