Paytm is part of my life & we are sure yours too!

Hi friends! You may not know me yet but I am already connected with you all through FB, Twitter & much else.  I am Vineet & my job here is to make sure that you love Paytm as a brand & it remains a meaningful part of your life.   Paytm for me was just […]

Recharge someone’s life!

What would you say if we were to tell you that as little as Rs. 50 can go a long way in helping secure someone’s future? And what if we were to return that Rs. 50 to you after the money created the desired impact? Incredible? It’s true. is an online microlending portal that […]

Paytm serves a hassle free experience!

Mobile phones are now an integral part of our lives and its really troublesome to move around without our cell phones and proper amount of account balance if you’re a prepaid user. Gone are the days when we were required to visit service providers’ stores or other recharge outlets to top-up our prepaid account balance. […]

God Bless Paytm!

“GOD” BLESS Paytm, Paytm is the best recharge service that I’ve ever had. My views for Paytm. Difference between Paytm & Retailer. Paytm / Retailer 1) 24*7 (Online & Sms) / It’s having specific time for e.g. 08 a.m. to 12 p.m. 2) If recharge is not successful, still our money is safe / Here […]

You charge us up!

So you thought, we are the only ones recharging? You made our day! Days. 🙂 We are overwhelmed with your response to Paytm on this blog. Just to give you a little idea, here is a glimpse of what you have caused…

Pay your Postpaid bills through Paytm now!

We welcome postpaid mobile subscribers to the Paytm experience! With Postpaid service we have added to our effort to bring an easy, secure and a reliable medium for all mobile users. This convenience feature has been added, thanks to the requests of many of you our bonafide customers!

The shop around the corner

There is this shop around the corner that you probably go past twice a day. It perhaps is the place you go for milk, cigarettes or bread. It sure gives you the comfort of the familiar face of the owner. That shop is probably on your way to the evening walk and is a good […]

Cash-in with Paytm Cash!

There was a time when Paytm Cash was something you did not know about. Then came a time when Paytm Cash became something you did not bother about. Then one day one of your recharges failed, but since you had already paid for it on Paytm, you found yourself becoming an owner and user of […]

The Power of First Experiences

There’s always something extraordinary about first experiences the first spring flowers blooming, the delight in a child’s eyes when s/he has accomplished something for the first time, first love, or as simple a thing as the first concert experience. Well, for me, my first encounter with Paytm has been rewarding to say the least. I […]

Value for your Money

Staying charged at Paytm has its benefits; the biggest among them being more value for your money. Let us tell you how. At Paytm, no matter what the value of your recharge is, you can choose coupons worth thousands of Rupees! You can see the value on the news strip on the top of the […]