Why Postpaid is Costlier Than Prepaid?

Wonder why postpaid is costlier than prepaid connection?

Before you look for the answer, first find out which one of these is a better choice for you? You may have thought about this while buying yourself a new connection. Well, before you made the choice, you would have considered multiple reasons. One of those being, which one of them is cheaper.

If you are using a postpaid connection, you may have thought about whether your postpaid connection is costlier than the prepaid connection? There are certain reasons why postpaid may seem costlier than prepaid, which may be true in some cases. So what are those reasons? Let’s find out in the segment below!

Reasons Why Postpaid is Costlier Than Prepaid?

Postpaid connections are not always costlier than prepaid connections. There are many new postpaid plans by every cellular provider in India that may even be cheaper than the prepaid ones. Here, we are only trying to explain the cases where a postpaid connection may be costlier than the prepaid ones.

You Get a Bill Shock

Bill Shock is a common thing among postpaid users and might happen to almost all postpaid users at some point in time. A bill shock is when a user gets a bill amount that is much higher than the postpaid plan they are using. This may happen due to many reasons such as roaming charges while you were out of station or using more internet data than the data limit of your postpaid plan.

Changing Postpaid Plan

Sometimes changing a postpaid can also provide you with a high bill amount. This is basically due to pro-rata billing, which may be applied when you change your postpaid plan in the middle of your billing cycle.

Overspending on Your Postpaid Connection

Postpaid connections do not put a cap on your spending. This means that there will be no reminders and your service will remain unaffected even after you have crossed your plan limits. If this happens, then you are most likely to get a higher bill than expected and if it happens quite often, then you might get a feeling that a postpaid connection is costlier than a prepaid connection.


It completely depends on the users, whether postpaid connections are costlier than prepaid or not. There may be prepaid users who are using a costlier plan to fulfil their requirements. Prepaid users also need to make frequent top-ups if have exhausted their data or call minutes or SMS, which is a total spend higher than postpaid plans.

All the telecom companies are providing cheap postpaid plans which are in the same range as that of their prepaid plans. However, one must be careful with their spend while using a postpaid connection to avoid bill shocks.

Are postpaid connections more expensive than prepaid?
No, postpaid connections are not necessarily more expensive than prepaid connections. It completely depends on the users’ monthly usage or the plan that they have opted for.
What are some of the reasons that make postpaid connections costlier than prepaid?
Some of the reasons why postpaid gets costlier than prepaid are:
  • Bill shock
  • Overspending
  • Changing the postpaid plan
How can I reduce my postpaid bills?
You can switch to a plan lower than the one you are currently using. Monitor your usage and try not to spend more than the plan limits. Be careful of your usage when you are using your sim in roaming.
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