Airtel’s special recharges now on Paytm

Today, we no more just recharge for our voice plans. We now top-up with special packs for 3G, Data, SMS or some special calling plan. We were working hard with Airtel to bring all these topup plans to our Paytm users.Β 

I am very pleased to announce today that now you can recharge your Airtel mobile with every special topup and every denomination out there.

Yes! we will no more restrict the choice to select few recharge amounts instead you can enter any amount you wish. Only Paytm offers you choice of all recharge denominations for Airtel mobile across mobile, web and app.

Based on your amount, we will go ahead and recharge your Airtel mobile with right topup option. (Hint: based on amount you recharge, you get that special offer as annouced by Airtel in your circle. All special offers are applicable with that exact recharge denomination)

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  1. @Paytm whats about my prize??

    will you send it or not if yes then tell me any fixed date if not then update again that
    you cant send it on your faceboo, twitter and blog.

    tnx for choosing me as glaxy ace duos winner

  2. thats great news i thinks this is first site who willing to provide airtel speacial recharge thanks paytm for your great service

  3. Fantastic move. I’m sure everyone’s gonna love it for sure.

    Just wanted to ask if you have something special for the “Loyal” customers too? Based on their spend with you guys?


  4. whooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa………….dis is the best site for recharging mobile ever made……Paytm rocksssssssssss…..

  5. Oh! Finally the wait is over yeppy!!!!!. I knew that is coming.. Thanks Paytm.
    You people are simply best. I m loving it… Yaayyy!


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