Paytm Recognised as ‘Most Inclusive Organisation of the Year 2024’; The Divide Awarded Gender Equality Campaign of the Year

byPreeti VermaJune 10, 2024

We are thrilled to announce that Paytm has been named the ‘Most Inclusive Organisation of the Year 2024’ at the 6th Diversity & Inclusion Summit & Awards 2024 held on June 7 in Mumbai. Additionally, our ‘The Divide | A Social Experience’ campaign won the award for Gender Equality Campaign of the Year.

The Diversity & Inclusion Summit & Awards 2024, organised by Transformance Forums, celebrates businesses committed to advancing diversity and inclusion in corporate India. The event highlighted organisations that foster an inclusive workplace culture, empower female employees, and are dedicated to creating a gender-equal environment.

Our award-winning initiative, ‘The Divide – A Social Experiment,’ was designed to highlight the gender gap in financial literacy and spark crucial conversations about financial inclusion in India. 

As a purpose-driven and mission-oriented company at the forefront of payments and financial services revolution, we believe that workplace diversity is essential for business success. As a company enhancing the everyday lives of Indians, we truly believe that the best products are delivered when all voices coming from different backgrounds are heard.

We rigorously ensure that there remain no biases in our hiring process and continuously implement initiatives to attract qualified, diverse candidates. Over the years, we have built a diverse and inclusive workforce, fostering an entrepreneurial culture that values uniqueness and retains top talent.

In adherence to our core principles, our company operates on a strict meritocratic basis, valuing and rewarding employees solely on the basis of their performance, capabilities, and dedication to excellence. We firmly believe in creating an environment devoid of gender bias, where opportunities for advancement are equally accessible to all individuals, fostering a culture of fairness, inclusivity, and excellence.

Paytm’s success is deeply intertwined with the success of its employees, and we strive to offer best-in-class benefits that prioritise their health, wellness, and financial well-being.

This award underscores our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. It is a testament to our efforts in empowering Paytmers from all backgrounds and genders, making them integral to our workforce. It reinforces our commitment to our DE&I roadmap, solidifying our position as the Most Inclusive Organisation of the Year 2024.

We share this honour with our employees, whose contributions have been instrumental to Paytm’s scale and success. Together, we are setting new benchmarks in creating an inclusive and empowering workplace.

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