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FASTags have revolutionised our on-road travel experience as it allows us to cut down the waiting time on the long lines on the toll lanes. More than that, we don’t even need to stop at the toll booths as the FASTag automatically deducts the toll charges from your FASTag account as you drive through the FASTag toll lanes. However, one common problem every FASTag user faces is the FASTag getting blacklisted due to not having sufficient balance while moving through the FASTag lanes. Therefore, it is necessary to have sufficient balance in your FASTag wallet when you are en-route to your destination.

Even though one can easily make FASTag recharge for their Paytm FASTag or other bank FASTags but sometimes there is not enough network coverage especially on the highways. So to avoid such complications for the FASTag users, you can check the toll booth charges and the total toll tax that one has to pay on their way to their destinations. All you have to do is enter the source and the destination of your journey and the Toll Calculator will show you the total toll rates on your journey. So recharge your FASTag wallets beforehand and leave all the blacklisting of the FASTag out of your way.

Frequently Asked Questions

How FASTag works at toll plaza?
Enter dedicated FASTag lane at NHAI Toll Plaza. Reader at the plaza will read your tag's detail and applicable Toll charges will automatically get deducted from your Paytm wallet
How to get FASTag online?
  • Search for "FASTag" on the Paytm App. Click on the "Buy FASTag for Car/Van/Jeep" icon on the FASTag store.
  • You will be redirected to Paytm FASTag for Car/Van/Jeep Class 4 vehicles.
  • Enter your Vehicle Registration Number.
  • Confirm your delivery address & proceed for payment through any of the available payment options.
  • Tag will be dispatched free of cost to your registered address.
  • Your FASTag will be delivered to you preactivated, however in case of any issue contact us from the Need Help Section of Paytm App.
Incorrect Amount Charged at the Toll Plaza?
Kindly raise your concern by tapping on the 'Need Help' button from the transaction detail page in your passbook and select a suitable issue from the given categories. We will get back to you with a resolution.
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