How to Receive Money in Paytm Wallet!

How to receive money in Paytm wallet

Ever encountered a situation where you have no digital or hard cash available to buy groceries in the market?


Ever been into a situation when you fall short of a few bucks and can’t complete the transaction digitally?

It is frustrating to not be able to complete transactions either at POS (Point of Sale) or online due to being short of money!

In any of these situations, instead of fretting out or not buying the product, simply request another person to send you instant money to your digital wallet!


Try adding money to the Paytm wallet,


Complete transactions through a Paytm linked bank account.

This blog will explain the steps performed by the sender to send money to the receiver by scanning the QR code or by entering the mobile number or name.

how a sender sends money to the receiver the easy steps to receive money to the Paytm wallet within seconds either through a linked bank account or through the sender!

How to Receive Money in Paytm Wallet?

Following are the different ways to receive money in a Paytm wallet-

Receive money in Paytm wallet through the sender’s linked bank account

The following steps will be done by the Paytm wallet sender to let a receiver get the desired amount-

  • Login to the Paytm application
  • Click on ‘Scan & Pay’
  • Enter the receiver’s mobile number or name
  • Click on ‘Pay’
  • Choose the desired option to let the receiver receive money (linked bank account or Paytm Payments Bank savings account)
  • Click on Pay

Receive money in Paytm wallet through QR code

Here the Paytm wallet sender will perform certain actions to send money to the Paytm wallet receiver. The steps required to be taken by the sender are as follows-

  • Login to the Paytm application
  • Click on ‘Scan & Pay’
  • Scan the receiver QR code (request it from the receiver)
  • Enter the amount to be paid by clicking on ‘Pay’
  • Choose any of the preferred options from where the money will be sent to the receiver
  • Click on ‘Pay’ to let a user receive the amount

What are the Benefits of Paytm Digital Wallet or Paytm Payments Wallet?

Paytm is known as one of the best digital wallets in India with around 3 million active users making transactions every month through Paytm digital wallet. The following reasons showcase the benefits of Paytm digital wallet or Paytm Payments wallet-

  • Users can use a Paytm digital wallet to make payments anytime and from anywhere across the country
  • A user is required to add the required amount to the wallet to make transactions
  • There is no penalty charged on a low or minimum balance in the wallet
  • Paytm digital wallet safeguards the user’s information and the transactions made through it
  • Paytm digital wallet or Paytm Payments wallet can be used either by scanning the QR code available at POS or available with the merchant or adding a mobile number to complete the transaction
  • There is no restriction on using the digital wallet. One can use it as long as he/she requires it
  • Paytm digital wallet processes the transactions within seconds
  • Paytm Payments wallet can be used to make minimum to a maximum amount transaction
  • There is no cost levied on a user to use a Paytm digital wallet, however, Paytm charge users whenever they add money to their wallet via a credit card

What can be done from a Paytm Digital Wallet or Paytm Payments Wallet?

The number of transactions given below can be done effortlessly from a Paytm digital wallet for the following tasks-

Final thought

Paytm wallet is one of the best digital wallets available in the market with a 70% market share that allows users to perform multiple transactions like making payments for mobile recharges, electricity bills, booking tickets and more. Apart from that, sending or receiving money through the wallet is also easy and can be done within seconds. Try Paytm wallet to explore more about the digital approach to complete transactions within seconds!

Who can use Paytm wallet?
Anyone with an active Paytm application and minimum KYC done can use the Paytm wallet to perform multiple transactions.
Is it possible to receive money from another Paytm wallet user to my Paytm wallet?
Yes, receivers can receive money from another full KYC-ed Paytm wallet user within seconds.
Should I use a Paytm wallet to recharge my mobile phone?
Yes, users can use Paytm wallet to recharge a mobile phone.
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