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Bollywood Hungama News Network
Bollywood Hungama News NetworkDec 03, 2021
Bollywood Hungama

TADAP is the story of an obsessed lover. Ishana (Ahan Shetty) lives in Mussoorie with his adopted father who is addressed by everyone as Daddy (Saurabh Shukla). Daddy is a close aide of Damodar Nautiyal (Kumud Mishra), a politician who is fighting the state elections. Ishana runs a theatre and helps Daddy and Damodar in political activities. On the day of vote counting, Damodar's daughter Ramisa (Tara Sutaria) returns from the United Kingdom where she is studying. Damodar wins the elections and when Ishana is celebrating the former’s victory, Ramisa spots him. She gets attracted to him. Soon, she befriends him and even confesses that she is attracted to him. Ishana falls crazily in love with her. One day, she tells him that Damodar is compelling him to get married. She assures Ishana that she will convince her father to change his mind and that they should not meet for a few days. She kisses and leaves him and at that exact moment, Damodar sees them. He and Ramisa's grandmother decide to separate the lovers and teach Ishana a lesson. What happens next forms the rest of the film. TADAP is the official remake of the Telugu film RX 100 [2018]. Ajay Bhupathi's story is ordinary in the first half but the twist in the second half is unpredictable. Rajat Arora's screenplay is engaging. RX 100 was a lengthy film but Rajat has shortened the narrative at several places for a better impact. He also added some interesting scenes; the scene where Ishaana and Ramisa exchange books is one case in point. On the flipside, the first half doesn’t have anything new and might test the patience of the viewers. Also, the obsession of Ishana is not convincing or even logical. Rajat Arora's dialogues are impressive. He is known for penning memorable one-liners and has peppered the film with some sharp dialogues. Milan Luthria's direction is simple and entertaining. He has treated the film in such a manner that viewers of all strata of society and across all centres will be able to relate to it. While the basic narrative is the same as RX 100, the Telugu film was far more violent. Milan has tried his best to down the bloodshed and yet ensure that the desired impact is made. A few scenes are very well helmed like the scene where Ramisa hugs Ishana or Ishana’s grand entry. The 'Tumse Bhi Zyada' song also arrests attention and the parallels made between two drastically different situations is seen to be believed. The twist comes as a bolt from the blue but once the suspense is unveiled, the film falls a bit yet again. The finale is thrilling but might not be acceptable to all sections of viewers. And the biggest problem is that the film feels outdated. Viewers will find it difficult to accept that a guy can get so obsessed with a girl in this day and age. TADAP has a thrilling beginning. The entry of Ishaan followed by the opening fight sets the mood. Viewers will be curious to know why Ishana is so angry and why this hatred for Damodar. A few scenes of flashback portions stand out but overall, the first half is weak as it is clichéd. The second half starts off well but after a point, runs out of steam. The way Ishana gets obsessed with Ramisa and tries to snatch her away puts off viewers. The twist in the tale thankfully saves the day. The final fight and the finale will leave viewers divided. Ahan Shetty makes a confident debut. He is a bit stiff in certain scenes but at places, he shines very well. This is more so in the second half. The climax gives him a ripe opportunity to show his acting prowess and he succeeds largely. Tara Sutaria is a revelation. She gives a fine performance, very different from her acts in her previous two films. Saurabh Shukla is adorable while Kumud Mishra is dependable. Sumit Gulati (LOL) is poor. Saurav Chakrabarti (Guthli) has a crucial part and does very well. Rajesh Khera (Inspector Negi) and the actors playing Kashinath and Ramisa’s grandmother do not get much scope. Pritam Chakraborty's music is of the chartbuster variety. 'Tumse Bhi Zyada' is already a rage and comes at a significant juncture in the film. Same goes for 'Tere Siva Jag Mein'. 'Hoye Ishq Na'. 'Tu Mera Hogaya Hai', however, is forgettable. John Stewart Eduri's background score gives the film a commercial feel. Ragul Herian Dharuman's cinematography is appropriate. The locales of Mussoorie, Rishikesh and the single screen theatre are well shot. Ajay Vipin's production design is apt. Stefan Richter, Vikram Dahiya’s action is mildly violent, and that will give the film a far more appeal. Rohit Chaturvedi's costumes are appealing. The ones worn by Saurabh Shukla stand out. Rajesh G Pandey's editing is decent. On the whole, TADAP rests on some well executed scenes, shocking twist and a fine debut by Ahan Shetty. However, the clichéd and outdated storyline is a major downside of the film. At the box office, it will turn out to be an Average fare.Read full review

Rachana Dubey
Rachana DubeyDec 03, 2021
Times of India

Launching a newcomer is quite an arduous task for any filmmaker. While trying to present them in the finest possible way, it’s also crucial that the actor in question is provided enough scope to display his or her wares. The first few seconds into Milan Luthria’s Tadap, and one knows the purpose of the film: to highlight debutant Ahan Shetty’s prowess as an angry action hero who is fuelled by his passion for his ladylove, played by Tara Sutaria. The film is the remake of the 2018 Telugu film, RX 100, which was based on a real incident. Up to the interval point, Tadap’s narrative makes itself look like a typical love story of a poor boy’s romance with a rich girl, who appears to have been forcefully married off to another mister of her father’s choice. Post intermission, the narrative suddenly has a lot to unpack and it rushes to reveal all that led to lovers’ separation. Ishana's character graph in the film stays steady throughout -- he's intense, fierce, and deeply passionate. And that is what works for Ahan in his debut film. His effort to internalise an intense character like Ishana in his very first film is palpable. While his dialogue delivery has scope for fine-tuning, Ahan has an impressive screen presence and shows a spark in his debut outing. However, in their bid to present him as a true-blue action-romance hero, the film’s writer Rajat Aroraa (screenplay and dialogues) and director Milan Luthria have focussed way too much on padding it with hefty dialogues, which are almost poetic and stuck in some sort of a time warp, and plot points that don’t service the story effectively. As Ahan's adoptive father, who the whole of Mussoorie refers to as Daddy, Saurabh Shukla pulls off his act with ample warmth and conviction. He lends gravitas to this narrative. Tara Sutaria as Ishana's love interest Ramisa looks gorgeous in every frame - irrespective of whether she's being playful, romantic, or breaking down. She could have shined more had the screenplay made some more provision for it, apart from a plot twist in the second half. The film falters at the story level, which makes it seem stretched for its runtime. While Tadap feels sluggish pre-interval, it literally wears running shoes in the second half, unravelling dramatic twists and turns, coupled with some heavy action pieces. As a viewer, one only ends up wishing for some parts of this half to have been eased into the first half to create a more gripping watch. The songs by Pritam are hummable. The cinematography romances Mussoorie as a city - making it look dreamy and beautiful and lending a pretty backdrop to the love story. It's not troublesome that Tadap is an unapologetic commercial potboiler. But one can't ignore that it's filled with tropes and with sequences that make it look jaded for the time in which it's set. Also, the passion in this love story often fails to stir your emotions, as the writing is unable to hold it together. To sum it up, while Tadap unabashedly plays to the gallery with action, music, and well-shot visuals, it would have helped a great deal if its screenplay had created some more room for the actors to drive home a more memorable love story.Read full review

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