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Hey buddies,

We love our mission: to bring you all the most awesome service ever that will win your hearts. Ever. In the pursuit of this goal, we worry about the minute-est details; work late nights and weekends and keep our ears open for all that you have to say to us.

And I now tell you why we keep doing this over and over again, tirelessly.

We do it because nothing else energizes us more than the honest expression of delight of a happy customer. It is fuel for our mind and soul and is the reason we step up our targets higher than before.

I wanted to share a very warm email we received this morning. And you will know exactly what I’ve been talking about.

We love you Jai, for the opportunity you give us.


On behalf of the awesome folks at Paytm


Dear sir,

Paytm, one of the best recharging site i ever used. I came to know
about it from one of my friend. Before this, i faced so many problems
while recharging from other sites, for example recharge not done but
amount credited. There may be same problems in Paytm due to technical
issues but customer support is best among all the websites i used, not
the recharging ones but online shopping or net banking too. They
provide faster solutions not on their site but on facebook or paytm
blog too.

In addition to this, they are gifting free coupons that to without
additional charges like delivery or handling. Many other sites offer
coupons but some charge is been levied by them. Secondly,
Paytm let us chose coupons of any amount regardless of recharge value,
its like double benefit. Whether one recharge for 10 or 500, she can
get all this coupons.

one more benefit is one can recharge without internet connection using
SMS or Tall Free numbers. So no need to find internet and one can
recharge with ZERO balance using tall Free number. How Awesome!!
Finally, they also arrange fantabulous contests for which i salute
‘Team Paytm’.. Free cash program during ipl and Tank-Full Petrol were
rocking ideas, guys!!

Keep Rocking and Recharging!!

Jai Koradiya

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  1. Dear Sir,

    PayTM is the best recharge site I have ever used. Earlier I used to recharge, sometimes the amount was debited bt recharge was failed & the amount was credit in 7-10 working days. But PayTM ensures that the money is refunded as cash (with bank transfer option).

    The best feature is that whatever is the problem, post it on their Facebook page & reply comes within 5 mins (practically experienced) which WILL SATISFY THE CUSTOMER and u won’t have to mail as other sites do.

    Plus, the recharge coupons they give is independent of the amount of recharge (10-1000) and without any handling/delivery charges.

    Also, PayTM knows that access to internet is always not possible. Keeping in mind they started recharge on SMS/Toll free no.s whenever u’re running out of balance.

    The best feature I like is the IPL OFFER (10/- cashback on timer) & sir, I would like to tell you that when I told this concept among my friends (in clg hostel), it was an INSTANT HIT ( we earned upto Rs 300/- cashback with mine individually 120/-).

    Further, I would like to add that I have and always will use my FAVOURITE RECHARGE SITE.
    Thanks a lot,
    LUV U

    After all as PayTM tag line says,
    “Your money is yours unless you got what you asked for.”

  2. There’s no doubt that PayTm is the best website to recharge online. My first online recharge was done at Paytm only. I remember the day when I visited about 10 sites and noone worked for me. Some charged additional amounts for fees and other wanted me to wait 48 hours to get the recharge. Sadly, PayTm used to be way down in the Google Search rankings which made me search for an ideal service for almost a whole day.

    Now, when I’ve found Paytm, about 95% of my recharges are here (except my Docomo mobile & Photon+ bill).

    Following are some of the Pro’s of PayTm that I love:
    1. Super easy and fast Interface. No clutter of useless items.
    2. Super quick recharge and almost all operators are supported.
    3. No need to worry for my money. If a recharge fails rarely, my money automatically comes to me as PayTm cash.
    4. Accepts almost all Nationalized banks. My Vijaya Bank was not supported by most of the other websites.
    5. Free Coupons! Just an added advantage.
    6. And finally all the amazing offers/contests (would love to have more of them) and the ability to recharge from Mobile.

    Although its fully awesome. Still, here’s some of my wishes:
    1. Improved Java App – I wish if the java app supported recharging using Paytm cash. The last time I used it, it was just the Cards.
    2. Bonuses!! 😀 . I wished if the top recharges or week or months are given some bonuses. Wouldn’t it be awesome?? More recharges, more fun!!

  3. Dear Sir,

    I am highly obliged to use your mobile recharging site, Whether it is morning, afternoon, evening or night, PayTM is available for 24/7 with their esteemed service. It really has a good customer support via E-Mail, Facebook, etc. Many other sites takes at least one to two days to reply a query, or refund the amount as the case may be. But I personally feel Facebook customer support is the best as it gives solution to the queries approximately within an hour, and they provide solution to the mails within maximum of an hour or 2. There may be a delay in replying and solving the query in certain exceptional cases. But truly speaking they are trying their best to improve their customer support and make their customer feel proud of using PayTM.

    PayTM is not at all aiming just to make profits in the market. It is my personal experience that even if they make mistake while recharging between talktime topup and special recharge, they immediately refund the recharge amount although the transaction was successful, this itself shows that their motive is just to satisfy their customer needs. PayTM knows very well in order to survive in the market they have to built trust among the people in the society and they are trying their level best to do the same.

    PayTM also provide many great offers like Timesdeal offer, Cricket Cash Back, Tank-full Petrol, and even provide many coupons valuing Rs.10,000 free of cost while recharging.
    PayTM like to hear from customer their suggestions, views & Ideas. This is the reason they provide free recharging coupons even to PayTM Blog writers.

    I really feel proud using PayTM. Keep up the good work. Hope your business grow higher and higher with a never ending success.

    Nikhil Shah.

  4. Hi,

    Paytm…. you just rocks.. Nothing more to say…

    Please add an option to see the total amount of recharge done by customer in “profile page”, i am happy to see it.. 😀

  5. Hi,
    I am very happy to using paytm online recharge. It is too easy & simple. As I new in this facilities so I made recharge only to two times. And as it its too easy I will love recharge further.
    But I have only one confusion that is how do I redeem or get the coupons offered by paytm during recharge ? After selecting the amount & coupons the recharge get successful but after that I’m clue less how to get it. Please help me on this.


  6. See whenever u recharge, the selected coupun codes’ are being delivered to your registered email id n sumtyms mob also.

    As far as your 2nd ques is concerned, u can click “Order Status” under “Your Account” option (top right side).

    Also there’s a REFERRAL PROGRAM dats going on. Under this,
    When your friends sign up they need to get verified and do at least one transaction in order for both of you to receive Rs. 10 Paytm Cash.

    So bring frnds, make dem recharge n njoy both of u 🙂


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