Upgrade to All-in-One QR
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Only Paytm All-In-One free UPI QR allows payments from all UPI apps and Paytm wallet! Accept unlimited payments from all UPI apps and bank accounts at 0% fee. Paytm wallet at 1% fee from 4th May 2020.

Payment Mode Payment Acceptance Fee Monthly Acceptance Limit
UPI 0% Unlimited
Wallet 1% inclusive of GST Existing limits
RuPay Cards 0% Unlimited

Upgrade to All-In-One QR today and join the family of over 1.5 crore merchants accepting unlimited payments.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Paytm All-In-One QR and why should a merchant upgrade?

Paytm All-In-One QR is a one stop solution for a merchant’s mobile payment needs! It is the only QR which allows payments from all UPI apps, Paytm wallet and Rupay cards. Merchants can accept unlimited payments from all UPI apps, all banks at 0% fee and from Paytm wallet at 1% fee.

The All-in-One QR also offers single reconciliation of all payments, real time notifications of payment accepted and instant bank account settlements.

Why are merchants being charged a 1% fee on payments through Paytm wallet?

Using the Paytm All-In-One QR, merchants can accept unlimited payments at 0% fee from al UPI apps. Paytm has introduced a nominal fee of 1% on payments accepted via Paytm wallet, as this is the fee banks charge Paytm to load money in the wallets. In return, merchants get exciting offers and benefits for accepting payments.

What are the benefits merchants get by paying this charge?

Paytm has introduced a new loyalty program that will empower millions of small businesses with a host of benefits. Paytm will be returning this 1% MDR charged on wallet transactions through this loyalty program, exciting offers and various financial services and business services offerings.

What is the new Paytm Loyalty program for merchants ?

Paytm has introduced a new loyalty program where all merchant partners will be eligible to earn unlimited reward points for accepting payments from Paytm wallet, Rupay cards and all UPI based payment apps through the Paytm All-In-One QR code. The collected points can be redeemed for a voucher instantly or for purchasing exciting merchandise from the Paytm for Business app, such as sound-box, EDC, etc.

How can a merchant join the Program ?

All Paytm merchants accepting payments through UPI, wallet and Rupay cards are automatically enrolled in the loyalty program. There is no limit on the points that can be earned through the loyalty program. Merchants can view and redeem the earned points through the Paytm for Business app.

What are the financial and business services being offered to merchants?

Paytm offers a host of financial services like bank account, easy business loans and insurance for merchant partners. Merchants can access business services like Khata, link payments and many other new services on the Paytm for Business App. Visit your Paytm for Business App to explore and avail these services today.

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Single Reconciliation
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