Top Reasons Behind The Growing Popularity of Paytm’s BNPL!

Popularity of Paytm’s BNPL

BNPL is a credit facility offered by Paytm in partnership with its NBFC partner to its active KYC-ed users. BNPL offers a credit of up to Rs 60,000 with no interest charged for the first 30 days. This instant credit help has created a sensation in the market and curiosity in the minds of the user.

So, if you are a person who is willing to have an instant credit to make a purchase, this blog is exclusively made for you! Continue reading the blog and understand the reason behind the popularity of this Paytm BNPL facility and more-

Reason behind the Growing popularity of Paytm’s Buy Now, Pay Later facility

Paytm offers convenience, ease and a way to make transactions instant and digitally safe. This time, it’s the Paytm BNPL facility that offers instant credit within minutes to the active or full KYC-ed users. The instant credit entitles a person to make a purchase on credit up to the amount Rs. 60,000. Besides, the given pointers highlight the growing popularity of Paytm’s Buy Now, Pay Later-

  • Buy Now, Pay Later is a feature that makes it easy for users to get an instant credit amount
  • Paytm Now, Pay Later or Shop Now, Pay Later can be activated by following a few easy steps only
  • The process to activate Buy Now, Pay Later is all digital & safe
  • BNPL offers low-cost financing options to the users along with a flexible repayment tenure

How to Activate Paytm Buy Now, Pay Later or Shop Now, Pay Later?

Following are the few steps are required to activate Buy Now, Pay Later/BNPL/ Shop Now, Pay Later-

  • Login to the Paytm application and enter your passcode or use the fingerprint sensor
  • Click on the menu bar on the right-left corner of the app screen
  • Click on ‘Paytm Postpaid‘ and next on ‘Proceed’
  • Enter the required information like PAN name, contact details, DOB, registered bank, etc.
  • Enter the registered mobile number to receive the OTP
  • Upon entering the OTP, the Buy Now, Pay Later feature will either be activated instantly or be put a user request on the waiting list

Advantages of Buy Now, Pay Later feature

Listed below are the top advantages of the Buy Now, Pay Later feature

  • Users can avail credit to the amount of Rs. 60,000
  • No interest is charged for 30 days
  • Users are given the flexibility to convert the borrowed amount into 12 easy monthly instalments
  • The borrowed amount can be used to buy groceries, pay bills, recharge mobile phones and more
  • No lengthy documentation is required to activate the feature called Buy Now, Pay Later
  • No hidden charges are charged by the Paytm

Who can use the Buy Now, Pay Later Feature?

Following is the eligibility criteria that need to be first fulfilled by the user before activating or availing the Buy Now, Pay Later feature-

  • The user should be a resident of India
  • He/she should have a valid bank account
  • He/she should be above the age of 18 years
  • The person who would like to use Buy Now, Pay Later feature should have a regular source of income

*Lenders who provide the Buy Now, Pay Later feature to the particular retailers can add the desired general guidelines and eligibility criteria accordingly


One of its kind, Paytm’s BNPL is a great option to have instant credit without a lengthy and huge documentation process. From now, never break your FDs to compensate for the purchase you always wanted to do. Install the Paytm application and explore the shortest way to get instant credit today!

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How many people use Paytm’s BNPL?
There are a good number of active Paytm users who are using Paytm’s BNPL facility to make expensive purchases, recharge their phones, make grocery purchases and more.
How much credit can be used through Paytm’s BNPL?
A credit amount of up to Rs 60,000 is provided through Paytm’s BNPL facility.
How much time does it take to activate Paytm’s BNPL?
It takes a few minutes and steps to activate Paytm’s BNPL.
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