Promocode: Lakhpati

Kaun Banega Lakhpati
  1. User needs to do at least one recharge/bill payment transactions on Paytm to be eligible to win 1 lakh cashback.
  2. User needs to use promocode LAKHPATI in every transaction that is to be considered for Lucky Draw.
  3. 1 lucky winner will be awarded 1 lakh rupees each every week.
  4. To increase the chances of winning , user can do one of the following:-
    1. Do as many transactions as possible using code LAKHPATI.
    2. Do as much value of recharge/bill payment as possible using code LAKHPATI.
  5. Make use of maximum number of services that Paytm has to offer - DTH, Prepaid Recharge, Mobile Postpaid Bill, Datacard, Landline, Electricity, Water, Gas bill payment, Metro, Toll Tag Recharge,Education Fees Payment, Financial Services.
  6. Winners will be announced on weekly basis.
  7. Once winners are announced, KYC process will need to be completed.
  8. Paytm reserves the right to disqualify any transaction from participation in this contest.
  9. Winners will be notified by email/sms.
  10. Offer is valid for Limited Period.
  11. Paytm employees and family members are not eligible to participate in this contest.
  12. PAYTM shall also make two(2) attempts within 48 working hours after completion of announcement period to contact the winner on their registered Mobile Number (with Paytm) to inform about the gratification and further process of claiming the gratification.
  13. The gratification will be forfeited and the winner agrees to surrender the gratification if:
    1. The winner does not get contacted within 48 working hours.
    2. The winner does not claim the gratification and/or fails to submit all necessary documents within 20 working days of being contacted by PAYTM.
  14. Gratification is subject to the deduction of TDS as applicable.
  15. Please read the detailed Terms & Conditions here.
Kaun Banega Lakhpati Contest Winners
DateNameOrder Id
24th Jan'19-30th Jan'19Alamuri Raja Sekhar7188714029
17th Jan'19-23rd Jan'19Supriyo7134347478
10th Jan'19-16th Jan'19Nikhil7029461861
3rd Jan'19-9th Jan'19Vijaya Kumar Mukka6988344737
27th Dec-2nd Jan'19Binod Kumar Pari6914160438
20th Dec-26th Dec'18Kaustav6864295819
13th Dec-19th Dec'18KASAM SAIRAM6794559360
6th Dec-12th Dec'18PRATIK ANNASAHEB PHADAKE6732672936
29th Nov-5th Dec'18Achit6669544695
22nd Nov-28th Nov'18APURVA ROHIDAS SHETE6636668767
15th Nov-21st Nov'18Abdul Azeez K6579331870
8th Nov-14th Nov'18R Ragu Ganesh6507221940
1st Nov-7th Nov'18Karan6459994625
25th Oct-31st Oct'18SAMEER KUMAR6381168042
18th Oct-24th Oct'18Vinjamuri Gopi6324456598
11th Oct-17th Oct'18Bogavalli Padma Jyothi6300179880
4th Oct-10th Oct'18TRISHALA RAVINDRA SATHE6212154269
27th Sep-3rdth Oct'18NISHA KAPOOR6138377959
20th Sep-26th Sep'18Rakesh Kumar Nigam6082861061
13th Sep-19th Sep'18Sumit Gulati6057204099
6th Sep-12th Sep'18Davesh Nirwan5990204707
30th Aug-5th Sep'18Hemant Kumar5949475205
23rd Aug-29th Aug'18Sunil5906187116
16th Aug-22nd Aug'18Suraj Kumar Sharma5860947457
9th Aug-15th Aug'18Satish Chandra Sharma5774742037
2nd Aug-8th Aug'18Nagendra Babu5737246309
26th July-1st Aug'18Shivam5665637109
19th July-25th July'18Sachin5643558114
12th July-18th July'18Arunava5598631256
5th July-11th July'18Lingamneni Ravikiran5525419207
28th June-04th July'18Rajesh5480080207
21st June-27th June'18Prem Kumar5436053173
14th June-20th June'18Gautam Kumar Dutta5393049751
7th June-13th June'18Deepak Singh5346289918
31st May-6th June'18Neeraj Kothiyal5307915177
24th May-30th May'18Pradeep5232860754
24th May-30th May'18Koyyapu Ramakrishna5266901813
17th May-23rd May'18YAGNAVALKYA5189993824
17th May-23rd May'18GADDAM SRINIVAS5179215961
10th May-16th May'18SANTANUBHAUMIK5140627282
10th May-16th May'18NAKKA SATISH5140241818
3rd May-9th May'18KAMLESH SINGH5089222408
3rd May-9th May'18RAJAVELU5088888367
26th Apr-2nd May'18PABBATHI SREENIVASULU5065961950
26th Apr-2nd May'18MAHENDRA KANNAN KONAR5056825200
19th Apr-25th Apr'18Deepak Kumar5037649091
19th Apr-25th Apr'18Vijayashankar5028444768
12th Apr-18th Apr'18Marviya Girdhar Laljibhai4977998146
12th Apr-18th Apr'18Vala Hardik Arasibhai4991342396
05th Apr-11th Apr'18Maruti Malekar4924797424
05th Apr-11th Apr'18Swastik4933206131
29th Mar-04th Apr'18Rakesh4906198085
29th Mar-04th Apr'18Ajay4905117615
22nd Mar-28th Mar'18Sunil4843950835
22nd Mar-28th Mar'18Mohd. Ahmar4843708511
15th Mar-21st Mar'18Narendra Pawar4827235314
15th Mar-21st Mar'18Cherukuru Srinivasa Rao4812179316
08th Mar-14th Mar'18Satyanarayan4754585148
08th Mar-14th Mar'18Rupak4778842737
01st Mar-07th Mar'18Devulapalli4722903630
01st Mar-07th Mar'18Parsuram4719844664
22nd Feb-28th Feb'18Quamber Hasan4690594054
22nd Feb-28th Feb'18Sreenivasulu Kotha4711267559
15th Feb-21th Feb'18-4633437537
15th Feb-21th Feb'18Dabhi Rajendra4669299714
08th Feb-14th Feb'18Rahul Joshi4595323765
08th Feb-14th Feb'18Praveen kumar4604731435
01st Feb-07th Feb'18Gaurav4577083240
01st Feb-07th Feb'18Ankit4553494264
25th Jan-31st Jan'18Mahendar madikuntla4509444910
25th Jan-31st Jan'18Srinivasu4544087666
18th Jan-24th Jan'18ABDUL NAEEM SIDDIQUI4482384776
18th Jan-24th Jan'18Chintan4483783292
11th Jan-17th Jan'18Lakshmi Kanta Mahapatro4429491497
11th Jan-17th Jan'18SUNDAR NAGASWAMY4448085717
04th Jan-10th Jan'18Mohd. Saleem4393950580
04th Jan-10th Jan'18Kundan4414439822
28th Dec'17-03rd Jan'18Saurabh4357475549
28th Dec'17-03rd Jan'18Raju Kumar4368653179
21st Dec-27th Dec'17Rituparna4332685061
21st Dec-27th Dec'17Jithin4318921573
14th Dec-20th Dec'17Sunil4302850604
14th Dec-20th Dec'17Umesh4282210677
07th Dec-13th Dec'17Jayshree4244972180
07th Dec-13th Dec'17Singha Raju4255483618
30th Nov-06th Dec'17Purvish4212938582
30th Nov-06th Dec'17Kishor4217153939
23rd Nov-29th Nov'17Harshit4195695957
23rd Nov-29th Nov'17Subba Rao4180004415
16th Nov-22nd Nov'17Home4151899350
16th Nov-22nd Nov'17Dileep4159771085
09th Nov-15th Nov'17Taslim4103175596
09th Nov-15th Nov'17Binoy4119650461
02nd Nov-08th Nov'17Montu4066811043
02nd Nov-08th Nov'17-4069019663
26th Oct-01st Nov'17Vikash4035594023
26th Oct-01st Nov'17Abhishek4050995103
19th Oct-25th Oct'17Partha Pritam3998460944
19th Oct-25th Oct'17Shahr Yar4004311450
12th Oct-18th Oct'17Umang3960626250
12th Oct-18th Oct'17Umesh3973028652
05th Oct-11th Oct'17Bapi3919350250
05th Oct-11th Oct'17Pradeep3931339419
28th Sep-04th Oct'17Pulak3909116909
28th Sep-04th Oct'17Ravi3904036390
21st Sep-27th Sep'17Keshava3878591733
21st Sep-27th Sep'17Aditya3879206204
14th Sep-20th Sep'17Gajanana K3824941108
14th Sep-20th Sep'17Shaunak3836436419
07th Sep-13th Sep'17Vinod Khanduri3799384672
07th Sep-13th Sep'17Mahesh Gowlikar3781397726
31st Aug-06th Sep'17Chander Parkash3752549557
31st Aug-06th Sep'17Chandra Pal3753920236
24th Aug-30th Aug'17Gajanan Jadhav3731694912
24th Aug-30th Aug'17Rubin Sarkar3728364435
17th Aug-23rd Aug'17Kulbir Khehra3703641490
17th Aug-23rd Aug'17V.Prasant Rao3695549187
10th Aug-16th Aug'17Mani Deepak3670873275
10th Aug-16th Aug'17Siddeswar Rangaraju3669137408
03rd Aug-09th Aug'17-3629652918
03rd Aug-09th Aug'17Meenakshi3629065682
27th July-02nd Aug'17Chandan3604329544
27th July-02nd Aug'17Harbhagwan3584246646
20th July-26th July'17Akshay Singh3565804552
20th July-26th July'17Anand Raju3554010084
13th July-19th July'17-3514813960
13th July-19th July'17Vishnupriya3515407150
06th July-12th July'17Brahmaji Rao3502279299
06th July-12th July'17-3481893097
29th June-05th July'17Umme Kulsum3479683722
29th June-05th July'17Kartik Patel3456218150
22nd June-28th June'17Srishti3430565248
22nd June-28th June'17Pankaj3446788173
15th June-21st June'17Shamon3405023305
15th June-21st June'17Srinivasreddy3388029783
08th June-14th June'17Veera R3358811617
08th June-14th June'17Himanshu3351255496
01st June-07th June'17Umashankar Kumar3321470959
01st June-07th June'17Praveen Mane3344776084
25th May-31th May'17Sumit3315957931
25th May-31th May'17Arvind3294084977
18th May-24th May'17Ashish3268321900
18th May-24th May'17Kunal3280448283
11th May-17th May'17Ankur Kumar3229095355
11th May-17th May'17Gopal3243475354
4th May-10th May'17Fiza3191891396
4th May-10th May'17Prem3182520564
27th April-3rd May'17Sanjib3147373720
27th April-3rd May'17Arun3173576454
20th April-26th April'17Raj3118139766
20th April-26th April'17Jayanti3119755335
13th April-19th April'17Amit3078165537
13th April-19th April'17Ravi3106682759
6th April-12th April'17Veerendra3072518533
6th April-12th April'17Abhijit3065882580
30th Mar-5th April'17Om2995214567
30th Mar-5th April'17Bipin3001528256
23rd Mar-29th Mar'17Manish2954148890
23rd Mar-29th Mar'17Jai Ram2969079082
16th Mar-22nd Mar'17Jitendra2920676718
16th Mar-22nd Mar'17Gurpreet2949815096
9th Mar-15th Mar'17Shantanu2878488259
9th Mar-15th Mar'17Bharti2896679431
2nd Mar-8th Mar'17Ram Naresh2844097153
2nd Mar-8th Mar'17Gaurav2839642758
23rd Feb-1st Mar'17RB2817751696
23rd Feb-1st Mar'17Tapash2818951155
16th Feb-22nd Feb'17Rajan2763154927
16th Feb-22nd Feb'17Anil2773678772
9th Feb-15th Feb'17Nikunj2719204907
9th Feb-15th Feb'17Gurpreet singh2733000504
2nd Feb-8th Feb'17Suresh2708624245
2nd Feb-8th Feb'17Ramzan2698923569
26th Jan-1st Feb'17Kausik2672466372
26th Jan-1st Feb'17Pratik2657225333
19th Jan-25th Jan'17Rahul2637282492
19th Jan-25th Jan'17Mansoor2608554790
12th Jan-18th Jan'17Vijay laxmi jain2587832318
12th Jan-18th Jan'17Deepak2569234533
5th Jan-11th Jan'17Vikas Naresh Bajaj2529664476
5th Jan-11th Jan'17Waseem Ahmed2552436045
29th Dec-4th Jan'17Hardik2509879330
29th Dec-4th Jan'17Japnoor2504538861
22nd Dec-28th Dec'16Baba Bhai2465632301
22nd Dec-28th Dec'16Gatik2438433305
15th Dec-21st Dec'16Feroz2402705468
15th Dec-21st Dec'16Alok2420251908
8th Dec-14th Dec'16Rajratan2343163097
8th Dec-14th Dec'16Pure2341708422
1st Dec-7th Dec'16Prabhu2313149301
1st Dec-7th Dec'16Suraj2310703981
Kaun Banega Lakhpati Contest Winners
NameOrder IdCity
Subhash chandra1636079474Kanpur
Jaydeep1625722387Gandhi Dham