Geyser Buying Guide

As the chilly winters arrive the geyser becomes your main-appliance-friend that helps you sail through and keep you clean and warm in the weather.

But with so many types and sizes available in the market, we have your back trying to decide which one you must buy!

The first and most important decision you need to take is if your geyser would be powered by:

Electric Geyser
  • They are the more popular versions
  • Heat water at higher temperatures than gas geysers
  • Low purchasing price
  • Higher operational costs
  • Use of more efficient heating elements can bring down the running cost
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Safer than gas geysers
  • Smaller than gas geysers
  • Easy to install
Gas Geyser
  • Needs ventilation
  • Use gases such as LPG and propane gas to heat water
  • Suitable for people who have a piped gas connection at home
  • Heat water much quicker than their electric counterparts
  • Operation cost of a gas geyser is roughly half that of an electric geyser
  • Generally larger as they need more space for ventilation unit
  • Installation of the geyser is also a little difficult, as other aspects like the connection of the gas pipe have to be considered
Electric Geyser
Gas Geyser

The Type of Geyser is a fundamental decision you need to take:

Storage Geysers
Storage geysers are suitable for
  • Larger capacity requirements
  • Families
  • They heat water to a much higher temperature
  • Usually used in colder areas like North, Central and East India and inner areas of south India
Instant Geysers
Instant Geysers are suitable for
  • Lower capacity requirements
  • Single users
  • If the water doesn’t need to be heated to high temperatures
  • Low water pressure
  • Coastal areas with not very low temperatures Kitchens and washing rooms, Washbasins
Storage Geyser
Instant Geyser

Storage tank size depends on how much water is required for you or your family:

15 Liters
1 person bucket bath
25 Liters
1 person Shower bath
35 Liters
1 Tub or extended shower
10 Liters
Washing Clothes
3 - 5 Liters
Instant use in Kitchen, wash basin or washing room
15 Liters
25 Liters
35 Liters
10 Liters
<5 Liters

Finally, what is the price range you are looking for?

Economy (Less than Rs. 6,000)
Mid Range (Rs. 6,000 to Rs. 10,000)
Premium (More than Rs 10,000)