The Power of First Experiences

There’s always something extraordinary about first experiences the first spring flowers blooming, the delight in a child’s eyes when s/he has accomplished something for the first time, first love, or as simple a thing as the first concert experience. Well, for me, my first encounter with Paytm has been rewarding to say the least. I think what struck me most is the simple design of the website. Come to think of it, how more convenient can this be and how tricky it used to be before I chanced upon this uncomplicated medium of instantly recharging one’s mobile phone.

But of course, going back to my story of why I have become an ardent fan of Paytm all of a sudden hmm, let me think!

Two years ago when I landed back in India with my husband and daughter-in-tow (after a robust expatriate stint of eight years), everything around us seemed new and clearly, my mantra was to make things simpler and more convenient. And, that included the cumbersome visits to the mobile vendor. So obviously I tried to delegate, rather ineffectively, my chores, some to my staff and one to my mother. I know, very harsh… My mother being a mother kept her monthly ritual of finding the local store first and then would wait patiently for the mobile recharge and many times somewhat unsuccessfully. This unfriendly ritual continued long enough until I had a happy accident of finding about Paytm, a unique and an easy way to recharge mobile phones quickly and at any time without having to go anywhere or having to wait in any queue. Long story short, what immeasurable convenience this has brought to my life and evidently my mother’s I have the power of being independent at my finger tips.

Furthermore, there are many interesting aspects of Paytm that I am keen to try like the innumerable discount coupons (from fun to food) that can be chosen while recharging. Also my friend buzzed me about a new feature called Paytm cash where she added money to her account to be used at a later date. I can’t wait to try it out considering how handy this can be especially in a situation of no Internet access. Above all though, their customercare service seems to work round the clock. I sent a tiny query ( and they responded promptly and well within a few hours.

Often, I have realised when I stop chasing the wrong things, I find time to do things that matter. And, writing about my first experience with Paytm is one of those. And, talking of time, may I thank you for taking the time to read this.

Sangeetha Iyer

Writer intro: Sangeetha is a recent convert to the Paytm experience. You are welcome to write about your experience too! Write to

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    • We already do, Shivang. Did you see the coupons we offer right on the second page ? There is more information at

  1. The first time i used paytm it was full of dilemma that whether i should recharge or not, its fake or genuine… Many thoughts came in my mind. But just to check if works i recharged my number with Rs.50, Response was so quick that i started becoming fan of this site. No extra charge for coupons like other few sites. Now i recharge my all family phones, dth and even friends using it. I loved the idea of paytm cash that helped in an even of failed recharge no more hassle and wait for refund and can recharge it again. As soon as Pay Tm Cash top up started i topped up with Rs.500 for my emergency recharge i can even recharge from my android and also using sms to paytm number. I found it much useful. waiting for the recharge for call it will add something more unique.
    Love you paytm you are always ahead of others and made me trust in u blindly. 🙂 Thankx….

  2. Be it the simplicity or the power of the website and its service, I had visited many online recharge websites but would never think of doing a recharge even for a small amount. Once I accidently find out PayTm and on the very first look I thought of doing a min. special recharge of 20 and the speed of service I received was awesummm……!!! I since then, haven’t gone to any retailer……. Keep it up PayTm………

  3. Well, I was using earlier to Paytm, but it didn’t allowed to recharge Tata Sky, and when I first recharged through Paytm, I liked the Debit Card Number remember feature, which allowed me not to enter the whole number everytime I recharge(which I did a lot as I have many friends who just don’t want to visit any shop for this thing but don’t have cards), since then, I’ve been using it, and the order status enables you to keep track of how much you recharged in a particular number. Though I would greatly appreciate if you guys can come up with something that allows us to calculate how much we’re spending monthly on a number, or can provide a pictorial representation of recharge history.

  4. I following love this site when i have recharged my mobile first time.My first order failed but Paytm team very money refund within 2 hours.Its’ really fast refund service in online mobile recharge service.I love paytm .You are rock

  5. Love your supercool article on Paytm. I love the recharge feature in your site and cash facility.Keep it up..

  6. I would like if you come up more features on flexibility of cash recharge, don’t like thecurrent options.But still love the new info. thanks.

  7. Hey Paytm people – want to tell you I really like your website, my family uses this place to recharge. Great job done.

  8. I like the free coupons, hope they are not silly ones that we can’t use. But I like the info.Thanks..


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