Made to be on the move, always

Have you noticed how our world is shedding assumptions we grew up with every day? Just a few years ago it wasn’t cool to even try buying stuff without holding it in your hands, or watching movies while commuting.

Assumptions also got broken thanks to people like these: E.Sreedharan got to dig a tunnel under dilapidated buildings more than 400 years old and got almost half of the capital city moving on the metro. Fauja Singh ran a marathon at 90 years of age.

Now, there are a few assumptions we’ve also worked hard to break: Recharging on the move.

We are built to be on the move! We believe recharging your phone is not something that you should have to wait to get home for. We don’t believe in particular, that our interests should be anything other than getting this job done for you as fast and reliable as possible.

That’s what brought us to launching our IVR and SMS based recharge. We are simply overwhelmed by your response to the IVR and SMS based recharges. So that’s how we know we’ve broken an assumption again.

Because we are made to be on the move, always.
Never settle.

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  1. A logical next step is to have IVR based facility to pay/ top-up the e-wallet using credit or debit card (like airline companies do). That would be really convenient.

    • all dear friends kindly help me for recharge our mobile through toll free calls

  2. i appreciate this service but i think that the is bounded to our registered only, we have to extent the limitations so that we can recharge any mobile ,DTH Or data card using paytm cash through our mobile. So please think it.

  3. Simply put , you are the man Harinder !! Commendable work in the last couple of months , Paytm is a lot different now from its basic earlier version .
    PAYTM is moving up notches day in day out since you joined. My congratulations to the great work as a CEO. It needed someone to take charge :-)). The new look , the new services and improvements all the time towards growing customer satisfaction make us feel the difference .
    Best Wishes to your venture

    • Thank you, buddy! Thanks a lot! I am glad our efforts are noticed. Hope you’ll whatever is coming ahead too. A lot is cooking 🙂

  4. Thanks Paytm. I have now been a very regular user of your site to recharge my number or my family numbers through this site. As you have launched recharge through sms service for once number for a specified amount, would like to request you to please start recharge thourgh sms for other than your registered number like
    paytmamountnumber to be recharge
    sent to 988-000-1234

  5. IN my “Profile” page in “My Account”. Ticking the “Recharge on SMS or Toll free no. is not available
    So how can i enable the SMS or Toll free no. recharge facility”.
    Please reply soon.


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