How to Link your Bank Account with Paytm?

Paytm aims to make digital payments a swift and easy experience for users. A step ahead in this is adding the bank account details and linking it with your Paytm profile. If you link your bank account with Paytm, you can do multiple kinds of transactions through UPI (Unified Portal Interface). You will not have to fill in bank details each time.

You can add more than one bank account to your Paytm profile. Make sure you register the same number with your bank account as that of your Paytm account. As soon as you do it, it will generate a UPI ID. However, out of the multiple bank accounts that you add, Paytm sets one of them as your default bank account. However, you can change it as and when as required.

You need to first create/sign up for a Paytm account if you do not have one already. Follow these steps for the way forward to link your bank account with Paytm-

  • When you create your account on Paytm for the first time, you get the option to link your bank account. You can either link it right then or choose to do it later after filling in other details


  • When you choose the ‘Link Bank Account’ option, Paytm directs you to a new page. Here you can choose from multiple banks across the country. You can either search for the bank in which you have an account or let Paytm automatically find it. It detects if you have an account with a particular bank, linked with the same number as that of your Paytm’s account


  • Your bank account linked with the number will be fetched. It will pop up on the screen as shown in the picture below:


  • If you want to link your Paytm account to a new bank account later, your need to open the Paytm application and go to your profile


  • You can see an option to link bank account on the top left side, right under your profile name/number


You can also go to the ‘Your Accounts’ section and then ‘UPI’ to add the bank details.


Then, you will be directed to the page with all bank names where you can select your bank and add the details to link to your Paytm profile

  • Once done, you can send money, receive it, recharge & pay bills, do shopping, and avail multiple services from Paytm at one go. You can also make credit card bill payments

Linking the bank account with Paytm makes payments less complicated and quick. You will not need to add your or the receiver’s account numbers and other bank details. You can make cashless payments with one touch.

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