Claim Process:Contact HDFC Bank Customer Service Desk, Mail ID, Bank Branch.


  1. Coverage of Loss on the card due to Internet based transactions

    It is hereby agreed and declared that notwithstanding anything stated to the contrary, in the printed exclusions of this Policy, this Insurance is extended to cover any loss or damage arising out of Internet based transactions, using the authorized CVV (Card Verification Value Code) issued to the Cardholder by the Bank named in the Schedule

    Special exclusions Applicable to this extension

    The Company will not make any payment for any claim directly or indirectly arising from, or occasioned by, or due to:

    1. Loss incurred by the cardholder because of misuse of credit card at any site not having authorized Verisign Security status or any other equivalent security status at any point in time for the entire period of the insurance.
    2. Any transactions not confirmed by host website.
    3. Any errors made by the host Website
  2. Coverage of Loss on the cards due to Unauthorized usage / Skimming / Counterfeit / Duplication/Phishing / Compromised Cards

    It is hereby agreed and declared that notwithstanding anything stated to the contrary, in the printed exclusions of this Policy, this Insurance is extended to cover the following

    1. Any Fraudulent Use of a Bank Card(s) where property, labor or services are sold and delivered by a merchant to an individual purporting to be the cardholder using telephone, fax machines, postal services or a computer based system or network
    2. Losses arising out of duplicate or counterfeit cards as issued by the Bank named in the Schedule created without the Card holder’s Knowledge,
    3. Any fraudulent loss or damage arising due to Information obtained by Unauthorized Access to sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and any card details by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication which is not owned, operated or contracted by the Insured or the Insured’s Bank Card processor.

    As a condition of this Insuring Agreement, the Insured must cancel the Card as soon as practicable, but in any event not more than 7 days, after receipt of notification of the unauthorized access or theft.

    Special Conditions for Policy shared by Insurance Partner:
    1. The policy would respond only if the date of loss is within the policy period.
    2. Card Liability
      1. For lost in transit cards, the cover will be 30 days from the date of dispatch. Policy
      2. Losses arising as the result of break-down, malfunctioning, hacking, cyber attack or other similar systemic issues on or of the systems and processes of the bank shall not be covered under the Policy
      3. For skimming / phishing / counterfeit card / internet banking extensions - reporting to Bank within 60 days from the statement/billing cycle date. However, this above reporting period will not be applicable where we can establish with documentary evidence that the information of misuse was known to the insured cardholder and he has not taken appropriate steps to prudently block or report the card mis-usage within 24 hours of such knowledge. This intimation will apply for the cardholder only and not the Policyholder (Bank).
      4. Unauthorized transaction on international website beyond chargeback threshold: Basis referrals raised in the HDFC Bank’s CRM, chargeback is raised for the transactions upto threshold limit. Checks will be carried out before raising chargeback like card hotlisting / Merchant Reversals / Whether the disputed transaction is within time frame & genuine etc. The Bank will provide two documents as evidence & documentation: (1) CRM screenshot where the disputed transaction details will be updated and also CRM complaint raised date (which is customer complaint date) is captured (2) Screenshot of credit posted to customer account for beyond threshold cases. This will help in cutting down administration time as the Bank will first lodge the claim with the platform and only claim the excess remaining after the chargeback has been received
      5. Pre-delivery frauds will be covered up to a maximum of 30 days from the date of dispatch.
    3. Policyholder to provide Intimation of Claim within 60 days from date of loss / blocking by the insured.
    4. Claim Submission to HDFC ERGO Corporate office to be within a period of 130 days from date of blocking.
    5. Fraudulent transactions done by person known to the cardholder are specifically excluded.
    6. Person known to the cardholder means an Insured Person’s Spouse; children; children-in law; siblings; siblings-in-law; parents; parents-in-law; grandparents; grandchildren; legal guardian, ward; step or adopted children; step-parents; aunts, uncles; nieces, and nephews, maids, servants, person who have access to card and pin.