In conversation with Mario Dcunha.

Mario Dcunha: Hi

Paytm: Hey Mario!

Paytm: So how you been?

Mario Dcunha: Good

Paytm: We’re glad to hear that! So are you good to chat now?

Mario Dcunha: Yep¦

Paytm: Gr8! So firstly, a big congratulations (again) on winning an iPad! And at the risk of sounding cliched how does it feel?

Mario Dcunha: feels good, amazing actually; just as u congratulated me again let me also congratulate u for that wonderful UI that u have. As an aspiring UI designer myself, I think the UX for Paytm is FAB!

Paytm: Thanks! It means a lot to us coming from fellow UI designer. I’ll be sure to convey that to our team. So we were wondering how you came across Paytm?

Mario Dcunha: ok, u can find the whole story here..
http://Mario this is my blog, and it did help me get my referrals through this. But yes it was my friend, Rishita who asked me to do a recharge for her since she was stuck at home in the Mumbai rain

Paytm: Yea, we read your blog and might we say we were flattered

Mario Dcunha: she’s my best friend so that’s how she called me and she wanted her recharge done through Paytm only, coz she LOVES those discount coupons too!

Paytm: Ok, wow! We can imagine!

Mario Dcunha: so that’s when i saw Paytm for the very first time! Indirectly.. she made me win my iPAd

Paytm: OK so I guess you owe her big-time! What about your first recharge experience with Paytm? What was that like?

Mario Dcunha: yes i’ve already given her my treat. ya oh to put it in very few words, the first recharge in fact every recharge was just so SIMPLE. Let’s be honest, recharges can be made through so many ways, I use my bank portal, or the Vodafone site itself or i call up my contacts staying nearby to get that particular recharge done manually. But why Paytm is different (for me) is its really REALLY S.I.M.P.L.E. The main thing that puts u apart, I think.. Is the UX/UI and hey! Those discount coupons have REALLY helped me that too a range of them!
Having said everything the main reason why I will choose Paytm forever henceforth is the UI

Paytm: Glad you liked it. Just so you know we’ve added a host of more coupons and deals to choose from.

Mario Dcunha: yeah I’ve used about 4-5 already

Paytm: So when you heard about the Referral Program, what were you thinking?

Mario Dcunha: I was thinking PERFECT! coz i bug my friends anyways about Paytm and on my blog Ii generally write about media/art/designso just sort of a week or so before I came to know about the Paytm Referral Program I had a few startups to write about who stand out mainly for their customer satisfaction and the customer EXPERIENCE which I think is the essence of a UX design

Paytm: Interesting

Mario Dcunha: namely, Paytm Flipkart and Justdial. All three diff platforms for the customer

Paytm: Right!

Mario Dcunha: infact, if u check my twitter timeline, before I ever came to know of this Paytm Referral Program, I had added u to my fav-start up list. so yeah, I thought why not start writing about Paytm first.. and use that for my referrals!

Paytm: That’s really nice to know! An innovative way to get users to use your Referral Link!

Mario Dcunha: hehe yeah

Paytm: So the question all of us at Paytm are dying to know the answer to is: How did he get so many users to recharge?

Mario Dcunha: haha! easy! I just repeatedly mail them. I have a huge group of colleagues in office, most of whom are my friends since 11th grade. I expected at least 40 to join, 54 was great!

Paytm: OK, so basically you begged, pleaded (and whatever follows) them into doing recharges! LOL!

Mario Dcunha: and still i did not think i wud win! coz I’ve never ever won something like this in any contests. Yep, and i did promise them a treat so that’s pending.

Paytm: We’d like to think so too, 54 was great! Yea well waddya know- from not winning anything to winning an iPad, I’d say that makes up for all the contests you didn’t win in huh?

Mario Dcunha: hehe yeah it was a relief! it was like i was born with bad luck!

Paytm: So what was first reaction when you found out you had won the iPad? Where did you first read it?

Mario Dcunha: omg! dont get me started!

Paytm: no please, we’d love to hear all about it!

Mario Dcunha: i was listening to music on my lappy when the Gmail notification popped up saying Paytm: The iPad is yours I really did not get excited because I thought it’s just one of those promotional mails

Paytm: OK and?

Mario Dcunha: but, I clicked the notification immediately while my music is over my ears

Paytm: yea?

Mario Dcunha: and with the music playing in my ears my head was trying to comprehend whether I’m reading it right! i read it and turned off the music and i read it again! My mom heard a huge HUGE LOUD SCREAM!

Paytm: ROFL! We can just imagine the look on your face! OK bet she came running!

Mario Dcunha: gawd!!! finally! i win something! no she dint! coz i went running myself!

Paytm: Oh OK!

Mario Dcunha: and that was it history! Then I had to decide on the restaurant for the treat!

Paytm: Yea like they say one good turn deserves another!

Mario Dcunha: LOL!

Paytm: So Mario, it was really nice chatting with you!

Mario Dcunha: Yea you too! Do give my best wishes to the UI team specifically coz I think most of the users/customers knowingly or unknowingly LOVE Paytm coz of that amazing yet simple UI

Paytm: Will definitely tell the team, they’d definitely appreciate it! You take care and TTYL!

Mario Dcunha: sure. You too 🙂 C ya!

Paytm: C Ya, Many would love to be ya!

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  1. Congrats Mario Dcunha ! !
    I never recharged my mobile in online. But my friend told me about paytm. I tried it.

    After that I always recharge in paytm only. It Rocks. ! ! Good work.

  2. Thanks to Paytm and to all who congratulated me. Blogging and word of mouth… works best!
    Also, its worth it in everyway… you do get Paytm Cash and those discount coupons too… and what the heck! You can win an iPAd!!!

    Thanks Paytm and all the best to you and to the won who’s gonna win the next iPAd

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