Paytm Widgets for Android

To make the Paytm app even faster to use, we have built a few Paytm widgets for your Android home screen

Widgets are a great way of customizing your Android home screen. They provide quick access to your favorite app’s most important features, making them accessible in a single click from your home screen.

Why should you add Paytm widgets to your Android home screen?

  • Scan and Pay directly from the home page with one tap
  • Open Passbook from home page directly
  • See the people you pay most frequently on the home page
  • Jump into recharges directly, before your data runs out

How to set up the Paytm Android home screen widgets?

Here is the step-by-step process to set up the Paytm widgets.

Step 1: On your Android home screen, find an area with no icons. Then, tap and hold on that area till a menu appears.


Step 2: Tap on widgets, a list of all widgets offered by the apps installed on your device will be shown. Scroll to the widgets offered by Paytm


Step 3: Choose the widgets you like. We offer 3 different widgets:

  1. Scan & Pay
  2. Scan & Pay, Send Money, Recharge & Pay Bills, Balance & History
  3. Everything in the earlier widget, plus a list of people you paid recently

You might have to move some icons around to make space for the widget. Or you can add another home screen and place the widget on that. Here’s what the widget will look like on your home screen.



Step 4: Once you complete the above-mentioned steps, your Paytm widget will be set up successfully and you can use it in an easy and hassle-free way.

The users can move widgets across their home screen panels, and, if supported, can resize them to tailor the information within a widget to their preference.

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