The shop around the corner

There is this shop around the corner that you probably go past twice a day. It perhaps is the place you go for milk, cigarettes or bread. It sure gives you the comfort of the familiar face of the owner. That shop is probably on your way to the evening walk and is a good place to hangout with Sharmaji and find out why the neighbourhood park hasn’t been cleaned lately.

At Paytm, we’re not trying to compete with that shop, the local kirana store, the chemist, the paan-waala or the mobile repair-wala.

When we started Paytm back in May last year, we wanted to bring more convenience to the lives of you, the upwardly mobile, mobile user (yes, that was intentional sic). We believe that there is an advantage in using your digital wallet (i.e. your netbanking facility, credit, debit or ATM card) over your old-school wallet since it brings an unmatched assurance and a faster recharge.

There are still kinks for us to deal with since digital payment methods can be quite a handful for the first-time user. Keying in card numbers, expiry dates 3D secure passwords and sometimes your one-time passwords is not really as convenient’ as one would hope. On the other hand, this is something we get used to just like we did with ATM machines and cheque books back in the day, didn’t we?

There are some things we are good at though. A handful of us working 24×7 to make sure our website continues to keep our promise. An email to is all you need to send. At the shop, try asking for a resolution on a failed (or delayed) recharge with that shop in the evening when you are on your way home after a long day. Try doing a recharge by scratching the card on your way to college hanging on to the pillar inside the metro. Try anything after midnight, for that matter. Get the drift?

The neighbourhood shop is analog, we’re digital.


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  1. The neighbourhood shop is analog, we’re digital….. That conclusion does not quite substantiate your opening argument ‘at Paytm, we’re not trying to compete with that shop’. You guys are good at what you do and professional in what you offer. And that very fact will ensure that you are the biggest threat to neighbourhood mobile shops. You can say, ‘well, that’s life’ and move on, or you can try and use your knowledge and technology and what I presume must be a creative, dedicated team to see how to create a win-win situation. Can you work on a product where the neighbourhood shop is linked to you and can recharge through paytm. Maybe they can have a aakash (ubislate 7+) tablet with your app built in. This is just one lay-person’s idea. There must be other better ways to do it too. I love what has done to the travels industry. The fact that you wrote a blog on the neighbourhood store shows that you have this on your minds. You get five extra points (and cookies!) for it. Time to do something about it, NOW!

  2. I never expected this from Paytm…they dont have the capability to recharge accounts I guess…. I pay them for a BSNL recharge, I am still counting hours for it to “actually” get successful…according to them its successful, their system is surely flawed here, but I havent received any balance yet.


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