About Loyalty Points

Paytm Cash
About Paytm Cash
  • Now get rewarded Paytm Cash for your transactions on Paytm
  • Paytm Cash is the new avatar of Paytm Cashback
  • Each Paytm Cash is worth Re 1
  • Paytm Cash will work seamlessly on Paytm and at merchant outlets accepting Paytm
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can I buy Paytm Cash?
    Paytm Cash cannot be bought. They can only be offered by Paytm or Paytm Merchants.
  • Where can I use Paytm Cash?
    You can use Paytm Cash on the Paytm app and at all merchant outlets accepting Paytm.
  • Is there any expiry period for Paytm Cash?
    Paytm Cash do not have any expiry dates.
  • Can I convert Paytm Cash to my Paytm Wallet balance?
    Paytm Cash cannot be converted to Paytm Wallet balance.
  • Can I transfer Paytm Cash to my Paytm Wallet or my Bank Account?
    Paytm Cash cannot be transferred to your Paytm Wallet or Bank Account.
  • Where can I see my Paytm Cash transactions?
    You can check your Paytm Cash transactions in your Paytm Passbook.