Cash-in with Paytm Cash!

There was a time when Paytm Cash was something you did not know about. Then came a time when Paytm Cash became something you did not bother about. Then one day one of your recharges failed, but since you had already paid for it on Paytm, you found yourself becoming an owner and user of Paytm Cash!

The story ain’t over yet, my friend. Now, since you had Paytm Cash, you paid for your next recharge with it. You said to yourself, “this is cool!” Then you thought to yourself, “Hey! Wait a minute. Paytm Cash is kinda handy to have, so why don’t the Paytm guys let me keep Paytm Cash in my account?” Smart thinking!

Thankfully “Paytm guys” were listening. So now, you can add to your Paytm Cash and use it for your recharges on Paytm.

Now you can add money to your Paytm Cash

How does it work? Simple! Just go to and sign in. You will see a link to Paytm Cash underneath My Account. Click on it and it will open to a page where your Paytm Cash balance is displayed.  Below this is the “I want to add money to my Paytm Cash” link. Click on it to add money to your Paytm Cash Balance using your credit card, debit card or netbanking account.

Why should you keep Paytm Cash?

Alright, convenience is not the only reason. If you have Paytm Cash, you would be able to make use of the new services Paytm guys are planning for you. One example is the Recharge with SMS service. So imagine a scenario where you are far away from your comp, and your GF suddenly needs a recharge.  Then, if you have Paytm Cash, you can simply recharge via SMS. Isn’t this cool? There is more Paytm is thinking of around Paytm Cash.

Yes, my friend, it’s going to get cooler still at Paytm! This story continues

Meanwhile, stay charged. 🙂

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  1. Hey Hareesh! isn’t a free service, but paytm it is.. 🙂 and PAYTM have better service compare to all other online recharge providers.. So think and search before post my dear Hareesh !!!!


    • I fully agree with this. Paytm has better service, the coupons have never failed and above all no service free…Paytm rocks. I suggest Paytm has a offer zone to let people know about the latest offers on using Paytm.

  2. When adding cash to paytm cash, it doesn’t show saved debit card as option on payment page, so whenever we need to add paytm cash, we need to type entire debit card details from the scratch.
    Instead, Adding paytm cash should be as easy as making payment for mobile recharges using saved debit card details…

    • JUST send sms in this format to 09004790047

      PAYTM 20

      to 09004790047

      20 is recharge amount here!

      BUT first check if you have activate this option on your PROFILE>Paytm cash

  3. That’s great service, I just recharge my wallet with 1000 rs, I wish there should be some giveaway offers also, to attract more customers, something like affiliated points to get more friends who recharge their wallets/mobile threw PayTm..Isn’t it good idea to viral promotion 🙂

  4. it’s very good service your money is safe whereas in other websites if the transaction is failed your money is gone.It’s extremely good service

  5. i have 200 rupees in my paytm cash and i want 2 recharge by television but i don’t know how to use it help plzzzzzzzzzzz

  6. Hey .. this site is really cool. if it has one more feature. like my friend can recharge from paytm cash account that would be great.

    • Hi Dhiraj,

      Please write us at care@paytm with your account details so that we can check your issue.



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