How to Transfer Money from Paytm Application?

How to transfer add money to the Paytm wallet
How to transfer add money to the Paytm wallet

Not only can users use the Paytm app to pay bills, recharge mobile phones, and book tickets, but they can also send money directly to the recipient’s bank account.

In this blog, we will show you how to easily send money to a recipient’s bank account using the Paytm application.

How to Transfer money from Paytm Application?

Here is how to transfer from the Paytm application to anyone’s bank account-

  • Log into the Paytm application
  • Go to UPI Money Transfer and then select ‘To Bank A/c’.
  • Now, select one of the options (bank account details, UPI ID, mobile number, or to self) to send money to the recipient’s or your own bank account.
  • Assume you’ve chosen ‘Mobile number’ to send money to the recipient’s account. In this case, enter the mobile number, click ‘Pay,’ enter the amount, choose your preferred payment method, click ‘Pay,’ and enter the passcode/PIN to complete the transaction.
Add Money to Wallet
Is it possible to set payment reminders on my Paytm wallet?
Yes, you can set payment reminders on the Paytm wallet by clicking on the ‘Paytm wallet’ option on the home screen and then clicking on the ‘Set Payment Reminders’ option.
What else can the Paytm wallet be used for?
Users can use the Paytm wallet to make payments, send gift vouchers, and send money to the user’s bank account.
Is it possible to check Paytm wallet’s spending analytics?
Yes, you can look at Paytm wallet’s spending analytics, which can be found under the ‘Manage your wallet’ section.
Is it possible to view my Paytm wallet statement?
Yes, you can view your Paytm wallet statement by selecting the ‘Request Wallet Statement’ option from the ‘Manage your Wallet’ section.
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