You charge us, people and that’s how we charge you

Hey buddies, We love our mission: to bring you all the most awesome service ever that will win your hearts. Ever. In the pursuit of this goal, we worry about the minute-est details; work late nights and weekends and keep our ears open for all that you have to say to us. And I now […]

Recharge your petrol tank @ Paytm!

“At Rs 7.5, it’s the steepest petrol price hike ever”. – When this news came last evening, it had an unprecedented effect both online and offline. Online, the social media mongers and news channels were buzz with discussing the causes, effects and blaming the government about this hike. Offline, we saw serpentine lanes of cars […]

Made to be on the move, always

Have you noticed how our world is shedding assumptions we grew up with every day? Just a few years ago it wasn’t cool to even try buying stuff without holding it in your hands, or watching movies while commuting. Assumptions also got broken thanks to people like these: E.Sreedharan got to dig a tunnel under […]

Call 1800-1800-1234 from your mobile to recharge without Internet connection !

You can’t charge your mobile from mobile, but you can surely recharge your mobile using your mobile. Confused? Read on. Just imagine you are somewhere outside and don’t have an access to Internet connection and you need an immediate recharge on your mobile. What are you going to do? Stay Calm! You can use your […]

Mother love. Express Paytm way

There’s nothing more pure than a mother and child relationship. Our mothers have always done so much for us without ever asking for anything in return. Yes of course, we can never repay what she has done, but we can certainly do something little to make her day brighter and happier. We at Paytm can […]

3 Cs – Cricket, Cashback & Customers

The previous blog on “Cash in on Cricket” had 2 Cs – Cash back & Cricket. As the title suggest, it’s all about earning cash back with your recharge during current cricket session. But what really made this offer a success is the third & most important C; customers. Yes, it’s you, our customers, who […]

Love & Care 24×7

Uptil now, Paytm’s Customer Care Support have always been working round the clock but from behind the scenes. Today, it’s their turn to be in the limelight a spot that they truly deserve! What makes the Customer Care Team tick continuously. First of all, the Customer Care Team are at the beck and call of […]