Paytm Flashback!

Change seems to be the flavor of the month. So I thought I must share with you how Paytm has changed right in front of my eyes!

Hi, my name is Abhishek Rajan and I have been associated with Paytm for almost 3 years now. I joined One97 Communications in April 2009. I was given the responsibility of setting up the commerce business vertical. Today, this commerce business vertical is popularly known as Paytm!

It’s always fun to create something from scratch. With no set rules to follow, one is only constrained by one’s own creativity and perseverance. With contributions from 3 other team members (1 product manager and 2 developers), I managed to build and launch One97’s first ever commerce product in August 2009. The product used to be known as One97’s mobile commerce platform, until June 2009 when I got the rare privilege of giving it the name PayTM, short for Pay Through Mobile. On 16 November 2009, Paytm Mobile Solutions Private Limited was registered as a subsidiary of the parent company One97 Communications and there was no looking back after that.

In 2010, we decided to enter the e-commerce business. Since Paytm had already become a known brand among our B2B customers, so we decided to use it for our B2C e-commerce business as well. Unfortunately the domain was unavailable, so we registered the domain The first version of our prepaid recharge website was launched in August 2010 with the address It was a thrilling feeling for me to see users coming to our site and buying prepaid recharge from us. It’s very similar to the sight of customers stepping into your newly opened shop and buying stuff. In the first week of launch, we used to do less than 40 recharge transactions in a day, amounting to a total recharge value of Rs.5000.

At such low volumes, every new transaction was a reason to cheer about. More so because we did not do any marketing or promotion. Not a single penny was spent to attract these customers to our website. All these users were coming to our site simply by finding our website link in google search or through our Facebook page. For many months we offered a free one month subscription of Jokes SMS Pack on every recharge of Rs.100 or more, and it made our customers really happy.

In December 2010 we finally managed to get back the domain name and our site address was changed from paytmonline to paytm. At that time we were doing more than Rs.1 lakh worth of recharges every day, a 20x growth since our launch 4 months back.

August 2010 –  January 2011 in August 2010 in January 2011

April 2011 –  September 2011 in September 2011

Today, we do more than half a crore worth of recharges in a single day. The Paytm team has now grown 10 fold, from just 4 members in 2009 to 35+ across various functions like engineering, customer support, product development, marketing and network security. Btw, on the m-commerce front, we now have marquee customers like HomeShop18, DishTV and Snapdeal who trust Paytm as a secure mobile payment platform.

Life at Paytm has always been extremely exciting for me. Being a startup environment, I got the opportunity to wear multiple hats – from developing the beta version of the website to replying to the initial customer queries on email/phone/twitter, from ensuring that we always have sufficient recharge inventory in stock to running weekly contests on our facebook page, from collating jokes for the free sms pack to posting updates about new recharge plans on our blog, from bringing more online payment options to setting up a 24X7 customer support, from writing the content for all customer communications to adding new product features, from partnering with brands for free coupons to making the most trusted and easy to use prepaid recharge destination. These days I am busy working towards enabling new products & services (other than recharge) on

While life at Paytm has always been a high speed roller coaster ride with its ups and downs, twists and turns, one thing never changed – your endless love & support that continues to inspire us to keep going on. We have many more miles to go before we sleep, after all we have the Paytm Promise to keep! 🙂

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    • I’m not sure, if I’m missing something.
      But, I recharge my BSNL 3G datacard (UPW) via PayTM!
      Did you mean EvDO datacard?

    • You don’t have a customer care so better try to resolve all email based tickets. I have credited into paytm CASH and struggling to get a recharge for my AIRTEL no. The denomination is not available in the drop down and its an irritant

    • Hi Pawan,

      Apart from a recharge portal, Paytm also offers mobile payment solutions to companies like HomeShop18, DishTV and Snapdeal. Further, our m-commerce platform is also used by large telecom operators like Airtel, Tata Docomo and Idea for various services.

      As for the portal, you are right, we haven’t really added much products other than recharge during the last 2 years but that’s gonna change this year. As you would have noticed, we recently launched postpaid bill payments on Many other such convenience services are in the pipeline and will be launched on our portal soon.

      Stay tuned! 🙂

  1. Hi Abhishek, would you mind telling more about this sentence?
    Btw, on the m-commerce front, we now have marquee customers like HomeShop18, DishTV and Snapdeal

    Hope to hear back!

    • Hi Ashish,

      M-commerce refers to our payment gateway solution that enables merchants to accept payments in a secure & easy manner from their end-customers.

      E.g. If you browse on your mobile and proceed to buy a deal, you would be taken to a Paytm page for entering your credit card details. Similarly if you call up HS18’s number to buy a product, they will ask you to input your credit card details on the phone, this application is also powered by Paytm.

      Hope that gives you a fair idea. Do let us know if you have any further questions.

  2. Hi there, Abhishek
    Thanks for this new perspective about Paytm. I enjoyed reading your blog:)).

  3. I am not able to do recharges of 10, 20, 30, 40 or internet packs in AIRTEL mobile recharge. Please also update this.

  4. and dear sir,

    thnx for making such a wonderful website which makes us able to do recharge so easily.

  5. The only thing people loves is when they see the money comes back to their account if recharge fails !… Its is the support which is so perfectly managed by your side.

    Its like “Newton’s 3rd law” 😉

    Thank god i’m on paytm side

    I observed site is always up and running fast for the customer service.

  6. How my numbers does one account supports to be recharged?
    i mean can i recharge one one number with 1 account

  7. how find free recharge in mobile you know so tell me i means website andoter idea but you master mind anthing it’s ok……

  8. Blog is just osomeeee..
    U started with a small idea and you made it big!!
    you have made Paytm user’s feell rockinn!!!

  9. Your services are awesome. You provide special recharge for BSNL which is not the case with every one. E-mail follow up is also good. You people care for our money. Thanks a lot.

    I have one question though. You said you provide payment platform for B2B. But your payments are facilitate by CCAvenue gateway. Could you please elaborate what your mobile platform does? It might be helpful for other small businesses also to your platform for getting payments for their online business.

    • Hi Sanju,

      Thanks for your appreciation. Apart from BSNL special recharge, we are also the first one to offer topup and special recharges for MTNL Delhi.

      Our B2B mobile payment platform enables merchants to accept payments on the mobile phone in a secure & easy manner from their end-customers.

      E.g. If you browse on your mobile and proceed to buy a deal, you would be taken to a Paytm page for entering your credit card details. Similarly if you call up HomeShop18′s number to buy a product, they will ask you to input your credit card details on the phone, this application is also powered by Paytm.

      Do let us know if you have any further questions or if you know of someone who would like to use Paytm payment platform for accepting payments on mobile/web.

  10. Hello Team,

    In how many days the issue(order number 22346677) will be resolved?
    I am expecting at least an acknowledgement from your end.

    Your policy on refunds states that customer will get immediate credit.
    It will be good if you could share any customer care contact number.
    Looking forward for quick response.

  11. Miss offers from PayTM 🙁

    Some PayTM offers I remember:
    1. 25% off on recharge
    2. 15% off on DTH recharge
    3. Rs. 50 recharge for playing 5 Zapak games!
    4. Rs. 100 recharge for Rs. 49!

  12. hi Abhishek,
    I really love your paytm alot. it’s fully loaded with ajax which i like like anything. Hope you will reach higher targets. All the best.


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