Paytm Cashback Offers | Coupons, Promo Codes & Deals

Be it an online payment, recharge or buying tickets for movies, train, flight etc., Paytm has got your back covered with many amazing offers and deals. Paytm is committed to providing our users with the discount, deals and offers that not make their online payment’s experience amazing but also help them with saving money. You can get many coupons that help you get a cashback for your future payments and transactions for your future transactions, only at Paytm. You can also get up to get cashback for adding money to the wallet with Paytm Add Money Vouchers.

Deals and Cashback Offers for All Your Favourite Brands

Isn’t it amazing that you can find all your favourite brands at one single place and make your payments and purchases on discounted rates with Paytm promo codes? Find Big Bazaar, Uber Eats, Brand Factory, KFC offers and discount coupons and a lot more all with a few taps. Just find the appropriate coupons and apply before you make payment. The cashback money gets added to your wallet which can be used for future transactions and payments.

Exclusive Movie Ticket Offers and Coupon Code for All Your Favourite Movies at Paytm

Watch your favourite movies with the star-studded cast and get amazing cashback offers for your movie ticket booking. So not only that you don’t have to stand in the queues anymore to book the movie tickets but you are also saving money for the same with Paytm promo code.

Find Paytm Promo Codes for Bill Payment, Recharge & Other Offers

Recharge and bill payment are a couple of the most important utilities of our lives. Whether you are making a recharge for your DTH or your prepaid mobile phone or even paying the bills for postpaid bills, electricity bills, and other utility bills. Get the loyalty cashback for all your recharges and bill payment.

Q. How to get Paytm promo code?

Ans: Paytm provides a lot of loyalty and occasional promo codes to provide our users with the best offers at Paytm. Just tap on the ‘My Offers’ section and find out all the available Paytm promo codes for you.

Q. How to check my offers at Paytm?

Ans: To check the available coupon code at Paytm, follow these simple steps-
1. Go to the Paytm mobile app
2. Click on ‘Cashback’ on the top right corner
3. Tap on ‘My Offers’ to find out all the offers available for you at Paytm.
4. Tap on ‘My Vouchers’ to find all the active vouchers and their expiry date

Q. How to activate cashback offer in Paytm?

Ans: Follow these simple steps to activate cashback offers on Paytm-
1. Go to the Paytm mobile app
2. Tap on ‘Cashback’ on the top right corner
3. Tap on ‘New Offer’
4. Select the type of offer you want to activate, i.e., Recharge and Bill Payment offers, Movie Offers, UPI offers etc.
5. Check the list of all the available offers and tap on ‘Activate Offer’ on the required offer
6. Your offer will be activated as soon as you tap on ‘Activate Offer’

Q. How Paytm cashback offers work?

Ans: Apart from the occasional cashback offers, Paytm provides every user with a lot of loyalty promo codes. The more payment you make on Paytm, the more cashback offers you will receive. Tap on the ‘Cashback’ button on the top right corner of the app screen and check all the available Paytm offers today. Tap on any of the offers to copy the promo code and use it while making to avail cashback for your transactions.

Q. How to use promo code in Paytm?

Ans: Follow these simple steps to use the promo codes on Paytm-
1. Go to the ‘Cashback’ section on Paytm app
2. Tap on ‘My Vouchers’ to check all the available offers
3. Tap on the offer for which you want to apply the promo code and copy the promo code
4. Apply this promo code before making the promo code
5. You will receive cashback in your wallet after you make the payment