Paytm is part of my life & we are sure yours too!

Hi friends! You may not know me yet but I am already connected with you all through FB, Twitter & much else.  I am Vineet & my job here is to make sure that you love Paytm as a brand & it remains a meaningful part of your life.  

Paytm for me was just a website name that I first heard last year when I was called for the interview. The interview had a typical climax with the trademark HR line “we will revert soon” but what I didn’t know that my association with this company would start soon.

The very next day my DTH needed a top up. Some issue with my DTH’s site made me recall this website brand. So, came to my mind, after all a brand in need is a brand indeed. As a new user, what caught my fancy was the tiniest sign up form (some of the sign up forms that I have seen are as long as a matrimonial form) which was such a relief! And the free deals were icing on the cake/sone pe suhaga. 😀

Then I used it again to recharge my colleague’s mobile phone. I’m not a helpful guy as such but the free coupons lured me to recharge his phone ;-). This second experience made me appreciate the clean design and by now Paytm had moved up in my eyes to become a brand that provides easy recharge & free deals.

In next few days I got the offer letter and in no time Paytm moved up from just a brand to a part of my life.

Now working at, on & with Paytm, we all share a common objective i.e. to make Paytm a part of users’ life. We believe that a brand has not succeeded until it becomes a part of its customers’ life.

As a marketing guy, I love reading your comments (sweet or spicy) on FB, Twitter or your mails. Whether you are happy with us or there is a suggestion or a complaint, we appreciate when you write to us. We know you want us to do better and that’s our kick, the motivation, to give you the most awesome recharge experience around so that Paytm always remain a part of your life.

Keep sharing!

Vineet 🙂

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  1. Mr. Vineet,
    I found it very much interesting, while reading your Paytm is your part of life. But since you r the employee of this company you take it very easy, but a person like me who is your member for more than two years, do not like this. my experince with paytm is that, there are maximum failures and then taken care or, even though there is no monatry loss, there is concern, now at this time I do not have balance for my BSNL cell, and I am in need to speak urgently with pepole, and my transction has failed and as per the SMS and account comment, I have to wait faor two hours, if recharged fine or try again and wait for two hours, whether you smile or the way you take does not make difference to your customers, but in the cited position we feel help less and feel like being in Government Department, no one to take care, what is this?, would you take care of such situations positiavely rather than keeping us waited for two hours?

    • Hi Mr. Shyam

      Apologies for the inconvenience caused.
      Please share your registered cell no. at the earliest for us to do the needful.
      For keeping your details confidential, I suggest that you mail it at I will make sure that you get to speak to your people as soon as possible.
      I am waiting for your mail.

  2. Vineet, I am a fond member of paytm. Paytm helps me out whenever I need recharge. But Paytm especially Rahul Baly has made me so disgraceful about customer satisfaction by Paytm, that I had to open another Facebook a/c in order to be in touch with Paytm.
    My problem is I cannot put comments on the wall of Paytm or months, whereas I can see the updates by Paytm, comments given by other followers. And for this acute problem I cannot perticipate in contest held by Paytm. I emailed my problem >10 times, only once Rahul Baly replied, and the other attemts went unattended. My facebook id is
    If you can please solve this problem, I would be grateful to you as well as to Paytm forever.
    I am keeping my finger crossed so that my this attempt doesn’t go in vein as usual.

  3. Hi Vineet ,
    I am a fond member of paytm. Paytm helps me out whenever I need recharge.
    Few days ago i purchased an iphone 4s and downloaded your app for making quick recharge but to my bad luck it failed when i tried to enter the card details . If you can solve it ASAP it will be helpful.

    • Hi Dolphin Dua!

      I would request you to reinstall the mobile app on your phone and try again.
      I am sure it will work.
      Still, you have any queries, do write in at


      • Did the same in my mobile and in IPad both but the problem still there while entering the credit card details it is not accepting it.

  4. dear vineet,

    Plz get us more deals. most of these have been the standard deals from almost the day paytm came to existence. plz plz plz keep us interested.
    we lov paytm. cheerzz!!


    • Thanks Chaitanya for writing in! We are working on getting better deals for our customers. Keep watching the coupon space.

      Thanks again!

  5. Dear sir,
    i have transferred my paytm balance to my bank account but it sis not refunded yet .
    details are refunded balance for my order no.1891895


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