Hello from an all new Paytm!

Have you had a chance to look at the brand new Paytm yet? We are super excited about it! If you remember, we had posted about something new coming up a little while ago, but left it for you to guess what it was. You came up with such amazing ideas that we not only took notice, but also got some of them in.

So here is the big change we promised you.

So here is the all new Paytm for you, and by you! We have changed our logo, design, colours and much more to keep pace with you. So this change is dedicated to you, our dear customer. 🙂

So, let’s walk through what’s new.

  1. New logo, New look.
    The new Paytm is a fresh and smooth experience that is designed to energize you. The site now has a soul of it’s own – a living, breathing creature! If only I was allowed to name it
  2. Deals, redefined.
    Way more number of deals that our team has brought in for you. You can now see a highlight of the deals on the home page. Click on them, and you’d reach the Coupons page where they are categorised into: Travel, Fashion & Lifestyle, Food & Beverages, and Flowers & Gifts for your convenience.
  3. Recharge. On the go.
    Once you enable recharge by Phone and SMS, you can call our toll-free line at 180018001234 to recharge your phone. You can also recharge by sending an SMS at 9880001234. Simple, you say? Actually, we can’t imagine it any simpler than that!

So has everything changed? Actually, no! 🙂 You still have the same trust and 24/7 care like before.

We can’t wait to hear what you think about the new Paytm!

Stay charged.

Paytm Team

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  1. Excellent new look! I liked it so much. I just wanted to ask one thing, in the footer links on the bottom right side, I saw a hash tag “#madeinindia” ~ what does that mean, is it for Twitter or what?

    • It’s just the mimic Twitter hashtag which tell us that “Paytm is proudly Made In India”! 🙂

    • sorry to say this but the only USP of paytm for me was the display of special recharges in any respective network. and with the new look that factor has been removed .
      the GUI and display is good but functionality matters the most.
      best of luck anyways
      hope to see this feature again desperately

  2. wow ! awesome !!! no words 2 describe the new refreshing look !!! i feel like kissing my screen 😛 LOL

  3. Nice look, but at the cost of losing my PayTM cash. I tried a recharge of Rs. 3102 with my PayTM cash, I had a super synonymous screen of “Internal Server Error”. Now my PayTM cash is all gone..

    • Dear Veeramanikandan,

      We are very sorry to read your issue here. Best way to resolve any concern is to send an email to care@paytm.com. We are available 24 hours on all 7 days of the week to resolve your issues.

      Remember at Paytm your trust is foremost. Your money is yours unless you have received your recharge. That’s our promise!

      Please let us know the mobile number and the recharge amount that you had tried on Paytm.com and mail it to care@paytm.com so that we can check the details of your transaction and resolve your query.

      Should you require any other assistance, please send us a mail at care@paytm.com. You may also refer our online help videos at https://paytm.com/faq.htm for more details on our refund process.

      Best Regards,
      Paytm Customer Care

      • Same here, I have not recharge money but lost link so many times….And please you pass this msg to ur team…
        I really hate the new look..
        please revert it back..
        this change is not accepted…
        ur old look was awesome…..

      • Yesteday i was doing recharge to my mobile order no 34641607 the recharge was unsuccessful and i didn’t receive any recharge amount or paytm cash. help mee

      • awesome look Amigo but the only problem is…its a failure…try BSNL Special Recharge….Billing Type>The Prepaid> topup radio remains selected after choosing Recharge option… i tried doing with this twise and result was failure… 3G data recharge of 606 & 750 was added as topup on my main account.

    • What? I didn’t got any bonus amount when I signed up on Paytm though I created my account on Paytm many months ago. :O

    • i also got my account some time back and didn’t get any bonus..

      but the word “BONUS” sounds good…

  4. please recharge my number 9994133334 for 3000rs. i already paid…recharge getting delayed…i trust paytm…please dont delay. i am sort of getting this to be bad experience

  5. Its Ok…Expected much more from you guys then just change in design…coupons …worthless….comeon guys get some exclusive deals….Do more! Think Differently!

  6. Why is SBI net banking not activated..its causing problems..and why is that i never got any bonous tt amount? all way fro 1 year???? lolz

  7. MAESTRO CARD holder dosn’t use this site because site wants CVV Number and Expiry date. But for ur information MAESTRO card not have Expiry date and CVV Number.. What should I Do..

    • After you enter your Maestro card number then automatically cvv and expiry date boxes will disappear. try it 🙂

      • Dear Srihas what u think, that i’ll not tryed what u say i know when i entered Mah Maestro card no. Then CVV & EXPIRY DATE option will disappear but at present this is not happent with me and mah Maestro card as well.. Older version have the option to choose the card think u know about that.. That option is very good in that option fu use the older version of paytm than compare u know vry well what m try to say.. Mai bus yahi expect karta hu ki aap loog is site me card choose karne kz option b add karo jo ki older version me tha agar aosa nahi karte ho to apna older version hi publish kar do most of the people not satisfied to this new version..

  8. New look is excellent but it seems due to new development the connectivity issue occurring, even after multiple tries, i m unable to recharge or even open the website. Request you to check it out.

    Also I wish to get something more extra from Paytm… e.g. Movie downlod, song download, games, more useful promotional offers, and more gifts to attract more public….. thanks

  9. New look is superb but main helping feature of available recharge amounts for each of the service provider are missing..With this th euser must go into the other website and check the available denominations…It’s increasing the processing time on each transaction that user does…Please include that as well which will make the Paytm a super duper site..

  10. नई लुक देने से क्या होता है अगर सेरविसे ठीक न हो,

    कल शाम में करीब ४ बजे मैंने एक Recharge करवाया उस वक़्त आपका recharge fail गया | उसके बाद मैंने रात में Recharge करवाया तो … Recharge में कुछ और ही Recharge हो गया…
    मुझे पता नहीं की आप लोगों ने website को सिर्फ नया लुक ही दिया है …. या नई service भी दी है कुछ addup करके या की जो services थे वो भी निकाल दिया है ….|

    Upgrade से पहले आपके वेबसाइट पर MTNL का एक 20 का SPECIAL recharge हुआ करता था जिसमें की 250 MB DATA मिलता था, जब मैंने वो Recharge करवाया तो मुझे 20 का TALKTIME मिला, मगर DATA RECHARGE नहीं मिला… | जबकि सारे procedures मैंने वैसे ही Follow किये जैसे की मैं पहले FOLLOW किया करता था… |

    सायद यही परिवर्तन किया है आपलोगों ने …

    • it was the same case happened with one of my friend….he recharged with the data pack or gprs recharge in BSNl but…it went like the same….he got the main balance instead of the data pack…..

  11. Totally agree with Sahdeva.
    Paytm lacks in offers. i tell u ”Lose some to gain in future”

  12. Hi Paytm Team, Really a nice design and clean UI again. Though, there is lot of scope of improvement. Still I will say that previous design was much better. Doesnt matter all these changes are good or bad.. your one thing is really contant.. That is “constant superquick customer support services” through Email, Facebook and twitter. You are only one giving such service in India…..I have tried many websites….but you guys really have best customer support i have came across…Thank you for all timely refunds in my paytm cash .. Thank you guys…. You guys got “superhumans” in customer support.. 🙂

  13. Hi,

    Its soo nice look, but one thing is missing. There was an option in old site about top up values and offers.
    I guess its missing in new site. Buddies, we need it as many of us started DND option so we are not aware about new offers, top up, Spl top ups etc.

    I will thankful if you can think on this.


      • Yesteday i was doing recharge to my mobile order no 34641607 the recharge was unsuccessful and i didn’t receive any recharge amount or paytm cash. help mee

  14. Many peoples are complaining about this ‘upgrade’ Paytm! Please fix all the problems as soon as possible. And why you didn’t allowed my previous comment to post? 🙁

  15. Dear Paytm,
    While congrats for the new look, but following are some points that I think missed your attention:
    1) In the profile section (after logging in), you forgot to mention the no. 9880001234, i.e. the no. on which sms needs to be sent to recharge using Paytm Cash and that too when you have changed it from 9004790047 to 9880001234,
    2) Links to Instructions / FAQs on recharging through sms and calling the toll-free no. are missing both from the User’s Profile Page and your FAQs Section. And I think, currently, they don’t exist at all,
    3) Though one must try new things, but I’m sorry to say your Radio Buttons to enable recharge through sms and calling (in profile section) are very weird. I couldn’t make out from the buttons if the services were enabled or disabled. It was only after I was doing an online recharge, and the payments option page came, I got to understand what your new “hard to decipher” buttons meant,
    4) And yes as I had requested earlier also, can we have an address book, so that we don’t have to key-in the nos. everytime.

    I hope other users would agree to my observations and if that was worth the point, I expect to receive some appreciation in form of Paytm Cash 🙂

  16. paytm’s new look i awsm, but i’am having problem with special recharge of bsnl ,topup is working fine. . . . . .
    Also your mobile app is not working fine(in my nokia 2700) , earlier there was a program error during selecting mode of payment ,and now its home page is not coming. . . its showing cannot connect to server.
    pls share how to recharge via sms. . .

  17. where is the option for “SPECIAL RECHARGE” in prepaid menu…..

    there is only top up option….

  18. App logo ne sirf site di dsien hi badli himai is se apna mobile nahi recharge kar paa raha hun pehle to populr recharge optio bhi ata tha ab nahi ata sath hi debitcard se recharge bhi nahi ho pa raha hi

  19. Sir, Only looks cannot do wonder, we are losing on the front of variou values of recharge/special value/data plans/top ups etc kindly introduce it as early as possible.

  20. The new look is worst, all functionalities are gone. No option for special recharge, plz try reverting back to the old like…i don’t get it why every website wants new look when the current is awesome..facebook went for time line “horrible”…paytm says new refreshing look..again “horrible”..
    Why this kolaveri PAYTM?

  21. Dear Srihas what u think, that i’ll not tryed what u say i know when i entered Mah Maestro card no. Then CVV & EXPIRY DATE option will disappear but at present this is not happent with me and mah Maestro card as well.. Older version have the option to choose the card think u know about that.. That option is very good in that option fu use the older version of paytm than compare u know vry well what m try to say..

  22. I have sent 2 emails regarding this, but no reply. The special recharge or simply recharge option in MTNL in not working and and even if you highlight that option and recharge with the specified amount, in the end you only get Top-up. Look into this matter. I got top up 2 times, this is frustrating.

  23. And now again, i tried through SMS also, but i am getting top up only instead of special recharge. Please look into the matter, i dont want to recharge my phone further. You have already credited me enough balance in the name of special recharge.

  24. Hi,

    This new look of Paytm is good with blue theme…
    Good layout.
    But this s not userfriendly…
    Additionally, each and every page may have link to “Home” page.
    And also links for recharge as in the previous.

    Please respond my comment.
    This may attract new users.
    I’m giving this comment becoz i luv Paytm… 🙂

  25. dear paytm team……look is nice but instead of looking at the new look you should solve our queries first….its been three days that i am trying to recharge through sbi debit card n everytime i am recieving a msg that “authentication failed”………y is this happening when i have given all true information???????

  26. hi ………..

    paytm ,wat happend to u dear,this not a gud idea bcoz this not a gud look,many other futures u kept down no option to data provider,choosen of plan etc………………….. so i think this site wiil drop it ok …….so u immediatly change this look , i mean o;d version is toooooooooooooo easy and good.ok

  27. The Flash website is very awesome, butyou have removed recharging MTNL data card, and im facing so mush in-convenience

  28. ***OLD Website was Best***

    Why did PayTm Remove BSNL Data Recharge???

    No Valid Recharge amount seen like the previous site for all operators.

    Please Restore same features, including BSNL DATA RECHARGE like before (Example: 23894439, 24637217)

  29. ever since i registered in your website last year, there’s no looking back. So far i av done thousands of recharges and i aven’t had a single issue. Congrats to you all for being so simple yet honest to the very last paise. Hats off to you and looking forward to a lifetym deal with u. V maj liked d new look- faster, beautiful and intelligent. Keep up d good work!

  30. Old website was good…The new site does not look good its just average compare to old one

  31. Hey i love this website and i also like the new look … But u guyz have eliminated the option of recharging MTNL DATA CARD. Pls bring it back. I m hating this new look bcuz i cannot recharge MTNL, Pls introduce it back …..

  32. When I tried to recharge MTNL Rs. 20 Special 3g Data plan , it recharged as topup…I followed same steps as I do..till yesterday it was working fine now it recharging only topup even if I select special recharge option. my no. is 9013719666

  33. I Can not use paytm on my mobile.. Agar mai Lapi par use karta hu to mai pura page acess karta hu but agar mai mobile par paytm open karta hu to it’s totally different mobile par paytm ka pura page acess nahi hota Paytm can u tell me y this happening to me.. Guys check this out..

  34. Mene Aapko Pale Bhi Message Kiya Tha Par aapne Kuch Nahi kiya Mene IDBI Bank Atm Se 5 April Ko 200 Ka Paytm Cash Deposit Kiya Par Mera 200 Ka Blance Bhi Nahi Aaya aapko Ye New Service Nahi Deni Thi Hum Sub Ko Bhaut Taqleef Ho Rahi Hai Kya Aap Apne Garahak Ki Help Nahi Kar sakte Yaa Fir Hame Aapki Ye Itni Acchi Service Chhorni Padegi Sochhna Aapka Kaam Hai Aur Aapke Toll Free No Bhi Nahi Lagte Ab Ham Kya Kare.
    Aap Mujhe Jaldi Hi Call Kare Plzzz…
    Thanking You
    Amir Malnas

    • Pls check with Mozilla Firefox Browser, because the PAYTM cash is not shown in internet explorer 8 !

  35. the only reason to use paytm was to see the list of recharge options before recharging. Other had them but you have the most detailed and simplest one around.

    With out that no point in doing recharge on your site.

    design shouldn’t cut back on features it should add them. If not it shouldn’t change current features.

    i was about to recommend your service via a blog post on my site. But only real feature that i like about site is gone…

  36. Dear Paytm team and Mr Harinder, many customers have several problems regarding this new ‘upgrade’ so please try to resolve the problems as soon as possible. Or if you can’t, then please downgrade your website. I’m saying this because as you can see, most of your customers are complaining about this new ‘upgrade’ on this blog post, Facebook and Twitter, so I’m requesting to all of you to please resolve our problems as soon as possible. We will be much grateful to all of you if you will resolve all the problems as soon as possible or if you will at least downgrade your website. 🙁

  37. what r u doing man……how many times i have to send msg to u for refund of payment…ur service is good…but what about support??????

  38. I tried to recharge MTNL 3g data pack of Rs. 850 in delhi but after several attempts i could not. plz tell me what is the problem???

  39. dear paytm
    the major reason i preferred this site for online mobile recharge over others was because u gave the details of the ongoing plans for that service provider which u have removed in yr new look.. i kindly request u to restore that part.. its a big help to all of us..

  40. pahle to aap ki application acchi thi par ab to open hi nahi hoti or open hoti hai, to recharge nahi karti pata nahi aap ki aplication ko kya ho gaya hai?

  41. I have question that why you remove most of all the network operator from DATA card account and from mobile recharge?????? as i am using always this site to recharge my IDEA data card and idea mobile… plss add this operator. so we can recharge easily..
    or else give me other ideas to recharge my this connection…..

    plsss gv me favorable response….
    waiting for response..

  42. Your new logo is cooler. But there are a lot of bugs which you guys have to fix to make this a success.
    Firstly, if i open this site from my android phone, i just cannot select the network provider(vodafone) from there. it keeps resetting back to “select network” again and again. moreover your android app no longer works. so I cant recharge on the go.

    secondly, now there is no info on the available offers. without this feature in paytm, i would prefer to recharge my cell from my bank’s site as it has lesser steps!

    thirdly, many transactions now stop midway! I have to reopen paytm and do them from the very beginning.

    you guys had an excellent and robust site till now and nobody was complaining about it. God knows why did u ppl change the site without including all the previous features? i’m sure if u guys don’t deliver soon (really soon) all ur marketshare is gonna go away. surely there are more sites which offer similar services!

  43. Old website was good and i used to get recharge options(existing recharge offers) but the new website is not giving the same.

  44. hey i love your service…its awesum…i love the new look too…very modern and fresh…i just have a small request…is it possible to bring back the various recharge offers that you had for each network on the old website?…saves me from goin bak and forth to check on da network website just to make sure what I am recharging is da correct amount…dat was a nice feature before and i found it quite accurate…


  45. hi, its very nice that you have introduced toll free number..but i think you yourself have not tried your number…whenever dialing, it suggest to refill some cash in paytm..so i must take it as if your tollfree number is just computerised response mode and only for paytm cash related recharge…!!!and how to recharge with SMS… earlier i was able to recharge with sms mode but …since you have changed your layout…and i dont know what else…its a bit troublesome..yout old format and process were far far better than this changed one…

  46. Why have you removed the option to recharge MTNL Data Packs using SMS Facility, earlier I could recharge my Data Card by sending “PAYTM SPL 20” on sms for 250MB Data Pack, but now when I did this, it recharged as Rs. 20 TOPUP rather than DATA PACK, please, restore the data pack recharge or if the proceure has changed, please tell me the new procedure.

  47. old is gold? the new website is not working good. as recharge faild, not to add paytm cash, proccess late, etc.

  48. New PAYTM – Not as good as expected. I have no idea what happened to the security certification.
    I am getting certificate error. Not a big deal for me, as I know paytm is genuine, but not everyone knows it.
    Not able to pay my data card bill. Usually do it from paytm. But new Paytm shows error. Crap- The basic things are broken.
    Coupon selection is again pathetic. I need to go to each section, like,travel, gift and pick it. And if there are 2 pages of offer for one category the navigation to 2nd page of the offers is so small. Why not an ‘Select All’ ??
    Photo selection in home page is bad, this is not a travel site. Sexy legs outside a car window, cricket shot in my account doesn’t really mean anything for an online paymet site. Why unnecessarily making the site heavy?

    • Thanks for writing in Sandeep. The certificate error is a surprise. Could I please request you to send me either a screenshot or your browser configuration so that we can look into the error ?

      As for the select all feature, surely – it is in works.


  49. Sorry my fault!
    I needed to select Data Card.
    For BSNL users could you add one more radio button of data, along with the usual : prepaid, postpaid, Topup, Special Recharge
    I appreciate your feedback on this.

    Thanks. Your Payment Service is blindingly fast. 5/5 from me 🙂


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