Cross your fingers…


Congratulations Rahul Singh, the city of Puducherry will be proud of you! Kudos for the effort! May we add that your choice for a nickname was a clever trick- ‘Cashback’! It must have worked wonders for your referral link. Good thinking!

We’d also like to thank every one of you for taking part and putting in a tremendous effort! Congratulations to each one of our Referral Program Paytmers, you did good!

Until next time 🙂


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  1. hey how much referral he done. how many friends recharged . i Think u r playing with the name of cashback. otherwise tell me the details

  2. how much referral count done by the winner rahul. tell me payTM, y r u not replying for all the comments here?

  3. I think @cashback did a fabulous job. He has used the internet to his advantage and he deserves to win.



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