Cash in on Cricket with Paytm!

In the midst of India’s fifth season, the cricket mania, it suddenly struck us that cricket is huge national recharger! And so how could we not do something about it? Well, so here is our ode to cricket, to its fans, and to you – our favorite customers. Paytm is happy to announce a cricket […]


Some time last week, we pushed out new software that offered a speed improvement in the recharge experience. (Yes, 10 seconds┬ástill isn’t good enough for us). Now, that software upgrade caused a minor glitch because of which some of you could not get their phones and DTH connections recharged right. This error affected about 0.4% […]

The popular recharges are back…

What an exciting phase it is for Paytm as a company. We are super-charged to deliver what our customers require. On popular demand by our loyal customers, we have brought back the popular recharges option. Now you can reach out to the world without having to worry about shopping around for your favourite recharge value. […]

Recharge in less than 10 seconds… you beat us!

With movie sequels in fashion, we also thought of having a sequel to the previous blog After reading your comments on blog and Facebook, we were contemplating an update to the blog spot ’12 seconds flat’. But when we saw that our users have taken up the challenge of doing a recharge in less […]

12.6 seconds flat!

The success of IPL and T-20 cricket only proves that we live in a world where speed matters. An exquisite cover drive from Sachin’s bat hits the boundary in less than 4 seconds. The fastest 100m sprinter covers the distance in 9.58 seconds. Paytm also revamped itself with speed being one of the many features […]

Hello from an all new Paytm!

Have you had a chance to look at the brand new Paytm yet? We are super excited about it! If you remember, we had posted about something new coming up a little while ago, but left it for you to guess what it was. You came up with such amazing ideas that we not only […]

Let’s recharge the environment – Earth Hour at Paytm!

Guys, this was our little step to join the global movement, the Earth Hour. As you probably know, Earth Hour has been celebrated across the globe on last saturday of march since 2007. Households and businesses turn off their non-essential lights for one hour to raise awareness about the need to take action on climate […]