12.6 seconds flat!

Online recharge - fast, secure and safe on Paytm
The success of IPL and T-20 cricket only proves that we live in a world where speed matters. An exquisite cover drive from Sachin’s bat hits the boundary in less than 4 seconds. The fastest 100m sprinter covers the distance in 9.58 seconds. Paytm also revamped itself with speed being one of the many features that we want to provide all Paytmers. Given all the enthusiasm about speed we decided to quantify speed at Paytm.

Unfortunately, despite the so many checkpoints that we apply to ensure that we provide you the safest and most secure online recharge, we did not have an accurate measure of the time required to complete a recharge. So we built something to capture the exact time you spend on recharging. 12.6 seconds flat! This was what it took Kamal, one of our team members to complete a recharge on Paytm.

There are not many things that we do in less than 12.6 seconds in our lives every day. My personal best was a bad 18.3 seconds but there were quite a few other Paytmers who were better. Just goes to show that Paytmers are really charged up. So add fast to safe and secure online recharges now. See you all trying to beat Kamal. Do share your best recharge time at care@paytm.com.

Stay Charged!!


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  1. What are you talking about? I always do it in less than 10 seconds. Every time. As I use a 3G connection and most of the times I have balance in my PayTM cash.

  2. I Have donw my topup recharge in less than 6 seconds.
    Not faking but its true and

  3. This is crap , I have done recharge many times and I can bet it was less than 10 secs , 12.6 secs woooffff , wasted time reading this blog , crap ………

  4. &%^@!%^ site h khune m hi 12.6 hours laga deti or @#$%& site khulti ha to pais dedudct kr k recharge bhi nhi bolo is #%$#%$ site banane walo ki @#$$%$%

    • Hi Kuldip

      Your comment brought a smile to my face, it was like a friend abusing. Considering it’s a social platform, the text has been edited. It seems you have faced a bad experience on Paytm, we apologise for that. Do write to us at care@paytm.com quoting the issue you faced.

      • Dear Mr Vineet, so don’t you think that ‘s@#li’ is an abuse? I know that this word is also used for defining a relationship but how can a website be a wife’s sister of Mr Kuldeep? Therefore, this word is also a word of unparliamentary language (please don’t think that I’m a M.P. or affiliated in any way with the Parliament :D)! So please also censor/edit this word if you want to do so. LOL! 😀
        P.S. I laugh at the end of my comment doesn’t mean that I am completely joking, I am a bit severe also. Actually, my reason for the laughing is your comment and my own comment (this comment) also.

  5. Hey, I tried to recharge 5 days ago and still its not done and the money has been deducted from my account. I have sent you one mail also but din’t replied yet. What are you doing? This is ridiculous.

  6. Before some days, i recharged my aircel number from rs. 150 but it got failed and amount deducted from bank then i again tried, then again amount deducted but not recharged. I mailed to paytm, then 2 days later i got 2 sms from paytm that my 2 time deducted amount is refunded but when i login to paytm, i show only rs. 150 was there. Then i mailed again to paytm, They replied we have already refunded all the money. They have grabbed that money. i hate this site now!

  7. Do try to make saved options.
    Like favorite’s numbers etc.
    So it will increase the speed rather than typing or setting.
    Once we selected the number to recharge, it have to go to payment option.
    It will surely beat 12.6 secs.

    These modifications are highly required.
    So we hope it in your next patch as Favorites R+ (Recharge +) etc .. etc …

  8. I like the PayTM’s cash option. It will be good if I can schedule my recharge. For example, I must top-up my data usage on 29th of each month. If PayTM can send me a reminder, get my approval to auto-recharge at least two-three days before the transaction, it will make my life easier. You should also make sure that the recharge exists with the service provider since our SPs are notorious to withdraw recharge denominations without notice.

  9. paytm is a good option to recharge mobile online.but some times its makes trouble.and also it does not support debit card option on java enabled phones like samsung star nano GT-s3370 and so on.

  10. Paytm is Very Fro ad System Because I Was Recharged Two Times Recharge on Paytm But I was not received Mobile Recharge Balance But My Amount Deduct Two Times.

  11. Hey paytm is just awesome…to say the truth it does all my recharges in around 10-20 secs flat…some times when there is a network problem it takes a min or two but its rare case. I have forgotten when i last visited recharge shop and thanks a lot for bringing the call to recharge feature.

    A little suggestion:

    Please introduce an option by which, we can schedule a recharge at present to be done automatically on a particular date and time in future. I’m saying this because there are some sms/call reducer packs that need to be renewed every 7,15 or 30 days and we often forget to apply those packs and as a result we end up paying high call charges. If you introduce this option then I think it would benefit a large number of your valuable customers.
    Thank you.

  12. I just recharge my mobile in just 5-6 seconds.
    If website tarck the time and update i will be fastest.


  13. I really love the new interface of paytm. The First things i love in Paytm is its smoothness and fast processing with security.

  14. Cool website than others i like it for it’s simplysity in the sense cool simple design.Thanx PayTm

  15. Good experience on Paytm, no doubt the PAYTM CASH & Auto Network Detection feauture of the website is awesome. one thing i like most is this is a TRUSTY website in the world of Mobile recharges. Problems regarding refunds are also sought easily and soon. Actual time may vary depending on the connection and networks, but the service offered are far superior at ZERO COST.


    Dalwinder Singh

  16. go a step ahead and tell every user how much time it took from the first field till the confirm screen….it will be fun….
    really appreciated the speed today……i switched from free charge to paytm only because of the speed and number of steps…..same reason i moved from yatra to clear trip

  17. As per my experience this is the best site which provide a smooth interface for recharging different service providers even MTNL, but there are some flaws i have noticed…

    1. Whenever i tried to recharge my MTNL Datacard through interbanking/card everything goes fine, but when i tried to recharge my datacard through “paytm cash” its simple recharge the datacard with amount (like a mobile) not with volume.

    2. I have tried to recharge for rs 4999 (MTNL 6 months plan) but it says recharge can not done due to security reasons.

    I request PAYTM people please do something for above mentioned points.

  18. Good in Service.

    Loved this New Look.

    Congratz guyz. Wish to have your service in long time.

  19. Hello,
    Its the Speed, Service, Simplicity and Features that made us Your Client.., We Provide free recharges to people.. you can check out the proofs.. Your Paytm Cash Feature is the most preferable way to pay on net.. Thanks and Super Likes To Your Website…

  20. Dear Admin,

    Pls look into this issue…I
    I’m using paytm from last 8 months but faced problem today.

    Tried to Recharge my BSNL number with Rs. 57, Amount is deducted from my SBI account, but i have not received my recahrge yet.

    in order status it is showing that “Refunded to Paytm Cash”…but its not yet refunded.

    My order number is : 35481887

    Look into this issue…and resolve pls.

    Paytm Recharge Service is good and i hope your Refund system also working fine..

    Regards ,
    Vinod Rai

  21. Hi, I am still not sure how i can recharge on SMS using Paytm cash ! What should the text of the message contain, and what number should the message be sent to ?? Please include these details in the Paytm Cash page so that everyone can avail this feature !
    Otherwise, Paytm rocks !

  22. i wnt process for recharge through mobile
    i have paytm cash also
    pls send number for paytm mobile recharge


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