• Can I book a seat for an infant?

      As a child under 2 years of age does not legally require a seat to fly, it’s really up to you to decide whether the infant should have a seat or no. Which is the reason why the cost of a ticket for an infant is different from the cost of a ticket for a child who is more than 2 years old (children over the age of 2, however, must have their own seat). To book a seat for an infant, please select child at the time of search and the cost will be provided.
    • What are the various classes for which ticket can be booked?

      Economy and business class.
    • What is the maximum number of seats that I can book?

      A maximum of 9 seats can be booked at one time. If you need to book for more than 9 travelers you will have to re–complete the booking process for the additional travelers.
    • How much time does it take to confirm my booking?

      You will receive an email from us within a few minutes, to the email ID you have provided during the time of booking.
    • Is it possible to book tickets for another person through my account?

      Yes, just enter the details of the traveller you want to book for when you’re asked to enter traveller–details at the time of booking.
    • What are international flight ticket booking guidelines?

      • Name has to be same as in your passport.
      • Please check visa requirements needed for travel itinerary. Paytm is not liable to issues related to visa and incorrect passport info.
      • Paytm shall not be responsible for ”Ok to Board” formalities that the customer has to obtain for the flights booked by the customer on Paytm.
  • Post booking
    • How do I know my reservation was booked?

      We’ll send you an email (to the email ID you have provided at the time of booking) to confirm your flight booking. Alternatively you could also download ticket by going to Profile->Your Orders and looking up the order on Paytm apps/website.
    • Do I need to confirm my flight reservation before I fly?

      No, confirmation of flight reservations is no longer required. Your ticket is a sufficient confirmation of your booking. However you are advised to check-in on the airline website or at the airline check-in counter at the airport(s).
    • How do I get my flight ticket details?

      We’ll send your e–ticket details to the email ID you have provided at the time of booking. Also you could download ticket by going to Profile->Your Orders and looking up the order on Paytm apps/website.
    • How do I get a boarding pass for a ticket?

      You need to show your ticket confirmation email at the check–in counter at the airport or do web check-in on the airline website. The airline representative will issue your boarding pass at that time or you could take a print-out of boarding pass if you are doing web check-in.
    • Do I have to show my ticket confirmation email at the airline check–in counter?

      Yes, you should carry the ticket confirmation e–mail with you. Some airports do not allow entry past security without a printout of your ticket, so be sure to carry one with you.
    • Do I have to show ID proof at the time of check–in?

      It is mandatory to carry the photo ID such as PAN card/drivers license/passport for domestic travel and Passport in the case of international travel.
    • How much baggage can I carry?

      Cabin and checked-in baggage limit varies from airline to airline. Some airlines have baggage weight restrictions and others have a specific number of pieces permitted. Please note that restrictions on baggage apply to both checked–in bags as well as cabin baggage. Often, you’ll be asked to pay for any checked–in luggage that exceeds the weight permitted. Cabin luggage that exceeds the weight limit is not permitted and will have to be checked in. Since some fares would also be hand-baggage only fares, you are advised to check with the airline on the exact baggage allowance.

      Keep these pointers in mind:
      • Remember to find out checked–in and hand baggage allowances.
      • Don’t pack valuables in your checked–in baggage.
      • Carry medication, money and important documents in your hand baggage.
      • Most airport security regulations permit limited quantities of liquids, gels or pastes that must be carried in containers not exceeding 100ml. This includes medicines, shampoo, creams, hair gel, hair spray, suntan lotions, toothpaste, liquid or aerosol deodorants, perfumes, cosmetics, water and other drinks, soups and syrups etc.
      • The containers must be carried in a separate clear plastic, zip–top or re–sealable bag.
      • Some countries do not permit any liquids in your hand luggage.

      To find out the baggage allowance of the airline you’re flying or more information about baggage, you are advised to visit the airline website.

    • I misspelled my name while booking a ticket. How do I get it changed?

      We do not allow amendments like name or date change after a ticket has been successfully booked.
    • How do I print my ticket?

      • Go to Profile->Your orders on the Paytm apps/website.
      • Find the flight booking order in the the order history.
      • Click on the Download Ticket/Invoice option to download the flight booking confirmation voucher.
      • Take a print out of this voucher.
    • Meals provided in the flight or not? Does it have additional charges?

       Some airlines provide free meals whereas some airlines charge for meal. You need to contact the airline for this information.
    • How do I confirm my seat assignments?

      Currently we don’t do pre–seating. Some airlines will confirm your seat assignments – their rules for doing so vary – so call your airline directly to check whether you get to choose your seat. Alternatively you could choose seats of your choice (subject to the airline and fare policy) at the time of online check-in or check-in at the airline counter in the airport.
    • Can I check to see that the payment for my ticket has been successful?

      You can view the status of your payment and booking on My Orders page of the Profile section. In some cases, payment may be successful whereas the booking might have failed. You are advised to check both payment and booking status.
    • Can I use more than one card for my payment if I have a credit limit on my card?

      No. For one transaction only one card can be used for online booking.
    • Can I book my ticket online and pay later?

      Currently we do not offer this service online. The full payment has to be made at the time of booking.
    • Can I make an online booking for a child traveling alone?

      No, you cannot make a booking for a child travelling alone. There has to be at least 1 adult in the booking.
    • What if there is no gap in first name and middle name while booking?

      If there is no gap in the first name and middle name, it is fine.
    • How do I cancel a flight reservation

      • Go to ‘Your Orders’ in your account.
      • Find the flight booking order to view the order history.
      • Click on the ‘Cancel’ button on the item corresponding to the traveller/sector you wish to cancel.
      • Your will be asked whether to proceed or not.
      • Once you click on Yes, the cancellation request will be initiated and you will receive an email information.
      • Post cancellation with the airline and partner, you will receive an email notification confirming the cancellation and the cancellation charges and refund would be processed to your wallet/source (if any).
    • What are the cancellation charges

      The cancellation charges will vary and depend on the airline and the time of cancellation. There will be an airline cancellation charges and partner charges. You are advised to check with the airline and Paytm for more information. Additionally, the Paytm convenience fee is non-refundable during customer initiated cancellations.
    • If I need to cancel my flight, what’s the latest I can do this by?

      You can cancel your flight no later than 4 hours before the time of departure. If you need to cancel your reservation within 4 hours of the departure you need to contact the airline directly for cancellation and only then contact Paytm for cancelling your reservation in the Paytm system. Once we confirm with the airline that your booking has been cancellation, we will cancel on Paytm and process your refund (if any).
    • How can I reschedule my flight ticket booking?

      We accept date modifications before 72 Hrs of flights departure. You can raise a modification request by following below process. Modifications are not allowed for tickets sold by Cleartrip.

      • Click on the ‘Contact us’ button on the previous screen
      • Select the issue category ‘Cancellation & changes’
      • Select your issue ‘Want to modify booking’
      • Our team will contact you and make necessary modification
      • New ticket will be shared with you post modification
    • Can I change traveller details after booking is done?

      Airlines doesn’t support traveller name amendments. You would need to cancel your ticket and book a new ticket with the correct guest(s) name. Cancellation charges, if any, will be applicable accordingly.
    • Unable to apply promo code

      Please check the Terms & Conditions of Promo Code. The code could either be expired or not valid on this transaction

      If you are not satisfied, please share the screen shot of the error message to Customer Care, and we will get this sorted for you.
    • Cashback not received

      After any successful transaction, the cash back takes 24 hrs to be credited to your Paytm Wallet. If it’s been more than that, you can contact Customer Care
    • Promo code expired

      Please check the validity of the applied Promo Code. If the Promo Code is valid but you still receive the expiry message, kindly share the screen shot of the error message to Customer Care.
    • Upgrade Wallet

      To do more transactions, we request you to upgrade your Wallet limit. You can upgrade the wallet by following steps:
      • Log on to your Paytm account and go to https://paytm.com/blog/KYC.
      • Click on point number 1 (Click Here Option) on that page and follow the link

      Once you click on submit button, Your request is raised and our agent will call you back to confirm the appointment to collect the documents.
    • Amount deducted but ticket failed

      Oops. If the ticket fails and amount is deducted, don’t worry. Paytm refunds the entire amount of failed ticket back to your Paytm Wallet within 48 hrs. If you’ve paid via Card/Netbanking, it can take upto 10 days to reflect this amount in your account.
    • Refund not received

      All bank refunds are credited back to your bank account within 3-10 working days. If the amount is not credited in your account within this time frame then we request you to please check with your bank.

      If bank is unable to share your refund status then please contact Customer Care along with your latest bank statement from the date of transaction.
    • Want Refund to bank/Source

      You can initiate refunds to the bank from the Order Section. Login to the Paytm account, select your order and click on refund to bank. Please note that this feature is only available if you have not used paytm wallet to pay for the respective flight ticket /transaction.
    • Unable to pay through Specific bank

      It is possible that you have exceeded the transaction limit on your account. Please write to Customer Care for details.
    • Unable to make transaction through Paytm cash

      • Please check your wallet transaction limit as you might have crossed the monthly limit of INR 10000.
      • If not, then we request you to try again after some time.
      • If you are accessing it on Windows App then please upgrade it.
      • If you’ve already followed above steps and the issue still persists, then please write to Customer Care
    • What are the benefits of the policy?

      Some of the events covered under the travel insurance policy are:
      • Loss of Baggage
      • Flight Delays
      • Trip Cancellations
      • Accidental Death and Dismemberment
      • Emergency Accidental Medical Reimbursement
      • Emergency Medical Evacuation and Repatriation of Remains
      • Trip Interruptions
      • Home Protection while you are away against burglary

      The coverage period of the policy depends on the booking type:
      • For one-way tickets, policy cover is for 30 days
      • For return flight tickets, policy cover is from date of onward journey to date or return journey or for 30 days from date of onward journey, whichever is lower.

      Further details of the benefits and coverage amounts can be accessed from the following link:https://paytm.com/offer/travel-insurance/
    • What is the eligibility criteria for purchasing Travel Insurance?

      Travel Insurance is being offered to customers who are booking their flight tickets on Paytm. Infants (1 – 2 years) are not eligible for this policy.
    • How do I buy travel insurance?

      An option to select the travel insurance is provided when you are booking your flight tickets on Paytm. The option is available on ‘Review Itenary’ page.
    • What happens to my policy in case I cancel my flight booking?

      “If you cancel a one-way flight, your policy will be cancelled as well and the premium amount will be refunded.

      For return flights, if you cancel one leg of your journey, then the insurance policy will be active for the remaining leg of the journey. If both tickets are cancelled, policy will be cancelled and premium amount will be refunded.”
    • Can the policy be transferred to another passenger?

      No, the travel insurance is issued in the name of the traveller and can not be transferred.
    • For return flights, do I need to buy two separate policies?

      No. The same policy is valid for both the flights.
    • Can I purchase a policy for tickets I have already booked?

      No. You can only buy the policy at the time of purchasing the flight ticket.
    • How do I file a claim?

      You will need to reach out to the insurance company on the contact details provided on the insurance certificate.
    • What happens to my policy in case I cancel my flight booking?

      In case of flight ticket modifications of entire round trip/one-way ticket, insurance policy would be cancelled and premium amount will be refunded.In case only return leg of a journey for roundtrip is modified and you have availed the onward journey, insurance for onward sector would be active and insurance can not be cancelled.
    • What is FREE Cancellation?

      FREE Cancellation allows the customers to cancel the flight with zero cancellation charges. If you choose this option while booking, you will bear zero cancellation charge in case of cancellations made upto 24 hours of the scheduled departure time.
    • Will I get a full refund if I cancel only some tickets in my booking?

      If the ticket is cancelled before the free cancellation window is over, you will bear zero cancellation charge for the tickets that have been cancelled.
    • What are the conditions for zero cancellation charges if I choose FREE Cancellation with my booking?

      “If you opt for FREE Cancellation, you can cancel the ticket with zero cancellation charges upto 24 hours of the scheduled departure of the flight. You will not be charged any cancellation fee, which is normally charged by airlines.”
    • Does FREE cancellation apply to flight modifications?

      As of now, the FREE Cancellation does not apply to flight modifications, you can however cancel the ticket and avail the benefits of FREE Cancellation and book again.
    • I missed my flight, will I get a full refund?

      FREE Cancellation only applies to ticket cancellations initiated by customer before 24 hours of scheduled flight departure. You will be eligible for standard refunds as per the airline policy post the free cancellation window.
    • My flight got cancelled , will I get full refund?

      In case of flight cancellations, you will get full refund of the ticket price including refund for the amount paid for FREE Cancellation.
    • I cancelled my ticket with the airlines directly, will I get a full refund?

      No, you will NOT be eligible for a full refund(zero cancellation charges) if you cancel directly with the airline even if you are cancelling within the FREE Cancellation window. You will be eligible for a full refund(zero cancellation charges) only if you cancel via Paytm website or the app.
    • I cancelled my ticket but did not get 100% refund.

      Upon cancellation of the ticket, the refund will be made for the ticket amount only. If any promo codes are applied in the ticket booking. The amount which will be refunded will be the ticket price(airfare) at the time of booking minus the promo applied. The convinience fee and the amount paid for FREE Cancellation will not be refunded.
    • Why isnt FREE Cancellation applicable for International bookings?

      Currently, the feature is available for domestic bookings only but we plan to include this feature for International shortly.
    • Is the amount paid for FREE Cancellation and Convinience Fee also refunded when I cancel the flight ticket within the free cancellation window?

      No. The amount paid for FREE Cancellation and Convinience Fee is not refunded even if you cancel within the free cancellation window. You, however do not have to bear any cancellation charges from the airline during the free window.

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