Promocode: Lakhpati

Kaun Banega Lakhpati
  1. User needs to do at least one recharge/bill payment transactions on Paytm to be eligible to win 1 lakh cashback.
  2. User needs to use promocode LAKHPATI in every transaction that is to be considered for Lucky Draw.
  3. 2 lucky winners will be awarded 1 lakh rupees each every week.
  4. To increase the chances of winning , user can do one of the following:-
    1. Do as many transactions as possible using code LAKHPATI.
    2. Do as much value of recharge/bill payment as possible using code LAKHPATI.
  5. Make use of maximum number of services that Paytm has to offer - DTH, Prepaid Recharge, Mobile Postpaid Bill, Datacard, Landline, Electricity, Water, Gas bill payment, Metro, Toll Tag Recharge,Education Fees Payment, Financial Services.
  6. Winners will be announced on weekly basis.
  7. Once winners are announced, KYC process will need to be completed.
  8. Paytm reserves the right to disqualify any transaction from participation in this contest.
  9. Winners will be notified by email/sms.
  10. Offer is valid for Limited Period.
  11. Paytm employees and family members are not eligible to participate in this contest.
  12. PAYTM shall also make two(2) attempts within 48 working hours after completion of announcement period to contact the winner on their registered Mobile Number (with Paytm) to inform about the gratification and further process of claiming the gratification.
  13. The gratification will be forfeited and the winner agrees to surrender the gratification if:
    1. The winner does not get contacted within 48 working hours.
    2. The winner does not claim the gratification and/or fails to submit all necessary documents within 20 working days of being contacted by PAYTM.
  14. Gratification is subject to the deduction of TDS as applicable.
  15. Please read the detailed Terms & Conditions here.
Kaun Banega Lakhpati Contest Winners
Date Name Order Id
12th Mar-19th April'17 Amit 3078165537
12th Mar-19th April'17 Ravi 3106682759
6th Mar-12th April'17 Veerendra 3072518533
6th Mar-12th April'17 Abhijit 3065882580
30th Mar-5th April'17 Om 2995214567
30th Mar-5th April'17 Bipin 3001528256
23rd Mar-29th Mar'17 Manish 2954148890
23rd Mar-29th Mar'17 Jai Ram 2969079082
16th Mar-22nd Mar'17 Jitendra 2920676718
16th Mar-22nd Mar'17 Gurpreet 2949815096
9th Mar-15th Mar'17 Shantanu 2878488259
9th Mar-15th Mar'17 Bharti 2896679431
2nd Mar-8th Mar'17 Ram Naresh 2844097153
2nd Mar-8th Mar'17 Gaurav 2839642758
23rd Feb-1st Mar'17 RB 2817751696
23rd Feb-1st Mar'17 Tapash 2818951155
16th Feb-22nd Feb'17 Rajan 2763154927
16th Feb-22nd Feb'17 Anil 2773678772
9th Feb-15th Feb'17 Nikunj 2719204907
9th Feb-15th Feb'17 Gurpreet singh 2733000504
2nd Feb-8th Feb'17 Suresh 2708624245
2nd Feb-8th Feb'17 Ramzan 2698923569
26th Jan-1st Feb'17 Kausik 2672466372
26th Jan-1st Feb'17 Pratik 2657225333
19th Jan-25th Jan'17 Rahul 2637282492
19th Jan-25th Jan'17 Mansoor 2608554790
12th Jan-18th Jan'17 Vijay laxmi jain 2587832318
12th Jan-18th Jan'17 Deepak 2569234533
5th Jan-11th Jan'17 Vikas Naresh Bajaj 2529664476
5th Jan-11th Jan'17 Waseem Ahmed 2552436045
29th Dec-4th Jan'17 Hardik 2509879330
29th Dec-4th Jan'17 Japnoor 2504538861
22nd Dec-28th Dec'16 Baba Bhai 2465632301
22nd Dec-28th Dec'16 Gatik 2438433305
15th Dec-21st Dec'16 Feroz 2402705468
15th Dec-21st Dec'16 Alok 2420251908
8th Dec-14th Dec'16 Rajratan 2343163097
8th Dec-14th Dec'16 Pure 2341708422
1st Dec-7th Dec'16 Prabhu 2313149301
1st Dec-7th Dec'16 Suraj 2310703981
Kaun Banega Lakhpati Contest Winners
Name Order Id City
Nohanned 1633508576 Adyar
Naresh 1638517294 Delhi
Gurpreet 1639287329 Gurgaon
Himanhsu 1639701316 Barnala
Vikas 1625939817 Hapur
Subhash chandra 1636079474 Kanpur
Aswani 1622106382 Bangalore
Santhosh 1627616392 Visakhapatnam
Prakhar 1625322566 Kota
Jaydeep 1625722387 Gandhi Dham