Tap-to Pay Card
Terms and Conditions
About ‘Tap to Pay’ Card

Customers can now pay using Paytm at merchants without taking out their mobile phones. Now no need to worry about network coverage or your mobile battery levels, take your Paytm balance anywhere with just a card.

Paytm, leader in digital payments has launched TAP to Pay Card which is a NFC based contactless card, where user just has to tap on merchant terminals for payments.

Get your Tap to Pay card along with your ticket for Paytm Events.

Card will be issued at following points:

  • Online along with ticket sale on Paytm and Insider
  • In the venue at the time of ticket purchase or at designated counters
Add money to Card

Online on Paytm App and Website

  • Scan QR code on the card using your Paytm App to Add money and follow the steps
  • After successful recharge, tap your card on AVM in the venue

Offline at the Load counters

At designated load point in the venue, Pay through Cash / Debit or Credit Cards / Paytm mode and handover the card to agent for value to be added to card

Benefits of Tap to Pay Card

For the Customer

  • Ease of Use. No need to worry about keeping cash
  • Fastest mode of Payment
  • No dependency on mobile network

For the Merchant

  • Accept Digital transactions
  • Faster turnaround time hence reduction in queues
  • No Dependency on Mobile Network
How to pay using Tap to Pay Card
  • Visit merchant outlet at the venue
  • Tap your card at merchant terminals to make payment
  • Transaction will be authorized and deducted from balance on your Tap to Pay Card