Samsung Partners with Paytm to Bring Travel & Entertainment Services to Samsung Wallet in India

byPreeti VermaLast Updated: June 13, 2024

In partnership with us, Samsung has launched flight, bus, movies and events ticket bookings on Samsung Wallet today. 

The partnership aims to enhance consumers’ convenience by offering a seamless, integrated booking experience directly through the Samsung Wallet, facilitating access to a wide range of services through us.

With this partnership, Galaxy smartphone users will now have seamless access to our suite of services, including flights and bus bookings, movie ticket purchases, and event bookings, all integrated within the Samsung Wallet.

Galaxy smartphone users using our app for flight, bus and movie bookings and the Paytm Insider app for event booking, will be able to add their tickets directly to Samsung Wallet using ‘Add to Samsung Wallet’ functionality. This will enable them to conveniently access these to enter airports, bus terminals, cinema halls, event venues, etc. 

With our Paytm app being the go-to destination for travel and event bookings for millions of Indians, its partnership with Samsung opens new avenues for users to access its services, in line with its efforts to drive further convenience. 

Samsung India’s partnership with us reaffirms Samsung’s commitment to providing seamless and innovative solutions that enhance user convenience through Samsung Wallet, an easy-to-use, secure platform that holds everything a user’s digital life needs. With Samsung Wallet, users can access multiple services such as tap & pay, UPI payment, bill payments, boarding passes, travel tickets, movie and event tickets, among others.

“Samsung Wallet is a popular mobile tap & pay solution in India, constantly evolving since its launch in 2017. We are delighted to launch new features on Samsung Wallet in collaboration with Paytm. These features allow Galaxy smartphone users to easily purchase bus and airline tickets, as well as movie and event tickets, without needing to switch between multiple apps. Furthermore, users can access these tickets simply by swiping up on their Galaxy smartphone’s home screen”

– said Madhur Chaturvedi, Senior Director, MX Business, Samsung India

“As pioneers of mobile payments, we are excited to partner with the consumer electronics giant Samsung India, as part of our constant endeavor to provide convenience and ensure superior user experience to Indians. By combining Samsung’s cutting-edge technology with Paytm’s wide-ranging services, we are making it easier than ever for consumers to manage their bookings and payments through a single unified platform”

said Paytm Spokesperson


Samsung Wallet users can avail the new services by updating their app through the Galaxy Store. The update is available through both auto and manual mode.

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