Paytm Cricket League

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upto5 Crore

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Type Frequency Criteria Prize
Collect Players Once in tournament 11 Players Up to ₹1,000
Collect Batsman Once in tournament 11 Batsman Up to ₹1,000
Collect Bowlers Once in tournament 11 Bowlers Up to ₹1,000

There will be multiple offers to be
launched during the tournament for collecting players

Create your team &
Win up to ₹9,999 daily

Type Frequency Criteria Prize
Match Rank Every Match Top 20,000 Participants Up to ₹9,999
Match Score Every Match Match score >= 300 points Up to ₹2,000
Week Score Every Week Weekly score >= 2,500 points Up to ₹5,000
Tournament Rank End of tournament Top 1,00,000 Participants Up to ₹1 Lakh
Tournament Score End of tournament TBD Up to ₹9,999

How To score?

1 You can earn any number of players during the tournament
2 For every match, your team can have any number of players entering the match (Maximum 11)
3 Select captain and vice-captain for the match and earn 3x and 2x points respectively
4 Submit your team by the cut off time as per the timer mentioned on player selection screen
5 The points you scored for a match will be updated once the match is over
6 The teams participating will be ranked basis the points earned during the match
7 For detailed Terms and Conditions, please refer the Rules of the Game section

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*Paytm reserves its absolute right to withdraw and/or alter
any terms and conditions of the offer at any time without prior notice*