Terms & Conditions
  • The Insurance coverage will only be applicable for the Bus travel booked through Paytm.
  • The company will reimburse non-refundable prepaid payments, for trips that are cancelled through Paytm no less than 6 hours before the departure of bus. Sample case below.
    1. Ticket Price: Rs. 500; Booking Time: 16th Feb 2017 10:00am; Departure Time: 20th Feb 2017 6:00pm
    2. Ticket Cancellation before 12 noon on 20th Feb 2017: User Refund = Rs. 500
    3. Ticket Cancellation after 12 noon on 20th Feb 2017: User Refund = As per bus operator's cancellation policy
  • The company will not be liable to reimburse any other cost incurred by the insured due to this cancellation apart from the prepaid, forfeited portion of the booking amount on Paytm. Charges paid for this insurance would also be non-refundable.
  • The claim amount shall be directly credited to the insured's Paytm Wallet.