FAQs For Personal Loan
  • How can I apply?
    We are enabling more and more active Paytm customers to avail Quick and easy Personal Loan through Paytm! You can check your loan eligibility by searching for "Personal Loan" on Paytm APP and clicking on the Personal Loan icon.

    You must be between 23-60 years of age to be eligible for the loan.
  • What is the maximum amount I can borrow?
    Personal Loan offers start from as low as Rs. 10,000 and upto 3 lakh. The maximum amount can differ from person to person.
  • What are Details required to apply for personal loan? Is it simple?
    Yes, it's simple and application can be completed while sipping Coffee!
    1. Start with your KYC and Occupation Details
    2. Select Bank Account for Loan Disbursal and EMI Repayment Setup
  • How is my KYC conducted for Loan through Paytm?
    KYC is completed through the below steps
    1. Identifying CKYC ID basis PAN, and then downloading the KYC Data from Central KYC Registry (CKYCR).
    2. Via Paperless Offline Aadhaar XML
    You may also be asked to take a selfie during the loan application and other digital checks are performed to ascertain the correctness of your identity.
    The overall KYC process requires zero documentation and can be finished within few minutes.
  • How much interest will be charged?
    Interest rate along with applicable EMIs is shown to you during the loan application before availing the Loan.
  • Where will Paytm transfer my loan amount?
    Your loan would be transferred to your preferred Bank Account that you select during the loan application. The EMI repayment Enach needs to be set up from the same Bank account and will also be deducted from the same Bank Account once loan is active. In case you are unable to set up the enach from your preferred Bank account due to some issue like internet down time, you may try after some time or choose an alternate bank account
  • What are the fees? Why should I pay them? Are there hidden fees?
    Standard charges that are applicable are as follows
    1. Processing Fee + GST
    2. Late Payment Fee - Only in cases of delayed EMI payments
    3. Bounce Charges - Only in cases of EMI instalment auto-debit bounce from linked Bank Account
    Amount received in your bank account is after Processing Fee deduction and GST Invoice for the same will be sent on your preferred e-mail ID.
    All the Charges and Fees are shown clearly in the Loan Agreement
  • What happens if I don't pay back OR miss EMI repayments on the Loan ?
    We strongly urge customers to avoid missing their instalment payments.
    1. Paytm, on behalf of Lender, will remind you through multiple channels to make your instalment payment immediately if you have missed. A legal re-course may also be taken.
    2. You will be charged additional interest for Non-payment as per the Loan agreement, which will increase your Loan balance. Till you pay the additional balance, your loan will not be considered closed, and will lower your Credit Score.
    3. Paytm may consider to not provide additional loan offers in future.
    4. Credit Score such as CIBIL, Experian will also reduce which will create difficulty for banks to give you even Credit Card or 2-Wheeler or House loan to you in future.
  • What documents will be shared with me during the loan and on closure?
    Paytm, on behalf of lender, will provide you below documents 24X7 on the registered e-mail ID
    1. Welcome Letter (on loan activation)
    2. Loan Agreement (on loan activation)
    3. EMI Repayment Schedule (on loan activation)
    4. Statement of Loan Account
    5. GST Invoices for Charges paid
    6. No Objection Certificate (on loan closure)
  • How to manage my data stored with Paytm for the Personal Loan account?
    For any queries related to your Personal data, you can write to us at [email protected] with the subject "My Personal Data-Personal Loan" from your Paytm registered email id. Kindly mention your registered phone number and query in the mail body.

    If you want to delete your personal data stored with us for the Personal Loan product, kindly follow the below steps:

    1. Drop an email to our Customer Success team at [email protected] with the subject "Remove my Personal Data-Personal Loan”.
    2. Mention your Paytm Phone number in the mail body. Kindly ensure to send this from your Paytm registered mail id only.
    3. If you wish to remove your data from all the loan products, follow the above steps and just change the subject to "Remove my Personal Data-All Loan Products".
    4. Our customer success team will get back to you with the next steps and the confirmation of data deletion.

    Kindly note that the customers with the closed loan accounts only can avail this option. If your account is active and still want to delete your data, we request you to pay the remaining dues, close the account and then follow the above steps. To foreclose the loan account, go to Personal Loan Passbook page, click Close now and proceed with the payment.
  • Who is the Lender offering the Loans through Paytm?
    Paytm (One97 Communications Ltd) partners with various lenders to offer loan services to it's customers. The lender that is approving the Personal Loan offer is shown on the Loan Offer screen, Loan Agreement as well as in the Loan documents clearly.
    The Credit Information companies such as CIBIL, Experian will also show the Personal Loan with the same lender name.
    You would have received the T&C document on your registered email address post activation of your Personal Loan account. The T&C document mentions the contact details of the lender.
    Alternatively, you can find the detailed contact information of our registered lenders below.

    Name – Clix Capital Services Private Limited
    Phone – 1800 200 9898
    Email – [email protected]
    Grievance Redressal Mechanism Link - Click Here

    Name – Arthimpact Digital Loans Private Limited
    Email – [email protected]
    Grievance Redressal Mechanism Link - Click Here

    Name - Hero FinCorp Limited
    Phone - 18001024145
    Email - [email protected]
    Grievance Redressal Mechanism Link - Click Here

    Name - Aditya Birla Finance Limited
    Phone - 18002707000
    Email - [email protected]
    Grievance Redressal Mechanism Link - Click Here
  • When would my EMI repayments start after Loan Disbursal? Is Gap Day Interest applicable to me?
    For Loans disbursed before Cut off date (i.e.15 th of month), First EMI date would start from next month on EMI due date. Loan disbursed after Cut off date , First EMI date would start from next to next month on EMI due date.
    For Loan disbursals between 1st-4th of Month and 16- End of Month, Gap day interest would be applicable as the interest amount for this period is not included in scheduled EMIs repayments. An upfront Gap day interest is deducted from the loan amount at the time of disbursement in these cases.
    Loan Disbursement date Gap Day Interest applicable First EMI Date Interest built in First EMI
    From To
    1 4 Yes Next Month EMI due date Full Month
    5 15 No Next Month EMI due date From date of disbursal to Next emi due date
    16 EoM Yes Next to Next Month EMI due date Full Month
  • How can I pay my missed EMI / Foreclose the Loan?
    In case due to inadvertent circumstances your EMI is not cleared from your bank account via the auto debit Enach mandate on the due date, you can deposit it yourself through the Paynow Section of the loan pass book in the Paytm app itself using your net banking / debit card. Alternately the EMI mandate will be represented.
    You may foreclose the loan as per the terms and conditions of the Lender, through the Paynow Section of the loan pass book in the Paytm app itself using your net banking / debit card.
  • How can I change my Bank account used for repaying the Emi ?
    Presently we do not have the feature of facilitating change of bank account used to set up the EMI mandate. We urge you to continue servicing your EMI through your Bank account that was used to set up at the time of Loan Disbursement.