Call 1800-1800-1234 from your mobile to recharge without Internet connection !

You can’t charge your mobile from mobile, but you can surely recharge
your mobile using your mobile. Confused? Read on.

Just imagine you are somewhere outside and don’t have an access to
Internet connection and you need an immediate recharge on your
mobile. What are you going to do? Stay Calm! You can use your mobile
to recharge your mobile. Now Paytm brings Recharge on the Move,
through SMS and a Toll free number. You can absolutely get an instant
recharge while you are on the go.

With Paytm, you can recharge your mobile phones while you are on the
move yes, literally! All that needs to be done before is the following:

Make sure you have added money to your Paytm Cash (wallet).
Enable recharge through SMS / Toll free number on the profile page in My Account.

The uniqueness about recharge through SMS or Toll free number is this can be done on the go without going away from the phone. After the above steps, all you need to do is type Paytm <space> <amount> and send SMS to 988-000-1234. You are not an SMS person ? No issues! We have another option for you; dial our Toll free number 1800-1800-1234 from your registered mobile number and follow the instructions to recharge your phone.

One of the most amazing things about the Toll free number is that it is free yes, that means even if you have a zero balance in your mobile, you can call this number and get your mobile recharged without any hassle at all. Of course, you must remember to keep your Paytm Cash handy in your digital wallet at at all times.

Thanks to Recharge through SMS and Toll free number, you can recharge your mobile from anywhere at anytime that is convenient to you without having to be at home or at a specific place with an Internet connection. This gives you a sense of convenience and comfort never experienced before.

Finally, you don’t have to wait any longer to enjoy greater talktime or connecting with your near and dear ones. Now, you really can be recharged anywhere:-).

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  1. Would like to know if it is ALSO possible to recharge ANOTHER MOBILE from my own registered mobile through sms, and how.

  2. wow.. Thats great.. But does the toll free no give option to select special recharge or topup while recharging?

  3. Something unexpected…..
    Really it is going to popular through Toll free NO.
    Thumbs up to PAYTM……………..


  4. Dear Sir,
    Thanks for recharge with out internet connection option came.
    In this time i can recharge only my registered mobile only. from this process i couldnot recharge to other mobiles.
    for example i had registered mobile in my mobile that one is SIM1,
    how to recharge SIM2.SIM3……if this process came we will very grateful

    Thanking you Sir,
    Please reply this mail

    with regards

  5. It would be even more great if you can provide facility to rechrage any mobile through toll free no.Like first it will ask about the no. to be recharged then it will ask the amount to be recharged.
    Still good job keep it up.
    Plz unblock my facebook account to write on your wall/timeline.
    Profile link:

  6. Right now it’s sms to 9880001234:

    to recharge ONLY your own registered mobile.

    How about SOON making it:
    SMS to 9880001234:
    Just to recharge any mobile number THAT YOU WANT.

  7. Its good that you start recharge through sms but it is self recharge . We can not recharge other person number through these services. Try to start these type of services also.

    • agreed, if we could recharge any mobile with this feature.. that would be mind blowing 🙂

  8. Very Good service !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The no provided on the page is wrong….Correct this.

  9. i have applied for mnp and change to aircel but on doing toll free no recharge i am getting rechage to my default operater bsnl is there any special option for mnp customers to change operater

    • i
      have same issue , i wrote to paytm lots of time but still its not solved.
      Hope paytm fix it ASAP.

  10. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I have an a/c on & want to recharge other mobile using sms/toll free number.

    so please suggest.

  11. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I have an a/c on & want to recharge other mobile using sms/toll free number.

    so please suggest.

    Ankur Gupra

  12. it is very bad online recharge site because i recharged 2 or 3 times but i didn’t get my balance as well as deducted my balance in my bank account i complained but they didn’t refund my money.

    • I can’t accept this kind of remark for a remarkable service provider like Paytm. I am using the service since more than six months and done numberous recharges, but never faced the issue of money getting deducted and recharge not done.
      Even though it happens sometime due to high trafffic load for a particular service provider, the best thing is that the amount which is deducted from our bank/c.card account is stored in the form of Paytm Cash which we can use the next time we try.
      I rate 10/10 to their service. Hat’s off to Paytm team. I have already recommend Paytm service to all of my near & dear ones and they are very happy with the service quality.

      Thanks for introducing this new service, but please extend the option to recharge mobiles than the registered one as already requested by many.

      Good job!! KEEP IT UP.

    • my registered mob num is deactivated and it took my paytm cash also. this is cheating. now it says that my mob num is not registered.
      what the hell is this…..???

      • Hey Shwetank, We are really sorry mate, as it happened due to some technical issue. Good news is that we have reactivated your account now.

        You may again use this account hassle-free.

        Happy Recharging…!! 🙂

  13. Not interested.

    Now, if I can make a payment to a person, because the other person is not savvy enough to understand Net banking, that would be something.

  14. i did not get the recharge but money has dedcuted from the account ..what the hell is dis??

  15. Yaar very good service. which can recharge without net connectivity.

    Thanx cruisel time in busy days

  16. Hey paytm, please unblock my facebook page to write on your timeline/wall.

    and, we cant call the toll free number from AIRTEL numbers as it’s a invalid number from AIRTEL…

  17. Hello Paytm ,If possible,then plz add a one new process in your ‘Recharge On The Move’..
    **Please allow us also to recharge our Friends and other’s mobile number By dialing you Toll Free number 1800-1800-1234..
    This is our Humble Request..!!! Thank You..

    🙂 🙂

  18. Plz do provide an option to recharge other mobiles through Toll free number and SMS rather than recharging only to the registered mobile number..It would get an extraordinary response from the customers as they can recharge any mobile from their mobile…

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    Nice info….thanks for making technology, so useful.

  20. great service. i got instant messege of recharge and my reliance big tv strated working at once great.

  21. Dear PayTM mastermind,
    Why don’t you make paytm more exciting by giving users 1% discount on every recharge. ……It’s a suggestion.

    • To my knowledge, retailers earn Rs. 3.xx on a recharge of Rs. 100. One of my local retailer told me that. Don’t know if its exactly true!
      As Paytm’s network might also be functioning like a local retailer, they’d been earning a similar amount. And, If I’m right then it won’t be possible for them to give discounts to everyone. They incur server costs and other upkeep charges too.

      @Paytm: Please correct if I’m wrong 🙂

  22. i just love paytm , really paytm does instant recharge than all and reliable too…

  23. We must be able to recharge other Mobile/DTH/Data Card numbers also along with the registered Mobile Number in Paytm.
    The current feature is “Never Heard Of” a kind.AWESOME 😀

  24. this site is really good…even m using it..but d case is dat m not able to recharge of amount more than 10/-(aircel)… when i did recharge of 25/- (i recharge more than 5 times) ,d message shows dat d transaction is successful…but unluckily i havn’t got my those balance yet…
    i hav given complain to it…. but no response…..
    i want my those 25 +25+25+25 rupees back…

  25. SMS and call both option for recharging my mobile without internet connection are not working for my number. please check out the same.

  26. Tht z Awesome, i luved it……….Its a very gud site for all the human beings……10x…..

  27. Well done Paytm…..

    Like u..
    Believe u…
    Trust u….
    Paytm…. as my Partner……

  28. Solid………………………ur service is very good,………………no words to say……………

  29. nice, thanks for toll free no., i can is very sad to query solved by mail.

    so thanks for this activation for this facility.

    Thanks to paytm team

  30. Is It is possible to recharge to my friends mobile through my mobile having paytm cash in my account

  31. Awesome service!
    Keep it up guys 🙂
    ..waiting for a service to recharge any other* mobile number using own account+toll free no. 😀

  32. Its really a good service. I have a suggestion. Nowadays everyone is using more than one sim cards.It will be good if we can link more than one phone numbers with one login name, then I can recharge both my numbers using the paytm cash.

    I hope u will consider my sugggestion for improvement.

    Thanks ,

  33. Is it possible to recharge mobiles other than registered mobiles using this facility?

  34. Hi Paytm.

    Thank you for your nice support.

    I had Mobile Number Portability from BSNL to Vodafone, Circle: Tamilnadu.

    I Can’t recharge my mobile.

    Kindly help me…

  35. hey paytm group its really very nice…. and ur site is pretty quick in recharging….

    had a happy recharge… thanks

  36. Hey nice work PAYTM….
    But i am sorry to say but there is a bug in your system..
    My no. is a ported one from bsnl to idea and when i recharge it through mobile it fails to find out that my no. is idea…
    so it recharges for bsnl and the recharge always fails….
    I hope u will solve this problem of mine…
    I love Paytm..YOU GUYS REALLY ROCK….

    • Hi Raj,

      We are really sorry for this issue Brother. Good thing is that our technical team has resolved this issue. Please recheck and let us know your feedback. Thanks 🙂

      Happy Recharging 🙂

      Best Regards,
      Team Paytm

      • Hi Paytm.

        Ref: ticket #100287395

        Me too same issue.

        I am ported from Bsnl to Vodafone.

        Kindly resolve my issue.

        Thanks & Regards
        Ram .G

    • Even I had the same problem. Contact them on twitter ( @paytm ) , they will help you asap. 🙂

  37. Its good to have it , but can we recharge DTH , mobile phone of friends , relatives (other than registered mobile no. )

  38. Awesome service by paytm…!! it helps a person like me who keep on running out of balance while talking wt smbdy and cldnt access net at tht moment….

  39. Hey Paytm,
    as already many people said, please “bring out the freshness” of recharging any mobile on the go. That would be revolutionary in India, I love Paytm … being a member since 2011 starting.
    just a request , can’t you provide snap-deal coupon any more?
    Keep up the good work.

  40. Suppose one of my friend in on move!!! And m on move too. His/Her pre-paid balance came to end. could I recharge his no from my registered no?

  41. 29/05/2012 CC_Avenues: Payment from :SB 1318681 : 001 200.00

    videocon costomer ID NO;56974759 now this time no recharge

  42. Very Good service !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    no one can beat this website …………..!

  43. Dear Sir
    Very interesting service recently you have launched. SMS Service is quite unique but one question in my mind that this SMS service is chargeable if i have already SMS pack.

  44. Sir, Useful service as recently you have launched. I am useing the paytm service since more than seven months. However I am very happy about your service. by G.A. Pandian

  45. cannot recharge any postpaid numbers as this is the message i get (We curently do not support this service with null. We’ll notify you as soon as it is supported) please advise ?

  46. “Recharge on the Move” is a great service. But can we recharge other mobile also through my registered mobile ?

  47. dear paytm

    Well i have recharged my no 9510327779 of Rs 50 but I have Debited 100 Rs from my account
    I request you to please refund my rest of amount.

    thats not fair paytm

    Plesre Resolve this issue as soon as possible

  48. hey! ! paytm guys how r u?

    I like ur service of paytm cash… bt the only draw back is tht i cannot recharge my friends or family members number through the TOLL FREE NUMBER AND SMS AS WELL …


    • You can recharge your family and friends number by dialing PAYTM toll free number, but only the thing is recharging number should not be ported to other service provider.

  49. Hi Paytm,

    I tell u some thing about mobile sms rercharge by paytm cash,that u start a new service for mobiles to demo or flexi recharges…… for other any no. recharge capability……. I hope u Understand…

    Thanks ALL To Paytm Team.
    Paytm is amazzzzing……..

    Chakk DE PhaTtE………….

  50. Ported number recharge(MNP) is still an issue with all online recharge providers after porting the mob num to another provider the recharge fails the balance gets deducted but no recharge however they refund but the purpose isn’t served .Still not sure what is the issue? Can someone throw some light?

  51. It is possible to recharge others mobile from my registered mobile by dialing PAYTM toll free number only if others mobile number is not ported from one service provider to another. If it is ported we cannot recharge others mobile number. How to recharge others ported number?

  52. Dear Paytm,

    I can’t recharge to a ported number in toll free number, no option for that,

    Please solve that problem

  53. IN my “Profile” page in “My Account”. Ticking the “Recharge on SMS or Toll free no. is not available
    So how can i enable the SMS or Toll free no. recharge facility”.
    Please reply soon.

  54. i recharged my number in paytm it has deducted the money but i did not received the balance please help me

    • Hi Yugandhar,

      Your amount has been refunded in your Paytm cash balance. Please check.


  55. Dear sir.I did recharge on my mobile through paytm and amount of rs 110 was deducted in my credit card but I didnt get the recharge. Kindly solve the problem or refund back.
    Jehangir khan

    • Hi Dhiraj,

      Please write us at care@paytm with your account details so that we can check your issue.



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