6 Steps to Add Money to Paytm Wallet Through Net Banking!

Add Money to Paytm Wallet Through Net Banking!

A Paytm wallet and multiple transactions- this is how Paytm serves its users! Pay your electricity bills, recharge your mobile phones, book your tickets online, pay for your OTT entertainment or pay school fees and more from your Paytm wallet instantly. Just add money to your Paytm wallet and get all the transactions done in a blink of an eye.

There are ways to add money to the Paytm wallet for the smooth processing of transactions. In this blog, we will understand how to add money to Paytm wallet through net banking effortlessly.

How to Add Money to Paytm Wallet through Net Banking?

Perform the following steps given below to add money to Paytm wallet through net banking-

  • Login to the Paytm application
  • Click on ‘Paytm wallet’
  • Next, click on ‘Add Money’ and select net banking present at the bottom of the page
  • Choose the desired bank account and click on ‘Pay’
  • Now enter the user ID, password to log in or enter the user/customer-id
  • Proceed to add money to Paytm wallet

What can be done from a Paytm Digital Wallet or Paytm Payments Wallet?

The number of transactions given below can be done effortlessly from a Paytm digital wallet for the following tasks-

  • School fee/college fee
  • Electricity bill payment
  • Gas/cylinder bill payment
  • Mobile recharges
  • Flight/train ticket booking
  • Transferring funds to another account or bank account
  • Foreign remittances under some guidelines
  • Hotel room booking
  • Online shopping transactions
  • Payment at Point of Sale
  • Buy subscriptions and more

What are the Benefits of Paytm Digital Wallet or Paytm Payments Wallet?

Paytm is known as one of the best digital wallets in India with around 30 million active users making transactions every month through Paytm digital wallet. The following reasons showcase the benefits of Paytm digital wallet or Paytm Payments wallet-

  • Users can use a Paytm digital wallet to make payments anytime and from anywhere across the country
  • A user is required to add the required amount to the wallet to make transactions
  • There is no penalty charged on a low or minimum balance in the wallet
  • Paytm digital wallet safeguards the user’s information and the transactions made through it
  • Paytm digital wallet or Paytm Payments wallet can be used either by scanning the QR code available at POS or available with the merchant or add a mobile number to complete the transaction
  • There is no restriction on using the digital wallet. One can use it as long as he/she requires it
  • Paytm digital wallet processes the transactions within seconds
  • Paytm Payments wallet can be used to make minimum to a maximum amount transaction
  • There is no cost levied on a user to use a Paytm digital wallet

Things to take care of when Adding Money to Paytm Wallet through Net Banking?

Oftentimes, users miss a few basic yet important things while adding money to their Paytm wallet. Hence, we are sharing important things to go through when adding money to Paytm wallet-

  • Never share your Paytm credentials with anyone as the Paytm application is the only platform through which you will add money to the Paytm wallet
  • Do not share the bank’s confidential information with anyone like OTP, customer id, etc
  • It is wise to look at the amount twice before adding
  • Resist using public networks or wi-fi to operate your Paytm application
  • Use a stable internet connection while completing transactions from the Paytm application
  • Write down the bank’s credentials somewhere in a secure platform to keep the credentials always remembered


Add money to Paytm wallet through net banking, Paytm Payments saving bank account, or from any other linked bank account easily. Paytm digital wallet is one of the secured and most popular digital wallets available in the market that allows users to complete payments within seconds. Install the Paytm application today and experience the best of the digital world!

Can I use the Paytm application?
Anyone can use the Paytm application for everyday transactions, transferring funds, paying bills and more.
From where can I download the Paytm application?
Paytm application can be downloaded either from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
Is it possible to use Paytm wallet for online transactions?
Yes, the Paytm wallet can be used to make online transactions easily.
Can I add Rs. 1 lakh to my Paytm wallet?
No, an amount of Rs. 99,999 can be added to the Paytm wallet. It is to be noted that the wallet amount cannot exceed Rs. 99,999.
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