What is a Cheque Book & How to Apply for it?

Upon opening a bank account, a bank account holder is provided with a bank welcome kit by the bank. This welcome kit consists of a passbook, chequebook, debit card and other required banking credentials. The bank account holder can make use of the given credentials/documents easily to record and/or transfer the money, online or offline.

Further, users can easily use the respective bank’s mobile application and net banking services to manage, transfer, and record transactions. The digital medium of managing the fund is easier, convenient and effortless. For example- Paytm Payments Bank Savings account allows users to manage funds smoothly and also open a bank account without a list of documents to submit along with a minimum balance requirement. All that the user requires is to complete the KYC process. After opening a bank account with Paytm Payment Bank, users can avail of numerous advantages like access to a physical or digital debit card, ease of opening an FD, requesting a chequebook and more.

In this blog, we will discuss what a chequebook is and what are the benefits of a chequebook for the user.

What is a Chequebook?

A chequebook is basically a book that contains numerous cheques. It is issued by the bank to the account holder along with the bank welcome kit. As it is a culmination of cheques, each cheque can safely be issued to the payer to transfer money.

  • The user can apply for a cheque book once it is used
  • A cheque book contains a different number on each cheque leaf
  • According to the preference, the user can apply for a cheque book with the required number of the cheque leaf
  • A minimal fee is charged against the required number of cheque leaves
  • Cheque books can be ordered online and can be requested by visiting the bank’s branch
  • All the cheque leaves in a chequebook are similar and can be used to transfer money to the payee or withdraw the same for personal uses

How to Apply for a Cheque Book?

Users can apply for a cheque book in both ways- online and offline. The online process requires one to follow the given instructions that might slightly vary as per different bank’s mobile applications.

  • Install the bank’s mobile application
  • Log in to the application by filling in the required information
  • Locate ‘service request’ or a section that allows you to request a cheque book
  • Click on it and choose the delivery option (Delivery option can be the user’s communication address or the bank’s branch
  • Select the number of leaves required
  • Submit the request for the bank’s cheque book

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Can I apply for a cheque book via SMS?
Yes, you can apply for a cheque book via SMS. The steps and message format to request a cheque book might vary from bank to bank. Confirm the information before raising a request for a cheque book.
What are the charges to be paid for a cheque book?
Different banks charge different rates to let the user obtain a chequebook with the preferred cheque leaves.
Who can apply for a cheque book?
A bank account holder can apply for a cheque book either online, via SMS or by visiting the bank.
How long does it take to open an account with Paytm?
The process to open a Paytm Payments Bank savings account takes a few minutes, however, it is mandatory for users to complete the KYC.
Can I choose the number of cheque book leaves?
Yes, there are several banks that allow users to choose the number of cheque book leaves; however, the user needs to pay a fee against the number of leaves.
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