Paytm mobile & DTH recharge offer for Axis Bank and HDFC Bank customers

Paytm has been working with your favourite banks to bring you the best offers. Here comes another exciting cash back offer for our customers using Axis Bank and HDFC Bank Debit Cards / Credit Cards.

Axis Bank Mobile & DTH Recharge Offer
20% cash back on Mobile/DTH for new Paytm users using Axis Bank Debit Card/Credit Card.
Use the Promo code: PAYTMAXISF on or Paytm mobile apps

Click here for details

HDFC Bank Mobile & DTH Recharge offer
We have 3 special offers for HDFC Bank customers

Get 10% cash back on DTH Recharge. This offer is applicable only on Paytm mobile apps
Use the Promo code: PAYTMHDFCDTH10

Offer 2:
Get 5% cash back on DTH Recharge on
Use the Promo code: PAYTMHDFCDTH5
Please note this offer will not work on Paytm mobile apps

Offer 3:
Get 10% cash back on mobile recharges. This offer is applicable only on Paytm mobile apps
Use the Promo code: PAYTMHDFCMOB10

Click here for details

How to use:

Please see the links above for detailed terms and conditions. To avail the offer you will have to enter the relevant promo code while completing your transaction.

Terms and Conditions:

Axis Bank offer
– You must use Axis bank credit/debit card and enter the promo-code “PAYTMAXISF”
– Applicable on orders placed between 10th Oct 2013 and 10th Nov 2013
– You must recharge your Mobile or DTH connection with Rs.200 or more to avail this offer
– Promo Code is valid only on one successful transaction per user
– Maximum Cash Back available is Rs.50
– This offer is only for new users and not valid for existing Paytm users

HDFC bank offer
– Offer valid only on HDFC bank CREDIT/DEBIT Card
– Validity for this offer is from 1st Oct to 31st Dec, 2013
– You must recharge your mobile OR DTH connection to avail the offers
– Cash back would be credited to User wallet at a fortnightly interval and be applicable only once a fortnight
– In order to consume this cash back amount, you need to comply with Paytm Cash authentication requirements

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  1. For HDFC offer 3, promo code you mentioned here is: PAYTMHDFCMOB1O
    but on offer details page, promo code mentioned is: PAYTMHDFCMOB10.

    Which one is correct coupon? (If you can’t figure out the difference between the two codes, 1st one has alphabet ‘O’, which 2nd one has ZERO.)

  2. Hi,

    For Axis Bank Offer, it’s said it applicable to new User.New User means,
    i) he/she is not yet registered and he just signed up.
    ii) He is an existing user,before the offer is published, but not yet made any single transaction.

    Please confirm whether both i) and ii) is applicable or only i) is considered as New User.

    Also,please confirm when to enter the promo code.After or before the transaction is done ?

    • Hi Vasanth, both i) and ii) would be considered as new user. As for the code, so you need to enter it on the coupons page, i.e, on the page you come to after you’ve entered your mobile number and recharge amount. Trust it answers you query.

      • Thanks for the reply.Is the Cashback credited as Paytm Cash/directly to the card Account?.
        If this is going to Paytm Cash, can we able to withdraw the money to bank.’
        If not, how long will it lying in Paytm Account.I mean do we have any validity for Pay Tm Cash.

        Please clarify

        • Forget to ask one more query.. If the user have both cards (HDFC/Axis),has he able to get 2 Different Cashback using 2 Transaction (each Card one Transaction).

          In simple terms, the offers are specific to Paytm Account or Users Credit/Debit Cards.

  3. its more than 3 days, axis bank Rs.50 cash back is not credited. when you are crediting the cash back

  4. Have a couple of doubts with the HDFC Bank Offer :-

    (1) ” – Cash back would be credited to User wallet at a fortnightly interval and be applicable only once a fortnight ” — Is this User Wallet same as PayTM Cash..?? & Does this mean that we are eligible for such a cashback only once in a fortnight ??

    (2) ” – In order to consume this cash back amount, you need to comply with Paytm Cash authentication requirements ” — Didn’t get the meaning of this statement… What is the meaning of “Paytm Cash authentication requirements”..??

  5. its almost 8 days over Rs.50 cash back not received, Promo code: PAYTMAXISF was used and the axis credit card was also used. order id.157640362. if the cash back not reflect in my account in 24 hours then i will never use paytm in life. And also i will start to defame your company everywhere, whether it is on social network, relatives, friends circle or collegues.

  6. Is there maximum cash back limit on HDFC Card with PayTm mobile app? Axis bank states 50rs but nothing mentioned for HDFC

    • Hi Ram,

      Yup! there is maximum amount limit for HDFC offer. For 10% off as cash back on DTH Recharge and
      5% off as cash back on DTH Recharge maximum cash back amount is Rs. 100. Further note that for 10% cash back on Pre-paid Mobile Recharges maximum cash back amount is Rs. 50.


  7. First time,done my Paytm Transaction using Axis Bank 20% Cashback Promo today.Order No:163610934.Let me wait for 3 business days to see whether i get my Cashback or not..

    Anyways, transaction is fast,..Cheers Paytm!!


    • I recharged DTH using Axis Bank on Nov 7 2013 using Axis Bank Card Order Number:Order No:163610934.Still the promised Rs:50 is not added in my Paytm Cashback.Even i wrote to paytm but no response.If you are adding this cashback manually and if you commited to do within 3 Business days (as per terms),then why there is a delay.

      This is the first time i am doing the transaction .Eventhough the transaction is instant, but their commitment of adding Cashback is not happening..which makes me disappointed.

      Please clarify.

        • Its more than 7 days but no Cashback.I have used PAYTMAXISF promo code (Order no:163610934).

          I never expected such a bad experience in my first transaction itself.There is no problem in my side.Even your customer care is not replying to the message..This is just like a breach of trust, a way of luring giving exciting offers and not committing to the same..

          If you have not able to maintain so many requests,then why the heck you are giving the cash will be credited within 3 business days.You can mention it’ll be credited in 1-2 weeks..

          If i am not receiving cashback by tommorow, i don’t have any other option apart from giving bad reviews to social sites,not because of services but a breach of trust.

          • Hi Vasanth,

            Please note that you cash back amount will be added within a week.


  8. Can a person avail both the offers (Axis and HDFC ).For Axis Bank,it should be a first transaction.I don’t find any terms about HDFC (Is this benefits avails to existing users also?).

    Second,what does that mean Cashback can be redeemed in 3 transactions (for HDFC offer).Is there a limit in Cashback to be applied in future transactions?

    Please clarify

  9. I have tried to recharge with HDFC card in mobile app. its says promocode invalid. I couldn’t get this offer even one time. 🙁

  10. My question is that in HDFC bank offer, 10% cash back on mobile recharge through mobile app, there is a limit mentioned of Rs.50/-

    it this limit for a single transaction fortnightly or this limit is for total during the offer period?

    means maximum cash back on multiple transactions over several fortnight is Rs.50/- & can not go beyond Rs.50/- cumulatively?

  11. All offers should be applicable to both new and old users ?What’s the use of giving offers only to the new customers. Encourage old users by giving some offers.

  12. Hello,
    I am Recharged Yesterday but Amount is debited my Account but Not Recharged my Mobile Number Tell me the Reason or Send for me my Amount

    • Hi Srinivasan,

      We would like to resolve your issue.

      Please write it to us at indicating your transaction details (Order Id, date & amt. of txn. etc.).

      We’ll be waiting for your revert.

      Best wishes,


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